Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Holiday Hobbitsess

Coconut by williamnyk
Coconut, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went to wet market as usual on Saturday but it was horribly lacking in parking that day. Turned around and around and around before I found a spot. Was also sick that day. After more than a week of trying to evade a skulking sore throat, it had finally jumped on stage to start its Gogo Boy show. Bought some coconut water to accompany my breakfast of charsiew wantan noodles. In the afternoon, I bought tickets for "The Hobbit" at Tropicana City Mall at 2:10pm. I had forgotten that KH's mum had arranged for a massage session him at 4:30pm for him. Naturally, he chose me over the massage. LOL. And his mum wasn't happy. Oppps. Another MIL and SIL clash! Found some time to have lunch, so we chose the nearest restaurant to the cinema-- Taiwan Street. Simply ordered their braised duck rice. Lucky for and lucky for them, it was delicious. A generous portion of braised duck and it even came with some stewed tendon and kimchi. The movie ran for around 2.5 hours. Don't quite remember the details from the book really. I read the book in lower secondary school I think. I remember the trolls and how Bilbo found the One Ring, but the rest I can't recall. To me, it was kinda draggy at the start and the story unfolded not unlike "The Fellowship of the Ring". Go watch it if you must.

A Piggy Breakfast

At the end of the movie, we headed home while KH went for an aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey (I could have oiled him up for free and even thrown in a happy ending!). Freshened up a bit and not long after we drove down to Klang for Gratitude's Christmas get together. He had outdone himself by cooking and setting up the table with a very Christmas-y theme. Red napkins, table centerpiece (candles, ribbons and stalks of bottlebrush) and the good crockery and cutlery. Iron Chef Klang presented us with a seafood marinara pasta, potato salad, roast chicken with roasted sweet potato (with a choice of cranberry sauce or gravy, I prefer it salty!) and meatloaf. SK supplemented with an avacado salad and a platter of Thai sausages and cockroach-flavoured fish cakes (a fusion Christmas). And while we ate, the Chinese Golden Melody Concert was blaring on the TV, giving it a very Hokkien Christmas. LOL. Only in Klang.

Christmas Centerpiece


And what's a party without drinks? Apollo brought a 2006 bottle of white wine from his private stash (the same he got me for my birthday) and we supplemented with another bottle of red and white each. He was totally in the mood with red shorts and a scarf. CK was also red, but from the wine. Lotsa of chatting went on around the table with SK's grandma, my mum and Grat's mum in one thread and the rest of us on another track. And occassionally the conversation would merge. We stuck around till midnight waiting for a peach pie that did not materialize XD. But I must say that it was a wonderful gathering with good food and company.

Roast Chicken

Seafood Marinara

Sweet and Salty


nicky05 said...

so define and luxurious christmas dinner.

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Dear is always forgetful.

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you're making me hungry

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