Monday, January 07, 2013

Samurai Solstice

Ronin by williamnyk
Ronin, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Friday, I met KH for a lunch date at Menya Musashi on Jalan P. Ramlee. Always wanted to try it as their staff seem so pumped up. Must be high on some kind of samurai weed. Manned partly by Japanese and Pinoys. An interesting mix of nationalities. Seeing something different on their menu, I immediately went for their Kanzan Tsukemen, basically a dipping style ramen. Like a soba, but the soup is much thicker, kinda like a concentrated gravy. Found it very flavourful and too salty even for my Cantonese taste buds. And good news for the big eaters, one can order up to 2.5 times the usual noodle portion for free. I tried 1.5 and couldn't finish it. On the other hand, KH ordered the Kanzan Ramen. FYI, the noodles were different from mine. Much thinner than the tsukemen and not as hard. And KH also chose the fish stock option. Amazingly a spoonful of granules can infuse such a strong aroma of fish, but not in an overpoweringly fishy way.




After lunch, we went for coffee. Walked all the way to Etiqa only to find that the SF there had no tables or chairs. Ya Allah, grant me patience... So we walked back to KLCC. Found Petronas Tower 3 beside the lobby of Mandarin Oriental. My first time ever being there. The whole building looked so deserted (wonder if their restrooms are suitable for a quickie XD). Took a gamble and tried Coffee Planet at the Sky Lounge (maksudnya lobby tingkat 6). Quite empty and the latte mediocre, but at least there was a view. As it was the Winter Solstice Festival, I went home on time that day. Had some tang yuan in ginger palm sugar soup. Three colours this year-- natural flower blue, dragon fruit purple and the original white. Had to help mum out as she still needed to cook and the kids were a handful. The caterer couldn't send food as the road from Taman Equine was flooded. SK helped to stir-fry some prawns and vegetables too. We had dinner without Sis and BIL and they would be late.

Update: Just noticed that my post is a bit tergantung. LOL. But you get the idea.  

Tang Yuan



Ash Godiva said...

the sushi restaurant halal or not?

JokerPJ said...

Food~ Food everywhere... Why you still so slim!!!

NOT FAIR!!! hahahahaha

thompsonboy said...

I like Menya Musashi for it's noodles but all the shouting buat I pengsan aje. Yes, the Jap boss/chef was there and *wolf whistle*

Twilight Anay said...

Winter Solstice! Am I reading expired post? I also wonder how you stay so slim!! Teach me.

Anonymous said...

No skanking details?

- vc

William said...

Not halal le. You can see the banned item on the noodles :P

You're fairer. :P

Yeah, quite annoying. Worse in One Utama I think.

My posts are always stale. :)

Tak skank pun...

Derek said...

Next time order the normal ramen ok?

I like tong yuen with fillings. Lol

nicky05 said...

you becoming more like orange. :P

Musang said...


I seriously can't go anywhere except Zanmai everytime I have a hankering for ramen.