Friday, February 22, 2013

LRT Celebrities: Samsung Simon

Here's the 'Korean' edition of LRT Celebrities. This tall, fair-faced cutie was seen in STAR LRT heading towards Seri Petaling. Those big, dark-rimmed spectacles definitely work for him. Based on his SAMSUNG shirt, I suspect he works at Plaza Low Yatt. The whole time he was watching a video clip on his phone. From time to time, he would smile sweetly (which I failed to capture)! And his lips are sexy... Although I took many spy pics (from two locations even), I did not end up with many good shots. Sienz. I got to improve my aim. Enjoy!


Whizkid said...

already very very good liao lor.

thompsonboy said...

I approve only due to the glasses

Anonymous said...

when did you take my photo?

JokerPJ said...

OMG!!! wow~

William said...


I have yet to get any guys with facial hair

Hi! This was taken in early February. :)


Twilight Man said...

He looks Korean enough!1757

Ash Godiva said...

he's so cute!

Anonymous said...

he is so fucking perfect

William said...

Perhaps he will take off his shirt and start gyrating.


Wow, must be really your taste

Ultraman Jino said...

our preference differs haha

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Mr Lonely said...

lol~ hihi!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ooooh the second picture is good. It does show his cuteness.

nicky05 said...

how you know he is simon? :P

William said...

Not surprising


Is he Bunny's taste?

Like how I know you are Nicky XD

Chan Beng Chin said...

u really need google glass!

William said...

I should get ARENA to sponsor

fable said...

the 2nd shot was so PRO! spy cam master indeed!