Sunday, December 30, 2012


Cleaning by Janeczka Dabrowski
Cleaning, swiped from Janeczka Dabrowski on Flickr.

Once again, SK and I had to show face and get involved in some church activity that required BEC representation. Thirty families and not a single volunteer. Oh well. Before arriving, we took our sweet time having breakfast at our neighbourhood kopitiam. Upon arrival, we looked for the coordinator and he pointed us to the duty roster. We were supposed to clean the cobwebs inside and outside of the church. No specific tools given, just two brooms. Too bad I did not bring a face mask. Ugh. Even before starting, SK had been sneezing. Poor thing. Started at the entrance and moved to the side of the church. The air curtain and the air-conditioning vents were a sure spot for concentrated dust bunnies. And now this is where the fun part starts. Any person with half a brain would tell you that you're supposed to work from top to bottom cause dust and dirt will collect on the floor. No idiot would clean the floor first before doing the other chores. Well, in our case, the idiot cleaned the pews before we dusted and cleaned the cobwebs. With one year worth of dust, plenty of it would end up on the floor and on the pews. While I was cleaning one fan, the leader of the pew-cleaning idiots confronted me. He commanded me to stop cause I was wasting his immense effort.

Idiot: Please stop cleaning the fan. It's dirtying the pews.

Moi: OK. I can stop cleaning the fan. Do I stop cleaning the other things as well?

Idiot: I don't know about that. I only know I already cleaned the pews. I am not here to argue with you.

Moi: (BITE ME) I am not here to argue with you too. But for your information I do sweep up the dust on the pews and on the floor.

I think my stern voice alerted one of the coordinators who came over to mediate. He suggested that the fans be dismantled and taken outside to clean. That is obvious, but you can only remove the cover and you still need to wipe the base portion. And dust will still fall to the ground. Duh! Whatever. Turns out that SK also argued with another member of the idiotic pew cleaning team. She asked why we didn't clean before they started work. Perhaps she should ask the coordinator. SK just ignored her and stopped dusting. We quickly moved on the the second floor. Plenty to dust as were able to access the giant air-conditioning vents from the raised pews. Practically snowed dust bunnies on the pew cleaning crew as they walked up the stairs. Bwahahaha. They didn't seem to mind. After that, we moved outside. Considering our work done, we left. Couldn't be bothered with the free lunch.


Needing to do some Christmas shopping, we stopped a while at Paradigm Mall. Turns out to be H&M opening day there. Whole bunch of people lining up to go in. Yikes. Got what we needed and got out. Had an early lunch at Restoran Kah Hing. A good chance to try their Vietnamese food. Lucky that we decided to go there. They were closing down the SS3 branch and will only be operating from their main branch in Segambut. Ate pig trotter noodles and spicy rice noodles. Also ordered braised ears and stomach. Yummy stuff. Loitered at Sis' place for a couple of hours playing with the kids and went home after that for a shower and a nap.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mail Order Hunk

Some weeks back, I got a message from a FB friend whom I had not met before. He said that he wanted to send me a Christmas present. Very random right? After some digging, it turns out it was his first time doing it. A random act of giving. Cool right? But I wonder why me? LOL. Cause I was a bad boy? I'm not one stare a gift horse in the mouth LOL. So after patiently waiting for some time, I finally received a large envelope with a warning:

"Photos Inside. Do not bend."

Wah! Are they photos of me in compromising situations? Blackmail photos! LOL. Tore open the envelope to find a bubble wrap. After removing that, I found another layer of plastic protection. Inside was an envelope made out of wrapping paper. By Jove, it was skanky pictures. But not of me la. It was a 2013 DailyJocks calendar by Russel Fleming! Thanks JamesL! I like it. Who wouldn't like hunks in underwear and swimwear? My favourite is Mr. October (bottom row, third guy from the right). My birth month, go figure. :D.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Drawing Gears... by Heartlover1717
Drawing Gears..., swiped from Heartlover1717 on Flickr.

I'm definitely kinda stuck in LDR mode. Every time I meet KH, I seem to kinda blow my top. When I told this to QueerRanter, he was kinda shocked that I actually have a temper. Of course I do. Lurking behind my Cheshire Cat grin is a cauldron of boiling cum. Wakaka. Back to the issue of KH. For some reason, I get irked with KH for small, small reasons. Something he says. Something he does. All might push my buttons, spoiling the mood a bit. Think I'm being a bit unreasonable or impatient. Or I'm having unrealistic expectations. Although KH has the temperament of saint (and I forget about things pretty quick), I don't think I should test his limits. Gotta learn to a bit more tidak apa. Don't want trivial matters to become a big problem.

"Tai si fah siew; Siew si fah mou!"

In conclusion, I need to get my relationship gears lubricated and move into the next step!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blinking Lights, Blinking Blog

Merry Christmas guys and gals. Hope you're having enjoying the yuletide season. I can imagine some of you in your sector Christmas boxers out at the Christmas tree eagerly unwrapping your gifts or if you're still in bed, unwrapping your loved one's 'candy cane' nestled in his pesky Santa Claus print undies. With that out of the way, I'm here to announce that my blog is on the blink for a while pending my lappie's chipset kerfuffle. I'm stuck with a Pentium III using Windows Server 2000 and obviously nothing works properly on that anymore. Until I commandeer someone's lappie, things will be a little Silent Night around here. Cheers!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freshly-Squeezed Orange

Lunch Ramen by williamnyk
Lunch Ramen, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Church as usual on Sunday but that day I seconded to do some T-shirt sales at the entrance of the church. At the very last minute I was roped in to set up the booth, do stock check and sales for the Church's 25th anniversary merchandise. Basically a whole lot of T-shirts. The person in charge who had agreed to the date in the first place was a no show. Did my best to stand in. Thankfully the organizers were kind enough to help seeing that I was alone. However, I couldn't help them clear up because I had a previous appointment-- was meeting Richard Parker in Paradigm Mall. Yup, was watching "Life of Pi" with mum. Was rushing for time, so we munched on a grill sweet potato in the car. But seeing that we had 45 minutes to kill, we shared a ramen at Goku Raku Ramen. Liked their FB page and they gave me a free drink. Also had some scratch card promotion going on, but I did not get the free meal. The movie was quite good. I believe that it would be very beautiful to watch in 3D. An AMAZING story with memorable quotes and visuals. And the introduction was an interesting mish-mash of different religions. It all just comes together.

"Thank you Vishnu, for introducing me to Christ."

"All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."

Life of Pi

Coming out from the cinema, it was raining heavily outside. Before we left, did some last minute shopping at Kaison and Uniqlo. Think mum needs more time at Uniqlo. But since I was rushing to the next appointment, we had to leave. Dropped mum home and immediately went to Serdang to pick ChatMate up. From there, I went to fetch KH in the pouring rain. But to my surprise, I made it to The Gardens in time. Nicky and Orange were already there. Got a table for five and Yuzu and waited for them to arrive. For me, it was my first time meeting Orange and it the first time for Nicky and Orange to meet ChatMate. I extended my hand for Orange to shake and he snubbed me! Said it was too formal. But he shook ChatMate's hand! KNS. Perhaps I should have kissed and hugged him. For the first time, I sat on a round table in a Japanese restaurant. So very Chinese. But it wasn't a good idea when the food started to arrive. Each came in big ass wooden trays and there's no way to fit five. We had to remove everything from the bulky trays.


It was kind of useful having Orange there. He was like Nicky's mouthpiece. His TruthSpeaker. Whenever we ask difficult questions, they would look at each other, Nicky would lower his head, and Orange would so some talking. But his presence also made Nicky more at ease. I finally got some answers straight from the horse's mouth regarding his love life. Very fruitful indeed. Food-wise, the menu was quite deceiving. When my food came, everything looked mini-sized. Macam kena zapped by a Doraemon shrinking ray gun. Never mind that, it was still quite filling and tasty. For drinks, we were at Jonker Street Desserts. Had a very sorry looking cendol, but it tasted better than it looked. Sat there and talked more while Orange scanned the crowd for gangly, nerdy boys that whet his appetite. Tried to play mama-san and arrange Nicky's mizuage with ChatMate, but that plan was scuttled. In disappointment, joined the exodus leaving MV at 10:00pm. Until the next time!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Market Celebrities: Myanmar Matt & ChatMate Returns

Flower Teas by williamnyk
Flower Teas, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Surprisingly, Saturday marketing was devoid of the usual crowds. Due to the school holidays perhaps? Whatever the case, it was quite refreshing to stroll in a less cramped environment. I even had the chance to test out the spy cam capabilities of my new Galaxy SIII to bring you Market Celebrities(tm). Check out the cute Myanmar vegetable seller with a sweet smile. It's so funny to hear him speak Cantonese. Adds to the appeal. Huhu. Mum had to take care of the baby again, so I had some free time in the morning to meet up ChatMate. Picked him up from his cousin's place and brought him to breakfast in my neighbourhood. Ever the nice guy, he brought me a kilogram of mee kolok again! Pai seh. In return, treated him to char siew-siew yuk wantan noodles. After that, I brought him along for some chores. Had to settle food catering for my sister. Based on a recommendation from my colleague, I went to look for Restoran Home Style in Taman Equine. They operate a mixed rice shop and does caily food catering on the side too. The owner was a blur woman with a poor sense of direction. Had to draw her a map to my sister's place although it was only five minutes away. And I thought that I had to pay up-front. Nampaknya tak payah because she was undecided on whether she wanted to do my business! Pengz. Wasted my effort running around looking for an ATM machine at three different petrol stations! Sent ChatMate home after that and I went to my sister's place to play with the baby. The kid's getting cuter and cuter. Becoming quite the devil in a walker. Went everywhere pulling at cables and wires. Dragged the wireless router down even (a couple of weeks back, he pulled down a tray of cups in the kitchen)! Time to baby-proof the house!

Anatomy of a Vegetable Seller


Napped a while before I headed home. In the evening I had a wedding banquet to attend near Jalan Imbi. Both were my ex-colleagues. The invitation card said 7:00pm sharp. I left the house at 7:00pm sharp. Haha. Unfortunately, it had started to rain heavily. But I reached Oriental Classic in just over 30 minutes. Luckily I had the GPS. Much easier using the back roads and it knew how to navigate around the road closures due to the MRT construction. The restaurant was very near the exit to the highway. Luckily I did not overshoot it. I had to park at the roadside and still pay MYR5! Blegh. The food theme for the night was "fried". Most of the items were fried. Thank goodness they did not deep fry the sharks fin. And they kept using the same decorations-- fried rice noodles. Ugh. Suspect that they recycled it. :P. Left the dinner with a very interesting door gift-- a button badge beer bottle opener! Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple.

Anthology of Love

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cat's Away II: Skanking

Laundry Day by williamnyk
Laundry Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, I slept in and pulled myself out of bed to do some exercise routines. Doubt I would ever gain a sexy physique with that level of activity, but I gather it's better than nothing. For breakfast, I steamed leftover fish fillet and chicken. Gobbled it down with bread. Homey mode kicked in and I washed my sexy undies and ironed my work clothes after breakfast. Watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" while operating the steam iron. Finished two weeks worth of clothes. At 2:00pm, I went out to meet KH. He recommended that I eat Meng Kee's char siew noodles. Supposedly the famous shop from Tingkat Tong Shin. When the noodles arrived, I thought they forgot the meat! Such a small portion nestled at the edge of the dry noodles. But it was quite good. Don't think it was the same shop I tried in 2006. I remember that shop was more expensive than MYR5.50 and it was distinctly burnt on the outside. I also ordered a side order of BBQ sausage. Not as fatty as the one at Kota Kemuning's Weng Hing, but a bit too sweet for my liking. Having filled my tummy, it was time to expend some energy! It had been three weeks, and I was damn horny for KH. Drove over to our love nest and we marked the beginning of our Malaysian sex life. LOL. KH had some new tricks up his sleeve and his evil ministrations had me moaning like mad. Hope I didn't scare the neighbour's kids. He gets a gold medal for trying to go for all my erogenous zones at once! Three hours later with some resting and napping in between, we freshened up and went out for dinner.

Where's the Char Siew?

Wasn't too sure what to have for dinner, but I kinda wandered to Hoi Kee in Taman Desa. Thought of trying their famous oyster omelette. Unfortunately, the place was packed so we tried Big Mouth at OKR instead. Their claypot tilapia has a herbal twist to it. Not bad. Next up, we drove to The Gardens Mall to get my birthday cum Christmas present! KH decided to replace my iPhone 3GS with a Samsung Galaxy SIII (either this or HTC One X, but dropped HTC after doing some research)! He had been racking his brain for months and finally decided on this. But it wasn't exactly a surprise for me. I managed to guess. Marble White as there was no other colour left. Wakakakaka. Matters not. Took me less than half an hour to get it done. Recontracted it to 24 months for a 3GB data plan at MYR58. Takes some getting used to. And I haven't perfected my contact list yet. Tried to sync my iPhone contacts into Google Contacts, but that failed. So I sync-ed with Outlook instead, exported the entries to CSV and imported that into Google Contacts. Not a perfect solution. I still have many gaps. Sad. As for my camera roll, Dropbox came to my rescue. After just one day, I find that iPhone is so tiny. Perhaps the Galaxy Note II ain't so big after all. :P. Thanks baby! Muacks Muacks Muacks! I promise to do more sexting with it :P.

Claypot Fish

Camera Mizuage

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cat's Away I: Dating

Free-Range by williamnyk
Free-Range, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up early to send mum to her society HQ at Kuchai Lama. Mum would be away for the weekend attending a camp in Negeri Sembilan. Wohooo! Alone time with KH! Just for that three nights, she packed a backpack, a cabin luggage and another small bag for good measure. Are mothers always like that? After dropping mum off, swung over to pick KH up. Amazingly, my boyfriend had woken up at 6:30am to jog. When he got in the car, he was sleepy and tired. However, I had one more chore before I could fill his tummy-- had to send my Iswara Skyline to the mechanic. Long overdue for an oil change and the brake was acting up. Not responsive at times, scared the hell out of me when I tried to slow down approaching the roadside newspaper vendor. :S. We went to Restoran Kah Heong, Subang Jaya for some yummy kampung chicken. Not too impressed with their prawn dumpling hor fun the last time, I tried their curry noodles this time. The more watery variety with a hint of sourness and spices. Not bad, but not super. I did like the curry paste though. Chock full of the good stuff.

Indigestible Donut

KH had a lunch date at noon, and since we had a couple of hours to kill before that, we made a short stop at One Utama. Didn't buy anything except for a tube of lube. :P. The lunch venue was at Maria's Cafe, Metropolitan Square. The address was a bad indication of its location. Although the lot number started with a 'C', it was actually located at block E! And there was no mention that it was located on the second floor. We practically just stumbled upon it. Judging by the crowd, I think the place won't last long. While waiting for KH, SK and I had our lunch there too. Mediocre food and the Illy was watered down. So much for the owner's (supposedly Maria?) prologue on the menu ranting on how she as a consumer would expect the best from food establishments, and that as a restaurateur, she would not disappoint. SK's lamb shank wasn't too good and she basically left the brown sauce untouched. My veal bratwurst was better.

At 1:00pm, we went to Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang Jaya as I needed to use my Groupon voucher. MYR69 for a scalp treatment and haircut. Took a little over an hour. KH sulked a little because I didn't purchase the deal for him. Hehe. The stylist didn't do a half bad job with my hair. Knew how to work with it. Did the usual small talk and asked me about my work, SK's work and even KH's work! Remarked that I was missing the gray hairs that are hallmark of all programmers. Stereotype la tu dik... Before calling it a day, we went to KH's favourite cafe-- K3K Benta Kaya in Kuchai Lama. Didn't stay too long as SK and I needed to celebrate sunset mass. It was the first Sunday of Advent. Luckily I did not fall asleep. Hahaha. Dinner was at Yi Xin Ge. Hot BKT, braised chicken legs and sour vegetables on a rainy night is always bliss.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding Food

we are closed by beavers abroad
we are closed, swiped from beavers abroad on Flickr.

Note: In case you get all woozy in the head, this happened on the 25th of November. :P

Sunday was D-Day for me at the office. The project that I had been working for in the whole of 2012 was going live. At least the first phase of it. Came in early on Sunday morning to monitor things. The back-end system had been fully-converted the night before and it was time to see it in action. However, since only two branches in Kuala Terengganu were operational, we weren't expecting much business. My ex-GM came to lend his moral support and bring us some egg tarts. Unlucky for me, the application was unavailable due to a problematic web server setting. We found the problem after the IT department performed server hardening a few days back and we thought we had solved it. Apparently not. Did some research on the internet and finally found the proper way to do it. Was cornered by the consultants and in the end I had to write a lengthy account of what had happened. Blegh. At noon, the boss decided to bring the team out for lunch. Initially, he had planned for Jarrod & Rawlins, but upon walking there, we found it to be closed. They had moved out! The Bukit Damansara branch is no more. Nerofico was also closed. Walked further down to The Hill and that wasn't open too. Wasted half an hour and I was hot and tired from that fiasco (basically a repeat of my last lunch hunt). In the end, we went back to the office and ordered Domino's Pizza! :S. We were so hungry that we actually stared at the ordering website, monitoring the progress of our order. Gobbled down five pizzas, several orders of chicken wings and plenty of bread. It was quite uneventful after that and we left at around 6:00pm. The real test would be on Monday, when all the branches would be operational. Aiyaiyai!

P.S.: Weeks later, I realized that I had no business on that day because those branches don't even use my system! Duh!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hospital Hassle

#Boing by williamnyk
#Boing, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On my way to being the mayor of OUG morning market on Foursquare, I went there again on Saturday morning. Along the way, saw a truck that had crashed head on with the road divider. Taman Puncak Jalil is really the site of many accidents. The roads are winding and the drivers are fast. So Formula One. Unfortunately for us, it rained that morning. Had to use a mini Angry Birds umbrella while navigating the stalls. Small and unwieldly. Perfect for use under those big parasols and crowded conditions. But the rain did affect the turnout. Quite quiet. At around 1:00pm, SK and I went over to Taman Desa Medical Centre to pick up some supporting documents for her to perform her medical insurance claim. She needed the admission form, discharge form and letter from the consultant physician. Before discharging the day before, she failed to get the documents. Very unprofessional behaviour from the staff there. The admission counter asked her to go the ward, while the ward asked her to go to the admission counter. And they even tried to push her an admission form that had 90% of its fields empty. Naturally, she blew her top and demanded that the documents be ready for her the next day.

Of course you would already have guessed that they screwed it up. At the counter, she asked for the documents. The nurse on duty scrambled to look for the documents. It was stupidly put in an envelope marked "To Whom It May Concern". Wouldn't it make more sense to put write her name outside? Fail. And when SK opened the envelope, the admission form was left out. The nurse tried to convince her that the discharge form is the admission form when it was clearly emblazoned with "DISCHARGE FORM". According to the nurse, her file had been moved to the documentation unit and that they were out to lunch. The nurse tried to call several times but nobody picked up. SK threw a fit and magically her file appeared at the counter. It was there all along! Wow. She told them to photocopy the admission form, and even that simple task they had to kecoh again-- "How ah? How ah?". Geram. When she got the complete documents, the nurse had the gall to say, "Next time, please state clearly what you need beforehand!". Incompetence with attitude. Avoid that hospital like the plague!


From there, we traveled to K3K Benta Kaya to meet KH, HJ and Bunny. Had a lunch of nasi lemak, maggi goreng and topee. The whole time, KH had his hand on my knee and I think that woman sitting nearby noticed. Just stayed for a couple of hours as SK and I was to attend sunset mass. Managed to catch the tail end of Holy Hour. Always loved the hymn "Down in Adoration Falling" by St. Thomas Aquinas during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. But I don't really like mass at 6:00pm because I normally get sleepy! Eyelids were heavy even when I was standing up! Very ironic, cause Jesus asked Peter (Matthew 26:40):

"So, could you men not keep watch with me for an hour?"

:P :P :P :P :P :P


Went to Restoran Kah Hing for dinner again and the place was still as stuffy. The ceiling fans were just pretty decorations that provided no cool breeze. Ordered the steamed fish again, but the bitter gourd chicken was so-so and the stir-fried yau mak was sickly sweet. While waiting, we packed a chapati from a stall in Restoran Kuan Lee. The sardine-chicken curry was yummy but while I was munching on a mouthful, I spit out a ten cent coin. :S. Yummy yummy yummy. Hope I get a MYR50 note the next time I visit.

Lucky Bite

Monday, December 10, 2012


Heng Hua by williamnyk
Heng Hua, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
SK had been feeling under weather. She had a rojak of symptoms-- flu, sore throat, wheezing and lethargy. OTC medications didn't do much for her. After a week of wheezing, I cautioned her to see an ENT specialist lest we see a repeat of what happened in February. On Thursday morning, she felt really bad and couldn't get out of bed. She called in sick and later drove to Taman Desa Medical Centre to see the doctor. This time, they caught the upper respirarory tract infection early, but she still needed to be warded. Nebulizer twice daily and antibiotic injections thrice daily. Later that night, I visited her at the hospital. Her air passages had cleared but she was clearly tired. The next day after work, I fetched her from the hospital with KH in tow. Had dinner with her at a new restaurant opposite TDMC-- Hoi Kee Heng Hua. Apparently, they're an old shop from Brickfields, but I never heard of them. Ate their House Style Steamed Tilapa (basically garlic, ginger and osyter sauce) and Heng Hua Bihun (oily dry style topped with whole groundnuts). Not half bad. Other famous items seem to be sweet and sour pork in pineapple boat and oyster omelette. Will try those some other time. Looks like SK should take things easy in anticipation for her coming Beijing and Bangkok trips!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sunday Selamat Pulang

Salada by williamnyk
Salada, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, I went to Sunday mass at St. Ignatius Church. Blistering heat caused mum and I to hide in Paradigm Mall. Went to my favourite restaurant there in terms of price, taste and variety-- Pasta Zanmai. Having had so much meat the day before in Teluk Intan, we went for lighter food like the kani avacado salad (so crisp and fresh) and a mini set consisting of teriyaki chicken with creamy pasta (they seared it just right) and soft-shell crab tortilla. Did some shopping after that, but we did most of our shopping at Kaison. They have such cheap Christmas decorations!

Xmas Feel

For dinner, I reserved some time for Jaz before he flew back to Germany. We went out to dinner with SK at SS3's Kah Hing. They serve Vietnamese food in the afternoon and Chinese food at night. However, Vietnamese coffee is available. Didn't quite like it, as it had weird, nutty taste. Didn't know what was good, so we gambled on the Rawang Style Steamed Tilapia (basically chili, ginger and garlic, but highly-recommended), ginger wine chicken (lotsa ginger but not much wine), Mui Choi pork (salah) and some vegetables. A word of warning, the restaurant is very stuffy, so better sit outside. Looked for some dessert at Kuchai Lama after that. Tried Moon House Desserts. I ordered the Golden Pomelo. Not bad le. And so with just a casual chat we bid farewell to Jaz... Hope to see him some time soon.


Rawang Style

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Intan Invite

Ginger! by williamnyk
Ginger!, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

After much clarification with the project management office, it seems that my module was not involved in the second mock run at work. Good news. With my Saturday cleared up, I could attend my cousin's wedding in Teluk Intan. Left home at 3:00pm and arrived at the venue three hours later. Sporadic rain along the way. I walked into Restoran Man Chong and rushed into the loo. Coming out, I saw a slide show playing and by jove my cousin looked REALLY DIFFERENT. Then it dawned on me-- it wasn't my cousin. Opps. Wonder if we went to the wrong venue. Upon walking out only did I realize that there was two weddings going on at the same time. Opps. We were supposed to go upstairs. Nobody was upstairs either. No ushers. No nothing. Amazing. Half an hour later, more and more people were streaming in, but still no sign of my cousins. Couldn't care less anymore, so we just commandeered a table close to the main table. And boy, the main table was impressive. The centrepiece was a sculpture made out of old ginger. Radiationg from under the ginger Christmas tree was four dragons made out of radishes. You don't even get this at five star hotels. But I'm wondering about the symbolism of the ginger. Thought that was more suitable for birthdays.

Happily Ever After

At about 6:40pm, my cousin brothers came bustling up to put up the names of the happy couple on stage (they live ten minutes away and decided to do it at the last minute. Kena set rambut dan solek kot). Then they started looking at the guest list, but I don't think they comprehended the contents. And during that time, more and more guests had arrived. There was also a tussle regarding who was supposed to sit at the main table. It was the bride's banquet, but seems like the groom's family commanded more presence. Luckily by 8:00pm, they were ready to serve. Stupidly enough, confetti was used in a venue where the ceiling was lower than the standard height. Some guests were caught in the blast. LOL. All this aside, the food was quite good. Extremely generous portions. And the soup was very notable. Instead of sharksfin soup, they served a soup of sea cucumber, pig tendon, scallops, razor clams and black chicken. The prawns were served sweet and sour with fried buns. And interestingly, dessert was fried ice cream! Overall, the eight-course dinner was a breath of fresh air compared to all the banquets I had been having in the Klang Valley. And of course there was a karaoke session. The emcee didn't even need to sing because several guests were hogging the stage. An uncle of mine sang a Hokkien number that even my newphew knew the chorus to... Masyallah

Ugly But Yummy

The dinner concluded at 10:30pm and before we left, we paid Liew Kee a visit. The place is a famous Anson chu cheong fun factory that only opens at night and operates to the wee hours of the morning. Upon arrival, we already saw the line. Most of the cars parked outside had "W" car plates. Could see the workers working at the assembly line, steaming a thin layer of flour over a conveyor belt. Each packet costs MYR4 and contains two pieces of the lobvely delicacy. In case you don't know, it's unlike the normal chu cheong fun. It's as thin as the HK variety, but the difference is that it's sprinkled with stir-fried jicama and dried shrimp. And best eaten with preserved green chilies. Absolutely yummy. Reached home at around 1:00am and we couldn't sleep before tucking into the yummy chu cheong fun. It was still hot! A happy tummy makes for excellent sleep. Haha.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Jude, Not Judas

St. Jude I by williamnyk
St. Jude I, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Awal Muharram was booked on my schedule as BEC outing day. The president had decided to go on a mini pilgrimage to St. Jude's Church, Rawang. The meeting point was at church. I set my alarm for 6:45am. I heard it and woke up, but I dozed off and woke up an hour later, jumping out of bed with just fifteen minutes to freshen up. The turnout was quite good. About sixty people were gathered. Went there in eleven cars using the PLUS highway. Arrived in about an hour. Rained heavily en route, but upon arrival at Rawang, the weather was superb. Sweltering actually. LOL. The church is located on top of a hill, good for the view, but bad for parking. We were welcomed by their Chinese-speaking group whose committee member used to go to my parish before he moved to Rawang. Did some sightseeing around the compound before we started the prayer session. Halfway through, we were also given background information about St. Jude, the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. But more importantly, he's one of the twelve apostles. At the end, we did our own prayer and reflection before proceeding to a nearby cloth printing factory. The owner's a parishioner and he was nice enough to invite us there to take a look at how the silk screen process works. Starting off at the design room, we saw how a design was separated by colour to create multiple stencils. One stencil for one colour. To create the stencil, they would transfer the design onto silk screens in a dark room using special light sensitive chemicals. From then on, we saw how the colour was matched and the actual printing process where the color was pushed with a squegee through the stencil. Quite interesting.

