Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNY Already?

Nigiri by williamnyk
Nigiri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: Happy Snakey Year to all my friends and readers out there. As usual, this is something that happened a couple of weeks back, so don't be alarmed to hear talking about spring cleaning. Hehe. Rest assured that you will read about CNY day 1 some weeks later. :P. Gong Xi, Gong Xi!. May your snake find a comfy cave and may your cave find a slippery snake!


Getting out of the air-conditioned church on Sunday, we found the weather to be exceptionally sweltering. And I had parked my car outside due to insufficient parking inside. Nearly melted. To escape the heat, we had lunch at Nihon-Kai. Always cheap and satisfying. Loved the nigiri sushi and salmon teriyaki. Did some grocery shopping too. Preparations for CNY. Drank a very cheap bubble tea in OUG, called Chatone. Can you imagine that a large and regular only cost me MYR6.90? Not bad at all.


At home, I was in the mood for spring cleaning so I pulled out some rags and took out the ladder. Cleaned the ceiling fans and the window grills. Not much time left with CNY around the corner. Dinner was a pre-arranged affair at SK's place. Sky brought curry chicken, which was supposedly cooked by him, but of course his mother hogged the spatula most of the time. Gratitude also came bearing yummy yam cake with homemade chili sauce. The other dishes were prepared by SK. She had the unenviable task of cooking sweet and sour fish without ketchup. After dinner, mum was already dozing at the sofa. She still had not recovered from her trip back from China. So by 9:30pm, I left for home. More updates to come!




Derek said...

Wishing one and all a smooth slithery snake year!

Twilight Man said...

The bubbles of Chat one looks big like marbles!

William said...

Hehe. Miss your snake XD

Haha, the wonders of a macro shot