Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Under One Roof

Bear by williamnyk
Bear, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
A success story among the BFF seem to be Janvier and The Chief. They have made to sleeping under their own roof with seeming approval (or lack of disapproval) from their parents. A natural progression I guess, but not an easy task. I salute them. On Saturday night, SK, KH and I (our first appearance as a couple after KH's return) ventured to Setia Alam for their housewarming cum Christmas party. Basically three main groups-- The Chief's family, Janvier's boardgame kakis and the BFF. Food was exceptionally curry. Pre-packed nasi lemak with double curry chicken, roast turkey with cranberry sauce and assorted Malay kuih. The turnout was quite good, where one could even categorize it as a BFF reunion. Surprise guests AlexanderTheGay and CarpeDiem. Been ages since I saw them. And DanielH came sporting a half-done, still bloody tattoo covered under shrink wrap. A cool design of a cross surrounded by roses. Legolas was dressed in green with a bow tie and suspenders. So precious. Definitely dressed to be Santa's little 'helper'. They had a beautiful white Christmas tree which SK contributed to by infecting it with numerous cute white bears with satay sticks up their furry assess.


Went around the house. Beautiful. Visited the Avatar-themed master bedroom with the king sized bed and 11" mattress. Ahem ahem. Too bad I didn't bring a black light. Nice renovations with lots of built-in cabinets. Another interesting feature of the house was Janvier's workroom which he had yet to 'kermit-ify'. To entertain the guests, the played a bluray disc of Kylie Minogue's concert. Plenty of eye candy for the breeders and the rainbow gang. Strangely, the breeders seemed more glued to it than the BFF. At the end, we had a gift exchange and camwhoring session. I got a Michael Buble Christmas album! Huhuhu. Not bad. Each guest was also given a door gift of misc. snacks. Such thoughtful hosts. Hope the house is 'warmed' enough, but I'm sure the bedroom is boiling!


P.S.: So unlike me not to have a single food pic hor? :P


Ash Godiva said...

eh?usually you put food picture...

Anonymous said...

the extra stuffing comment on the cd label is erm telling... lol

-vincent C

thompsonboy said...

you usually have a few in frames I guess....but you must be too busy skanking

William said...

Hahaha. You noticed.

LOL. Does he stuff?

Sneak up to the master bedroom to skank!

JokerPJ said...

Alexander the gay???!!! OMG!!! THAT LEGEND!!! OMG!!!


William said...

LOL. He very leng zai de. :P

Ban said...

He's a legend? Since when?

William said...

Since I declared it

Janvier said...

Kermitify? We hope you don't mean that our study starts sprogging soft toys!