Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tok Tok Chiang is in the Air

Packets by williamnyk
Packets, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The Chinese New Year mood hath invaded the morning market at OUG. With Christmas and New Year out of the day, the redness just popped out! Decorations, flowers and biscuits for sale. Can start stocking up jor. Keep those Christmas print undies and start wearing red thongs! Ate breakfast at my favourite alley-- clear soup noodles with chicken. Love their soup. When I got home, I packed my work bag and waited for SK to pick me up. Accompanied her for breakfast (had a nip of her curry noodles) before proceeding to the office. Walking through Citibank Tower, I observed that they were taking down their tall Christmas tree. Another sign of the impending year of the snake. Wasn't very productive at work that day. Went out for a late lunch at two-ish. Walked into Secret Recipe and asked them to pack me a chicken cornish. The moment I paid and turned around to walk out, I saw that the sky had poured out it's contents. I asked them to bring me a plate. Luckily the rain stopped some fifteen minutes later. Always... always bring an umbrella. Skipped back to work and wrapped things up. Before going home, I stopped by Suria KLCC to visit Rich at his counter. Talked a bit. Sad to find out that his boyfriend had dumped him with an SMS. Even Rich couldn't be bothered anymore. Hope he finds someone nice in the future.



Took the LRT down to Sri Petaling where SK fetched me again. Upon arrival at my home, I found that mum wasn't around. Gave her a call and found out that she was going out to watch CZ12 with my sister. A Jackie Chan movie. Yucks. Decided to look KH up for dinner. He was at Nippy Noodle House with an old acquaintance from university. An AISEC-er. Somehow I don't have a good impression of AISEC. But I'm sure there are many who beg to differ. KH tells me it's just UM. LOL. But anyway, they story is, KH hadn't contacted the guy (lets call him CS) ever since he left university. And KH found out that he was relocating to Vietnam for work, so decided to meet him up. If I called up a friend out of the blue like that, I would think it was a marketing call or a wedding invite. Back to the dinner joint. Quite interesting to see that the noodles were made by using a thick bamboo stem. The guy sat on it like a see-saw! The secret to the super-springy noodles. However, that's the only plus point. Truth be told, other than the texture, the noodles didn't taste that great. And the accompanying roast pork and wantan was sub-par. If you eat there, order the barbeque sausage or char siew. And don't order the Pu-er. I had better cheap tea in coffee shops.


After dinner, we went to K3K Benta Kaya and ordered more food. Impossible to be so near and not order their topee. Chatted some more and we even got to witness a fight among the Myanmarese waiters. Some topless guy who looked like a scrawny version of hawt male model Note (the tattoos la, not the face). Some near-stool-flinging but it was quelled by the supervisor. At around 8:00pm, I sent SK to her facial appointment in Serdang and went back to chat with the guys. Found that CS was very determined to increase his weight. Boy, what a dangerous path to take. Wish I could lose some weight amd more importantly shrink my gut! At about 10:30pm, we said goodbye to CS and wished him well in his new environment. KH and I fooled around a bit before going off to pick SK up. And that was how my long Saturday went.


Twilight Man said...

I love to eat that chicken Cornish. Alamak you went to K3k again!!

Jaded Jeremy said...

You wear red thongs?

Ash Godiva said...

nippy noodle house sounds macam nipple noodle house ajaXD

tuls said...

semakin boomz la your food pic and i like how you put little cursive captions in it so classy!! :)

nicky05 said...

saw few "nip" words. coincidence? lol

William said...

The cornish was too buttery for my liking. Just ate the filling.

Haha. I don't own any thongs.

LOL. Suka sangat.

Thanks leng zai!!!!

Twice only la