Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rice or Tater?

Ikageso Frito by williamnyk
Ikageso Frito, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Due to the wonderful nature of Tater's work, he gets to travel all over the place. Sometimes, his schedule is so tight that he lives out of a suitacase for weeks travelling between Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan. Every time he pops up in Kuala Lumpur, he would try to arrange a meet-up, but it's not an easy task with his short stops and other logistic problems. But this time round, KH and I were lucky enough to catch him in KL, just a couple of days after his birthday. Belated, but at least still quite fresh. LOL. We met after work on a rainy Tuesday night. Tater's meeting had run longer than expected and he was caught in the downpour without an umbrella. According to him, he was drenched when he boarded the monorail. With the monorail's strong air-conditioning, I bet his nipples were so hard they could cut glass. XD. KH and I arrived at Ozeki Italian Cuisine first. Never noticed it's presence, but rightly so as it was nestled at the side of the building. Had plenty of time to go through the menu. Since it was before 8:00pm, we took advantage of the happy hour promotion and ordered a bottle of white wine (Tater preferred white) at 20% off. When Tater arrived at Wisma Cosway, he gave me a call. Went out to get him. Bet he was bewildered on my choice of venue (Wisma Cosway is so shoddy and rundown), but the restaurant is a little hidden gem.

Madai Bacon Saute

After he settled down, we toasted him with the wine. Nice and light (as the waitress assured KH), but it did leave me a little tipsy that evening. The first thing that arrived was dainty chicken liver pates on slices of bread. Came free cause we ordered the wine of the month. Our appetiser proper was the ikageso frito-- deep-fried squid tentacles in squid ink flavoured flour. Really nothing much to look at, but really a nice bite. The batter was so crispy and light and the squid was not overdone. Yummy. For mains, I got the Madai Bacon Saute, which translates to red snapper with yuzu sauce. I didn't see the bacon though, so not sure if I ate the right thing! KH ordered the jamon iberico. Looked like a plate of mini keropok lekor. Too salty for my liking and I'm Cantonese! Tater took the Lamb Tagliatele. Didn't steal from his plate, so I can't comment, but he says it was good (or he would say food tastes better in the company of cute guys XD). Portions weren't large, so we ordered another dish to share. Delicious clam broth with thinly-sliced pork belly and eringii. To wrap things up, we ordered the Dolce Misto-- a sampler of four desserts in one box. Value for money! We got creme brulee, raspberry sorbet, red bean and green tea cake.

Clams & Pork Belly

Would definitelt go back to order their wagyu steak. Seemed like a popular order with the other guests. Bid Tater goodbye went off to the monorail. KH was definitely a little frisky after the wine. Definitely need to ply him with more wine in the future. Hehehe.

P.S.: The small toilet cubicle was fully-mirrored on all sides letting you see how you pee from all sides. Kinky.


Twilight Man said...

LOL... Nipples could cut glass!!!

Mr Lonely said...

the first picture looks quite geli to me~ >.<~

thompsonboy said...

sex infested post, again

Derek said...

Great to meet Tater again. I also wanna go to ozeki again.

William said...

Can your's?

Haha, but sedap!

Just a slight infection.

Let's order the wagyu!