Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How Big Can You Take In?

3" by williamnyk
3", swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

"What's the biggest shaft that you've ever taken in?"

Some time before CNY, on my way to work, a fellow driver on the road signalled to me that there was something wrong with my car. Just minutes before, I stopped to pump petrol and I wondered if I did not close the cap! So I stopped the car, got out and took a look. Turns out that my tyre was nearly flat! Yikes. Didn't notice at all. Just noticed a weird sound, but I could still handle the steering. Lucky for me, I had not yet reached the main road and there were a few more petrol stations nearby. Stopped at the Petronas near BK6 and got one of the service staff to assist me, with a small convenience fee of course. Changed to my spare tyre and went off to work. Surprisingly that only delayed me for fifteen minutes. Didn't OT that day and rushed home to see if there were any tyre shops still open and I found one large establishment in Taman Equine. What the guy dislodged from the tyre really surprised me... a metal rod nearly 3" long! And it left a gaping hole in the tyre. Don't know how something with a flat end could go straight in! (not that it had a mushroom head) He tried patching it the usual way, but it was obvious that it wouldn't work. Like an ass that was ravaged by a monster cock! (please take care of your bottoms tyres) The verdict was-- I needed a new tyre. Thought I needed to change both, but since it was the back wheel, the guy said it wasn't really necessary. So I got a new Silverstone for just MYR120. Was expecting to pay more. Cars, cars, cars...


nicky05 said...

im curious how that thing get into.

TZ said...

Just 3 inches... i ran over a big and deep hole, the whole tyre could not be used. So what is your preference A HOLE or A STICK? LoL

Tempus said...

damn I hate car problems. totally need to consider a mechanic mate to take care of the car problems.

tuls said...

*insert bad word*(chinese new year cannot curse).. i ingat ada confession of XESual experience kat sini tim.... lol

Mr Lonely said...

well, this sounds horny to me when see the keyword~haha~ maybe i have a dirty mind~ LOL

SynchingZincInc said...

3 inches only, at least still jalan-able. What if 2 times the length? LOL

Nasib baik no other issues. Happy CNY :)

William said...

With the right speed and angle

Experienced that before with SK's Kancil

As a bf?

Hahaha. I can never compete with you

False advertising

Long time no see. If 6" just right lo :P Happy CNY.

Ban said...

Blunt or not, it's not surprising it punctured the tire - car's are heavy.

Derek said...

Glad dear is safe. These things can't be helped le