Saturday, February 16, 2013

Douching Before The Big Date

Note: Happy Yan Yat!

With Chinese New Year comes spring cleaning. Clean the metal grills. Wipe the furniture. Wash the windows. Clean the ceiling fans. Clean the stand fans. Climb up. Climb down. Scrub the porch. Wash the bathroom. Change the curtains. Wash the curtains. Dust the shelves. Atishoo! Put up the decorations. Throw out the clutter. I feel tired just typing this long list (I'm sure JokerPJ can relate). And luckily mum didn't consider opening up the paint cans this year (keeping my fingers crossed). And after all that, I really felt it in my arms when I went swimming with KH. Just wanted to float in the water (while KH does naughty things to me, which he did :P).

So how extensive was your spring cleaning?


Mr Lonely said...

do nothing much lu~

nicky05 said...

what is yan yat? someone wish me happy birthday on the day -_-

Jaded Jeremy said...

Me no like spring cleaning.

Ash Godiva said...

i hate cleaning,my body will turned red due to allergy:s

Twilight Man said...

I hired a maid to spring clean my house thoroughly!

William said...

Lucky boy

Everyone's Birthday

Haha. Bad for the nose.

Good medical excuse!

My mum is very particular

Gratitude said...

It was helluva tiring! :(