Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back To Singapore II: Brunch, Strolling, Mazu, Art, Buddha, Italian,DYMK

ODP by williamnyk
ODP, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up early the next morning to meet Tater and friends for brunch. Of course it was difficult for us to get out of bed. Tangled and craving for each other. We weighed the time needed for a quite roll in the bed vs the time needed to actually get ready and go out... No time to go all the way! For breakfast (other than the sausage and eggs), KH made me yoghurt with cranberries. Alamak, so cold and sour! Where's my steaming bowl of noodles? Oh well. Anyway, we were a bit late for the brunch meet-up. Open Door Policy a quaint little place nestled in the old Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. For some reason, many boutique cafes are opening up in the area. Wonder if the senior citizens are pissed that their quiet abode is now being invaded. Walked all the way to the back into the sunlight-filled space and found Tater, his boyfriend BenX, and his friends visiting from the US-- Minx and Nathaniel. Finally met Benx, one of the main reasons that Tater made the big move from Washington to Singapore (other than the promise of the multitudes of Singaporean twinks of course). Minx is his cute friend from back home with a very anime-like fringe covering his eyes and Nathaniel's his boyfriend. Not a man of many words, but luckily his ang moh boyfriend was more chatty. Scrutinizing the menu, I settled on the Jamón Ibérico Croque Monsieur, basically two small Spanish cured ham sandwiches over a bed of rocket salad. At SGD23, definitely expensive. On the other hand, KH ordered the Roasted Field Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche with Truffle Puree. That was quite good. All the meals were served on small wooden chopping boards, like at Salt Tapas. Must be the new trend. The conversation during lunch mainly focused on work-related issues which was a bit of a bummer... so adult right? Hahaha. Didn't stay long as the tourists had to make a move to the Botanical Gardens (hope they didn't melt in the sun) and Tater had to go home to work!



KH and I continued to stay on, exploring the interesting neighbourhood. Immediately after ODP, we popped over to Forty Hands, a coffee specialist. Named for the fact that it takes approximately forty hands to produce coffee from plant to cup. Ordered a latte and a kong ba pau. To me, the latte was a bit sour. Different from what I'm used to. The kong ba pau was basically a pocket man tou served with kau yuk marinated with five spice powder and pepper corns. Explored further on Yong Siak Street. Stopped at Books Actually, a book shop selling specialty books and retro knick knacks. Wandered around until we were at Eng Hoon Street. Walked into Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier. So weird to find a French bakery in a old Chinese neighbourhood. According to KH, there's a line into the shop every morning. Didn't sit down or anything, just walked in and walked out with a croissant. The crispiest and most expensive croissant I had ever eaten-- SGD2.50. As crispy as those layered curry puffs. Divine. If you Google the owner, you will find that he's quite cute! Next, we ended up at Thian Hock Keng Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, Mazu. Been there years back while lunching with JJ at Hachi-Tei, but I did not go in. Beautiful and intricate carvings inside. Definitely worth a look.

40 Latte


Nearby was P.S. Cafe on Ann Siang Hill. Historically, it was the mansion of a wealthy sawmiller. Years ago, it was also the site of a gay sauna by the name of "Raw". Now it has become a posh and pretentious cafe that prominently displays a sign at the front saying "No Children Allowed". The decor was predominantly black with dark woods. The faces of the staff were also black and unfriendly. How matching. Just sat down for a while. KH changed his mind, and we just ordered a slice of Double Chocolate Blackout cake to go. Also stopped at Maxwell Food Court to buy a pack of tau fu fah custard from Lao Ban. Amazingly, people queue for it. Took the cake and venture to POD's workplace, which is an art gallery in the Tanjong Pagar area. He showed us his photos from his vacation in the US while he nearly single-handedly finished the cake (after he complained that he gained 15kg in the US). Wanna know why it's called a blackout cake? Cause on top of the double chocolate, you're give a chocolate sauce to drizzle all over it! Sinful! Banjir!



While waiting for dinner time, POD closed up the gallery and brought us to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. Passed by it so many times, but never went in. Fantastic place build based on Tang Dynasty architecture at a cost of SGD62 million. Hampir pengsan. The exterior was decorated with colourful lanterns and stalks of plastic flowers, perhaps due to the coming mid-autumn festival. We immediately went up Ten Thousand Buddhas Pavillion on the roof as it was already nearing closing hours. In the central pagoda is the giant Vairocana Buddha Prayer Wheel, surrounded by ever-flowering Dendrobium Buddha Tooth orchids. We went down floor by floor, visiting the Sacred Light Hall – Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic Chamber first. Unfortunately, the curtain was not raised and we could not catch a glimpse of the gold stupa containing the Buddha tooth relic. Another floor down is the Samantabhadra Hall – Nagapuspa Buddhist Culture Museum. Plenty of Buddhist artefacts on display. On the second floor is the Manjushri Hall – Aranya Gallery which houses Buddhist art and sculptures. Further down in the mezzanine floor overlooking the central hall and exhibits eminent persons from the Sangha.

Tooth Relic

Lanterns & Flowers

Down on the first floor is the Hundred Dragon - Maitreya Hall. The centerpiece of this breathtaking hall is the Maitreya Trinity in the middle. Buddha Maitreya is in the middle, with the Bodhisattva Dharma Garden Grove on the left and the Bodhisattva Great Wondrous Appearance on the right. What is interesting about these 15-foot Buddhas is the fact that they are crowned and the middle Buddha is seated, like on a throne. Around the walls are niches for hundreds of Buddhas, each with a unique mudra. Definitely filled my Buddhist quota for the year. Haha. Dinner was at Pasta Brava, Craig Road. Met up with the elusive Kidz (was amazed that he made an appearance), POD, W850i, Andy and Suzy. Andy came in with the blondest hair... I already kenot tahan seeing it on FB, but in person... Yarabi. Teased him for hours about it. Kidz was hunkier than ever. Definitely stepped up on the gymming. Appeared at the restaurant in a tank top, but the staff told him to change. Luckily he had a spare top. Suzy was the earliest to arrive. Never met her before. A fun-loving character who is the sister of Nic's ex-best friend. Complicated right? Somehow, everyone started abandoning the fella due to his jerk-ish ways and welcomed his sister into the fold instead.


Ordered loads to eat-- