Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013.01.01 and Burberry Boy

Cream by williamnyk
Cream, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Believe it or not, I started 2013 by doing OT. SK picked me up and we went to get KH. Broke fast together at Restoran MCP. Was hankering for some curry noodles. After that, they dropped me at work while they proceeded to KLCC for some jalan-jalan. During lunch time, I walked over to Suria KLCC to have lunch with them at Umaiya. Surprisingly horrible service although they were hardly under-staffed. A whole lot of standing around and doing the wrong thing. Just to get green tea, we had to holler thrice. And one waitress even came with the pot, only to realize that we did not even have cups! Exasperating. Still full from breakfast, I just ordered a snow roll. Maki dusted with dessicated coconut, with a minty after-taste. Very interesting. Halfway through our meal, SK received a call from Umaiya confirming her ealier reservation, to which she sarcastically replied, "I'm already in the restaurant, EATING". What a bunch of idiots. To cool down after lunch, we went to New Zealand Natural for some ice cream. Just MYR9.90 for three scoops, a cool DiGi promotion.

Have Mercy

Went back to work after that (made a quick stop at the temple for a look-see) and at around 5:00pm, I left. KH and SK were still there, shopping at the Isetan Food Market. Saw some eye candy there, carrying his girlfriend or sister's Burberry handbag. But I think it's his sister cause my gaydar was pinged. Pre-dinner was Topee at K3K Benta Kaya again. Both KH and SK are addicted I tell you!

Burberry Boy

Topee Again!

Dinner was at Coco Steamboat, OKR. Bloody crowded though we arrived at 6:00pm (and parking was a problem). And it was super stuffy. Gawd. And the Indonesian waitress who took my order was damn impatient. The pork bone (and yam) soup arrived in a giant claypot. Took some time for the white liquid to boil. Truth be told, it had a porkiness quotient of 2. The pepper corns masked whatever piggy goodness it contained. Don't bother coming here. On the way out, we spotted FuFu, but didn't approach him. Never head much interaction with him, but I did get a postcard from him once. Sent KH home after that.... How's that for a first day?


Pork Bone Soup


JokerPJ said...

Go and chat that cutie up ^^


nicky05 said...

I wonder why. whatso famous about Burberry.hmm

William said...

Bf was there la. I'll leave that to you :D

Haha. Just buy for your mum then you will know.

J-boy said...

Yum yum! He can carry my burberry any day hahahahaha :P

William said...

I'm sure he can Burberry you any day too

Twilight Man said...

Tonight I will be attending my big birthday bash at Coco Steamboat @ Cheras outlet. Some kind hosts treating me!

The ice cream is cheap la.