Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Chance to be Together

Voodoo by williamnyk
Voodoo, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Saturday morning, I woke up at 2:30am to send my mum, Sis, BIL and the kids to the airport. Was in a daze when mum knocked on my door. They were going to Guangzhou for eight days. When I arrived back home, it was already 4:00am. Took me some time to get back into deep sleep. Woke up again at 8:30am feeling a little refreshed. SK came over to fetch me and we went to Kuchai Lama for breakfast. Our initial plan was to try Jade Pot at OKR, but we left after finding it desserted (turns out that it opens for lunch :P). Took a gamble and tried Dim Sum Yum Cha at Kuchai Avenue. Screwed up place where everywhere you turn is private parking where you are liable to get your car clamped. Well, the place looked good enough. The decoration anyway. Very oriental. But we should have gotten the hint when we were told that we couldn't order tea because the eletrical wiring in the kitchen had died. And when we tried to redeem the free xiao long bao, they told us that it wasn't available that day and couldn't give a replacement. Tried several varieties of dim sum. Only the siew mai was decent. The porridge was cold and I sent it back to reheat. The special chu cheong fun had some rancid oil smell and the pork ribs were weird-tasting. The custard bun and fishball wasn't bad. However, it will be my last time there.

With that bad breakfast out of the way, it was time for dessert at my place. It had been quite some time since KH came over. Years actually. Quickly ran upstairs to the shower and the bed. Kissing passionately on my bed, KH suddenly said:

"Dear, didn't the bed collapse the last time I was here?"

Immediately, we skipped over to my brother's room. He lay on the matress and I oiled up his back with lemongrass massage oil. His shoulders were stiff, but they soon melted under my ministrations. Conversely, his member was stiff and anticipating something more intense. We made love slowly and by the end of our orgasms, we just snuggled naked against each other. Sleep came naturally and we napped for an hour or so. KH woke me up and went to my room to work on his laptop (OT after sex!) while I just fiddled with my phone. In the lulls between his work, KH would call me over to fool around a bit. KH had a craving for roti canai, so we went out to QQ Bistro. Unfortunately, their roti chef was on lunch break, so we just shared a Maggi goreng and a plate of wantan noodles at Kedai Makan Puncak Jalil.


Some time before 5:00pm, we showered together and freshened up for Janvier's birthday party in One Utama. We went out a little early to shop for KH's work shoes. He needed to find something with a little more depth so that he can fit in his orthotics insoles. Went to Isetan and Clarks, but came out empty-handed (but so many gay lous shopping for shoes that day!). Finally bought a pair at Rockport. That made us late getting the party. On the way there, we bumped into Bunny and a gay couple who looked like a local version of Edison McKenna with his ang moh lover.

Bunny told us that the restaurant was just ahead, but it was actually two floors up. =_=. Upon entering Chicago Rib House, we immediately felt the heatwave. The air-conditioning wasn't working. When I checked Foursquare, I saw that someone actually posted a picture of the feedback form scrawled with the words "FIX THE AIR COND". It was on July 13 2012! Can you imagine? And after ordering, the table beside us suddenly jolted. Guess what, they saw a rat! Goodness gracious. KH, SK, Lifebook and I shared the food. Tried their caesar salad, garlic-honey ribs and roasted chicken. The food was quite ho-hum. Janvier's birthday cake turned out to be a red Angry Bird! They put a candle on its forehead turning it into a unicorn. Pretty much just a chocolate sponge cake covered with a whole lot of marzipan, but I had fun playing with my food that night. As we stepped out of the restaurant only did we realize how cooling it was outside. Before leaving we had drinks at Starbucks. Apollo bought a Starbie bear with a snake around its neck. I would have bought one with a snake out if its pants.



Twilight Man said...

What a life you have! Sex, party and hearty meals!

thompsonboy said...

hoping for more shower skanking

William said...

That's the life!

Coming soon!

Anonymous said...

not soon enough.. :P

- VC ;)

Derek said...

Glad to spend the whole day with you dear. :-)

quicksilverlining said...

damn. sounds like a fun day.

now i need sex too.

Ash Godiva said...

wah must be epic until the bed collapsedXD

nicky05 said...

thai massage ? :P

Mr Lonely said...

harlos.. i think this is my first visits on your blog.. so dun mind i leave my first links here~ XD

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

William said...

The sooner the better

Me too <3

Sex is always welcome

Or we were too heavy

Sensual massage

Hi. I think you've been here before