Monday, February 18, 2013

Sexth Year Together

White & White by williamnyk
White & White, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
The 28th of January marked the sexth sixth year that KH and I have been together. After so long, even some of the details has eluded me. Whenever we talk about it, it seems that I can remember some obscure details which he was not aware, while KH would fill in the other blanks. It's kinda cute and amusing. For your information, we did not celebrate the day staring into each other's eyes and having romantic candlelit dinners, but we actually had a threesome. Yup, there was an extra. Not a guy, but a girl. SK joined us for this important occasion, because truth be told, she plays a big part in our relationship. Always there to facilitate things, help us along, cover for us, the list goes on. In the morning, we headed to Jade Pot in OKR to have some dim sum. We actually arrived fifteen minutes before opening time, parked smack dab in front of the restaurant and watched the staff clean up. At 10:00am, we walked in and I think they were still setting up. But at least the kitchen had already started steaming. Truth be told, the food wasn't very good. Hits and misses. Most impressive was their har gau-- even worse than Jin Xuan. That's really saying a lot. And the dok-dok chiang they were playing was so loud that it can't be called background music. I felt like I was in a concert.

Flowers & Birds

Flower, Bamboo & Lanterns

In the afternoon, brought mum out to The Gardens Mall for some shopping. Wasn't really productive as mum only bought a necklace and pendant. Tried looking for lipstick, but she was quite picky. Even the packaging was a main concern. :S. But it was nice looking at the decorations. As usual, The Gardens Mall was more classy compared to MidValley's super-cluttered style this year. Lunch was at Sushi Tei. Generally good, but I'd advise against the nigiri sushi. Praise for the chasoba and tempura. Went to Les Deux Garcons again to collect the petit gateau. This time round, the fella didn't even check the order book! KNS! Just asked me to choose. Choose the passion fruit, hazelnut and raspberry variety. Truly yummy stuff.


Back home, I watched a very old horror-comedy, "Army of Darkness". I had earlier watched the "The Evil Dead" and "The Evil Dead 2". I vaguely remember the second installation from my childhood and wanted to re-watch the series to find out why it attained cult following. I'm still baffled. LOL. I think the second's the best.



My anniversary dinner was at Harbour Steamboat where you have to wait even though you made a reservation. Only my second time there. And I was so lucky to bump into an ex-colleague of mine whom I had not met for nearly a decade. Could still recognize me though I looked like a cicak kubing back then. When at Harbour, it is a must to order their homemade items. My all time favourite among their selection is the prawn balls. Very fresh and succulent. Soup-wise we ordered half papaya white fungus and half Macau pork bone. Just a subtle difference between the two. Their chili sauce was also yummy, and I had a lot of that with chopped Chinese parsley. Uncommon items on our table that day-- pig liver, pig kidney and pork tendon. At the end of dinner, my ex-colleague asked me, "What's so special about this place?". I replied-- the crazy crowds and the expensive price tag. But seriously, always order their premium items, else it's quite like any other steamboat. If price is a concern, you can always chose to order half a portion.



The night was not complete without visiting the place where it all started-- Sweet Bean. Too bad that 'our table' was occupied. Although we were all super full, we ordered something anyway. With slow sips, we finished the desserts anyway. Felt that it was a simple yet satisfying celebration for our six years together. Love you dear!


Danny said...

happy belated anniversary :)

Twilight Man said...

What a big makan fanfare for your anniversary! What a kinky threesome!

William said...

Thanks :)

Makan is always high on the list

Anonymous said...

Congrats will...

Btw didnt I posted that jade pot sucks?? U still went. ..


JokerPJ said...

Then then then? what follows?

William said...

Too late!

I'm practically married. Perhaps we should have a symbolic ceremony :P

- a L E x - said...

haha the worker there in bangsar is quite some bitch i'd say :x

nicky05 said...

late night dessert? :P

Derek said...

Love you too dear. Cheers to many more years to come.

Anonymous said...

When's the date will?...notify early. ..need to save up lol


Ash Godiva said...

happy anniversary to both of you:D

Mr Lonely said...

so hungry now see the har gao~ T.T

William said...


Kissy kissy

Love you lots baby

Save up? Expecting a designer wedding ?

TQ :)

Not nice de

orange-wee said...

wishing both of u lasting love and togetherness, stay sweet always