Sunday, March 17, 2013

CNY VIII: Birthday and Preview

Kani by williamnyk
Kani, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Sunday, I arranged a small gathering to celebrate SK's birthday at Pasta Zanmai, Paradigm Mall. Brought mum along as well since we were at church together and she knew most of my close friends. Among the guests were KH, Apollo, KT, Lifebook, JJ, and Bunny. We had a private room all the way at the back of the restaurant, but it was kinda hot though. Ordered a whole bunch of items to share.


Post-lunch, we headed to Apollo's new optical shop in SS2 for a preview party. Lifeebook and KH tapau-ed some cakes from the nearby Free Mori for the celebration of the store opening and SK's birthday. The renovations for the shopfront and living area were quite good. I was most impressed with the workout room with full-length mirror. I can imagine making porn shoots there. After we had roamed the whole place, it was time for refreshments. Apollo the barista made us coffees while we messed up his workplace by trying on all the interesting spectacle frames. Old Master Q glasses! So very fun. A whole lot of camwhoring ensued. Getting bored of that, we went down to business and started getting our eyes examined. Mum made a new pair of bifocals and SK ordered a new pair of lenses. In the end, we played with his multi-purpose ultrasonic cleaner. All of us lined up to clean or spectacles, watches and rings. LOL. It was fun seeing icky oils snake out from the hard to reach places. Changed the water thrice! Wakakaka. Wishing Apollo success in this new business endeavour!




For dinner, we met up BeautifulMale at Pu Tien. Due to his choir practise, he could not join us earlier. KT was thrilled about the place because it served cuisine from her ancestor's hometown in China. We ordered the bamboo prawn soup, braised intestines, century egg, henghua noodles and rice vermicelli. BeautifulMale loved the food too. And the waiter was very attentive and sing muk. A rarity these days. However, I still feel that the Pu Tien in Singapore serves up better food. Hopefully they will improve.


P.S.: Recently, I complained that my face was dry after using my usual facial cleanser, and KH bought me a tube cleansing milk from Geo Skincare. Solved my problem! Looks like my skin is changing as I age. :(. And Colgate recently launched their new whitening dental range called "Optic White", and SK bought me a tube of their toothpaste. As expected, my teeth did not become a shade whiter after seven days of use.

White on White


Mr Lonely said...

well, the colgate white really got so good o~ gonna try it~ =)

Anonymous said...

Visit the dentist scaling. helps..


William said...

No dramatic results

I already do

JokerPJ said...

wow~ Definitely gonna check out that putien place, am a huge fan of intestine/stomach =P

Yenyl Low said...

try non fluoridated tooth paste

Jaded Jeremy said...

That was a fun afternoon. Thanks for the invitation.

Re whitening toothpaste: so far, none I tried work.

William said...

You must love BKT

Got such a thing in the market?

Claims... :(. Close friends sure get invited geh... ;)

Derek said...

Haha dear needs expensive stuff for maintenance

William said...

Must have a certain standard ma :P