Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sesame by williamnyk
Sesame, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Hari Wilayah, I slept a little late and followed mum to my sister's place to play with the kids. The little one was being a little piggy that day and did not wake up till 11:15am! Perhaps I was also to blame since I was with him on the mattress. Every time he started, I would snuggle close to him and he would sleep again. Happened thrice. Since I was still a bit weak from the previous day's fever, I too slept a little. At noon, mum fetched the elder brother home from pre-school. After they had all been fed, I had a lunch of porridge with mum. A simple meal paired with a pan-fried salmon steak and blanched sawi. Around 1:30-sh, I went to meet KH at Kuchai Lama. Tried Food Talk for the first time. Strangely, the place attracts leggy female customers, but not cute twinks! Cheh. During that lazy tea time session, talked to KH about this and that. And of course there were lulls in between where it was more interesting to play with your smartphone than look at your boyfriend. Haha. I was still feeling a bit weak, and KH would hold my hand.

Talking Over Ice

The temperature outside was high and we still did not want to go home so KH suggested that we hide for a spell in Snowflake. Ordered their sesame-soya combination, a CNY special. Loved it! I really shouldn't have ate it, but what the heck. Each bite was bursting with the aroma of black sesame and soya. In the evening, I went to have dinner at my sister's place. BIL's younger brother had just come back from Koh Samui and he brough back lots of food. Can't believe that he actually drove there with his wife. So to supplement mum's stewed chicken rice, we had Ipoh salted chicken and crumbly kaya puff! But the night did not end yet as my BIL's younger sister had free tickets to "Taxi, Taxi" at IOI Mall. Another Mark Lee movie, but at least it was better than "Homecoming" two years back. Throw in Gurmit Singh, lots of crude Hokkien and you got yourself an entertaining movie. The baby was so hyper in the cinema, was passed from hand to hand. When he reached me, he did not hesitate groping the stranger beside me. LOL. Finished at about 11:30pm and was quite surprised that many food outlets on the cinema floor were still in operation. Impressed! Work the next day... argghhh...


Twilight Man said...

It took you 20 days later to post this Hari Wilayah news. Sigh!
I never get tired of Snowflakes. Nice!

nicky05 said...

I tried both. And I like it. Except the coconut series.

Mr Lonely said...

i quite like yu yuan~ =D96