Friday, January 18, 2013

Chinese Lunch, Thai Dinner

Fish by williamnyk
Fish, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Didn't have to crack my head thinking about where to have lunch that day because SK invited mum and I over for lunch. The occassion? Cause Lifebook was coming over too. The clever fellow bought SK a pressure cooker and with that comes with free nutrituous soup. In addition to the lotus root soup, SK also whipped up her trademark marmite pork ribs, french beans with fishballs and stewed siakap with ginger. Lazed around and chatted over hot bowls of barley and beancurd skin while watching a supernatural Taiwanese series in Hokkien. Totally entertaining. Wonder if I can find it on torrent. Later in the afternoon, I looked KH up for some pool activity. Wore my white trunks and I think one of the mothers gave me a second look. :P. Swam with him for several laps before it started raining heavily. Bah!


In the evening, I scheduled a belated birthday dinner with Mel. Surprise guests came with her, namely her hubby (damn, couldn't gossip) and her sister who was back from Melbourne. And of course her beautiful baby boy came with her with a thick head of curls! Ate at Fa-Ying by Rama V. Wanted to try it after purchasing some vouchers off LivingSocial. SK did the initial research and told me that the food wasn't great. Opps. Never mind. Sat inside, the non-smoking area and it was really warm. Lousy air-conditioning and the lighting made it worse. And the location made it quite difficult to get the attention of the staff. The place basically served Thai tapas and fusion food. The whole menu could fit on a piece of paper the size of a place mat. For starters we went for the pomelo salad with prawns (yummy and easy to do), dory in Nam Tok style (yawn) and roasted pumpkin soup (not bad). For mains, we shared the roasted duck sandwich (yummy, and the presence of the french fries caught the attention of Mel's toddler the whole night), Fettuccini with roasted duck curry (too much santan for my liking) and angel hair tom yam seafood (could do with more kick). It was like a war zone seeing Mel feed her child. The challenges of motherhood. Only my second time meeting Mel's sister after the wedding in Penang. First time having a proper conversation with her. She was nice enough to pass me some liqour infused chocolates and puddings from Australia. Hehe. Before leaving, gave Mel her belated birthday and Christmas presents at one go. In a way its nice to receive belated gifts. Kinda like surprises after the actual event. LOL. We should have another gossip session soon... sans hubby and baby. :P.




nicky05 said...

see through white trunks?

Derek said...

Haven't met Mel in ages.

William said...

I buy for you

She ajak dinner on the 2nd of Feb