Saturday, February 02, 2013

Joe and Jase

Bak Kut Teh by williamnyk
Bak Kut Teh, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
As per my usual practice, I would attend English mass when mum's not around. Although I understand the Mandarin mass and can recite some 80% of the liturgy, I still prefer to sing in English. And the English congregation is usually more interesting, with cuter guys and a richer crowd. More to see. Haha. What's the natural thing to do after worshipping God? Go sin! SK and I had a BKT breakfast at Yi Xin Ge. At about 11:00am, we picked KH up and went to Solaris Dutamas to eat lunch at Red Bean Bag. Luckily there was a table for us. The menu was quite stylized in a font that made it a bit difficult to read. Adoi. Shared baked eggs with bratwurst (hot and hearty meal), eggs atlantic (basically eggs ben with smoked salmon, I've had better) and a beef burger (the Foundry burger is better). The coffee was good though. The decor was quite typical. Just a variation of Journal by Plan B or any other cafe or brunch place for that matter. Did some grocery shopping at B.I.G. too. SK could stay there forever (imported food stuffs drive her into a frenzy) if not for the fact that we were watching a matinee show at KLPAC.

Eggs Atlantic





Around 2:00pm we drove over to KLPAC and collected our tickets for "Philadelphia, Here I Come". A big chunk of the crowd comprised of Malay students from some maktab. Just saw one gay couple. I didn't quite like it. Dislike overly-expressive things. The character of Daniel Private was kinda like a cross between The Mask and Vicky Pollard. But he was the star of the show. Also starred Patrick Teoh and Faridah Merican. Invited Jase to join us, but he declined saying that anything directed by Joe Hasham was boring. LOL. I guess he is right to a certain extent. The director was actually in the audience and he was laughing away at parts that I would feel forced to laugh at. Mostly when Daniel Private went into one of his frenzies. Visited Jase's new place after that. He bought a condo nearby Jalan Duta. Quite a nice place. During the tour of his place, we even got to raid his cupboards for hus company's personal care prodyucts. Took us some time to decide on where to eat dinner. Finally went to Fukuharu. A bit difficult to order that night as they did not have any proper sets. And I think their sashimi moriawase had shrunk. New restaurants there now-- Mexican and French Mediterannean.


For dessert, we tried Namoo on the Park-- Korean sweets! Something fresh for me. Manned by leggy (Korean?) waitresses in hot pants, I'm sure the breeders love the place. Interestingly, the menus came clamped in wooden clothes hangers. A bulky thing for just a one page menu. We ordered two varieties, one hot and one cold. The portion was large. Nothing to shout about regarding the cold dessert as it was just like ABC, but the hot one was a different matter. Quite interesting to have baked rice cakes drizzled with syrup and nuts. Loved the textures. The shop was located beside Publika's playground, and boy it was such a designer playground. Did some catching up with Jase and we sent him home after that. Practically spent the whole day at the Jalan Ipoh-Jalan Duta area!

Namoo on the Park


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the last picture is so cute:3

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Practically nothing to see around duta and ipoh road.

William said...

Haha. Memang.

Can see you.