St. Jude II

The factory was really large and filled with the stench of chemicals and solvents. In addition to T-shirt printing, they also do printing for cloth and I even saw them busy printing political party flags, no doubt for the coming general election. At the back of the factory was a water treatment plant, employee hostel and also farm. Judging by the fact they rear fish and geese, plant vegetables and fruits, they are quite self-subsisting. The army of migrant workers can just get what they need from the farm and cook up a storm! When we left the factory, nearly everyone was with packets of papayas and jackfruits. Must be the chemicals in the water that make everything grow so richly. :P. Was way past my lunchtime and I was hot and cranky. Only arrived at Restoran Fook Sing at 2:00pm. Thanks goodness for the strong air-conditioning. Seven tables had been prepared for us in a private room. Quite susprised to hear that it was arranged by the factory's boss! Had a sumptious lunch of radish soup, sambal fish, steamed free-range chicken, fried beancurd, pork ribs and stir-fried vegetables. To repay their hospitality, we did a small collection and presented the St. Jude's Church with MYR1000 for their new building fund.


Went home straight after lunch with the help of the GPS. Else I would have been lost. Directly sent mum to South City Plaza for her facial. While waiting, I went to spend some time with KH. Even an hour was worth it. But the boyfriend is very bad, always leaving me waiting at the guardhouse for a long time. Blegh. Spent our time chatting at his condo poolside. When our time was up, it had started to rain. Bad luck him. Even worse luck for me since I couldn't see him frolick in his skimpy N2N budgie smugglers. Dinner was with SK, Jaz and Grat at Restoran 88. KH also joined us though he already ate at home. Loved the pork ribs. Yummy. Sent KH to Pappa Rich (business seems slower now) at 3 1/2 Mile Square to meet his ex-coursemate and bestie. I joined KH for a while but eventually re-joined my own friends. The last time I saw his ex-coursemate was during her wedding. Since then, she had a child and divorced. Now she's found a new hubbie and would be tying the knot soon. Jokingly I told her that I should not see her anytime soon. As I was working the next day, we left KH there with his bestie.


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Do by williamnyk
Monkey See, Monkey Do, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As with old local cars, they start making weird noises after a few years of use. So on Deepavali morning, she sent it to the mechanic. The trip was wasted though as she was unable to recreate the noise for the mechanic. With that out of the way, we deliberated on where to eat breakfast. Finally decided on Restoran Strawberry Puchong. Had kampua, prawn noodles, CKT and some roasted pork. This time round, I found the Sibu noodles quite disappointing. Never a dull moment at the table as we shared it with an old Hakka couple who was complaining about someone. :S. Around noon, we took KH out for lunch at Woo Pin (was a little pissed that he always made me wait although I gave him fair warning on when I was arriving, but he placated my temper with a silver monkey ring holder... ooo shiny!). Can't believe that it was his first time there. At least that's one restaurant off his list of "MUST EATS". He entrusted me to bring him to all the fabulous makan places in KL. Sounds like a prelude to fattening him up. But I want him to be lean and sexy! Haha. The place was quite crowded (had to share a table) and they even ran out of non-fried fish slices.

KH complained about his hair, so I brought him to my stylist for a cut. Shaved the sides and spiked the middle. Quite a different look for him. But I don't think he will be recreating that look for work on Monday. Did some shopping for high speed internet too. Found that Maxis Fibre had increased price from MYR148 to MYR168 for their 10mbps package (later I found out that the price was still MYR148, ill-informed salesperson!). Ouch. Still cheaper than Unifi though. Sent my darling home after that. Reached home at about 4:00pm and half an hour later, Mel came over with her kid. For the past month we had been scheduling and rescheduling a meet-up and it finally happened! As Mel hadn't eaten, we brought her out for dim sum at Yuen Garden, Jalan Kenari. With me carrying Cameron and Mel by my side, it looked like we were young parents. :P. Her favourite scandal scenario. At the restaurant, Cameron was quite fidgety, rearranging his Marie biscuits from the baby chair to the floor. Huhu. But luckily he sat long enough for his mum to feed him some siew mai and fishballs. Over Chinese tea, we reminisced about old times, bitched about work and heard harrowing stories of parenthood.

Back home, my sister and the baby had come over and Mel finally had the chance to play with the bundle of joy. The kid didn't reject her. Must be the aura of motherhood that she has. Or the maternal boobs. LOL. Cameron still wanted to eat, so mum fed him some stewed chicken rice. He seemed to like it. Before leaving, Mel passed me my belated birthday present-- Davidoff Cool Water Summer EDT. Thanks!