Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vocation for Foodiehood

Roast by williamnyk
Roast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Breakfast was at Restoran KH20. Noticed a new stall there, so tried the Kota Bahru beef noodles. Being adventurous that morning didn't pay off. I chose the Hakka noodles and that ended up a mistake. So sticky and flour-ish. Basically just drank the soup and ate the meat. At noon, went to Bangsar Village to celebrate KT's belated birthday at Mizu. Parking was horrible that day, but we were lucky enough to secure a space at the first turn. KT was a little under the weather that day, which a week later manifested into dengue fever! Yikes. Apollo and Jase also joined us. For some reason, Jase walked in with the biggest frown and a thundercloud over his head. KT and Jase also passed me my belated birthday present-- an Armani Exchange T-shirt. More baju baru for CNY. Chatted and chatted for some time before settling the bill and heading out for coffee. Walked over to Les Deux Garcons for SK to collect her petite cakes. She had bought a voucher on LivingSocial. Unfortunately, she did not make a reservation and the snooty staff staff just sent her packing although there were plenty of cakes available.



Walked back to Bangsar Village II and randomly chose to sit down at Artisan Coffee. The cashier looked uncannily like Listen Jie. Each order was accompanied by a wooden stick that looked like those used during ancient Chinese executions. Their latte's quite good, but the chocolate cake was a disappointment. The cheesecake was much better. Didn't stay out too late to let KT go back to rest. Suddenly remembered that there was a priestly oridination at St. John's Cathedral, so we dropped KH back home, picked up mum and zoomed out to KL. Luckily we found parking very near to the church. We were about an hour late (the church was already full to the brim), but things we just getting warmed up. Many priests came to give their blessings. Halfway through, it started raining very heavily. We hid under a parasol and watched the proceedings via an LCD TV. "Allah" was used in some of the hymns and prayers, but most of it was conducted in English. Didn't stay for the five lengthy, multi-lingual thank you speeches. No, thank you!


Dinner was at Kheng Heong. They had moved from The Pines to Jalan Syed Putra Kiri. A horrible traffic situation there. The people who use that road daily are obviously pissed with the fact that the restaurant turned their access road into a single lane. The cars would not give way and a few actually stopped, wound down their window and scolded the restaurant owner. He just stared blankly at them. Food was disappointing. Tried their chili fish and the spiciness threw my GI tract out of whack for days.


Mr Lonely said...

i like sushi so much lol~
btw, Happy Valentine day~

JokerPJ said...

Where the stick? execution tingy?

see see

William said...

I like Jap food. I like Jap porn. :P. How was your VDay?

LOL. Wonder if I took a pic of it.

Twilight Man said...

There is one Artisan Coffee located just 2 streets away from my house. I met the owner who looked like an Amish Rabbi from San Francisco with a Malay GF. That place is always packed.

William said...

Amish Rabbi?! That must be quite a sight.

Ameer Zachery said...

How's the food at Mizu?