Monday, January 14, 2013

A Foodie Christmas

Wallet by williamnyk
Wallet, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: This post induces severe hunger pangs. You have been warned.

On Christmas morning, I handed mum her gift-- a blue, long leather wallet with a girly bow on the front. Guess she liked it because the started migrating the stuff from her old wallet right away! Haha. Went out for breakfast with SK and her granny while mum stayed at home to do some chores and freshen up. Just a simple wantan mee. I notice that I've been eating a lot of that of late. Around 11:00am, we got dressed and headed to Levain for brunch. It was actually a farewell outing for CK's housemate CY. She was leaving before the year was out, bound for the United States. After learning of my plans for Christmas, KH was a little upset that I did not invite him. So, he arranged for Apollo to pick him up and voila, we had my boyfriend and mother sitting at the same table (we actually changed tables twice). Think I was sweating a bit. As expected, Levain was the usual pain. Trouble with tables. Trouble getting food. Trouble paying. Trouble with the crowds. Felt so messy. Finished up the pastries, buns and desserts and couldn't wait to leave! Collected the car from the valet (where on earth can one find a valet for MYR2!? Even the self service parking just opposite charged MYR5!) and headed to The Pavilion to check out the Christmas decorations. Boy, what a mistake that was... We jammed for an hour in the parking, inching from B1 to B3 and back before finally securing a place at the already full valet. Practically had to use SK's grandma to get some pity marks. Kinda dizzy after that.






First thing we did was to camwhore. When KH arrived some later, we camwhored some more. KH tagged along mum and I to take pics at center court. Mum even took a photo for us! Haha. Kinda like a family outing. Getting enough of all the Christmas trees and tinsel and bling, we joined SK and her granny at Espressamente Illy for coffee. Ordered their Cafe Fondente and had it with an Othello Cheesecake and a Chocolate Fudge. So satisfying. Opened Apollo's Christmas gift-- it was an angel and Christmas-themed pop-up book! Very well-made and pretty. Thanks. A surprise guest made an appearance too-- Lifebook. Did some shopping after that and left for dinner at Restoran Stadium Negara. Too bad Apollo and KH couldn't join us. We were the first to arrive, so we choose the dishes. Since it was a farewell, we ordered the stuff that would most probably miss the most over in the states-- barbeque Sri Lankan crabs, sweet and sour Sri Lankan crabs, stir-fried tofu with broccoli and prawns, bitter gourd chicken (don't order this, not worth the MYR30 price tag!), barbeque calamari, stir-fried clams and barbeque chicken wings. Strangely, they were late in arriving. When SK called, it turned out that they decided to walk over from Bukit Bintang and they got lost! Yikes. We started without them. By the end of the night, we were stuffed. Camwhored a little more before bidding her farewell... All the best!








nicky05 said...

the other day went Levain, saw so many of indulging dessert and pastries. Dont know which to try.

Derek said...

Glad to spend Xmas with you dear.

William said...

Try all!