Friday, March 01, 2013

CNY II: Sing, Sang, Sung & Drink, Drank, Drunk

Breakfast by williamnyk
Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On the second day, I wolfed down half a big pau for breakfast. Once again, we made our way to The Gardens Mall to catch BeautifulMale's last performance. This time we were way early. LOL. Loitered around the place waiting for things to be set up. Even witnessed the sound check. LOL. Lifebook and Apollo also joined us. Was a good half an hour of subdued and mellow CNY songs. According to BeautifulMale, it was a requirement set by the mall management. Need to keep up with the classy and atas atmosphere. Dok dok chiang doesn't quite fit in I guess. Enjoyed their singing and a happy viewer even went up to them to distribute red packets halfway through. They were a bit stunned by that.

Later in the evening, mum, SK, SK's granny, my brother and I made our way to Gratitude's abode in Klang to have dinner. First to arrive was Apollo. Iron Chef Klang whipped up a giant pot of yummy porridge that was swarming with dried oysters and roast pork. Bubur yang best. To go with that, we had steamed chicken, kale and home-made yee sang that was power-upped with two portions of salmon sashimi. Huhuhuhu. The last guest to arrive was Evan (who is referred to as Pak-Pak Cheng by Grat's mum).

Yee Sang

What's a gathering without booze right?-- there was port, red wine, white wine and beer. All of the bottles were screw tops, but the bottle that Evan brought had a cork in it. And halfway opening it, the wine opener broke. Opps. Evan suddenly got up and told us that he opened a bottle of wine with a shoe. Bizarre right? He grabbed grabbed Gratitude's Converse and put the bottle in it. Then he proceeded to whack the the bottle of wine against the kitchen wall. Supposedly, the cork was supposed to pop out, but that didn't happen. Perhaps cause we had already punctured the cork with the wine opener. Apollo then took over. We salvaged the wine opener. With five pairs of hands (and a supervisor who just sat at the side), we managed to open the bottle of wine. Reminds me of civil service efficiency. A hilarious scene.


More snacking and gossiping (the favourite topics never get old) ensued. Grat also shared some supernatural stories that reminded me of Tamar Jalis' "Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin". Even ventured out to buy satay from the famous Satay Barakah. Although it was an open-air restaurant, the customers were pratically eating in grill smoke. Goodness. Adds to the 'heavenly' feel I guess. By the time we left, it was already midnight. It was way past SK's granny's bedtime. XD.



JokerPJ said...

Food blog!!! OMG WHY!!! NOW I AM HUNGRY AGAIN HOW???!!! OMG!!! FAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Tamar Jalis's "Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin"?

OMG! I haven't heard anyone mentioned it for so long edi. Quite famous during my childhood, gives me goosebumps and occasionally nightmares/scary imaginations in de dark :)

Mr Lonely said...

i like satay! XD

nicky05 said...

Beautifulmen ? I know most Beautiful men only. :P

thompsonboy said...

I usually push the cork into the bottle and proceed to enjoy. Sure you get some residue or sieve it by pouring everything out to a decanter

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oooh the steamed chicken looks delicious.

William said...

Gym before and after you read my posts :P

The earlier books were quite good :D

Me too.

You are beautiful too :P

Hate those bits of cork in the wine especially if the cork dried up

It was :D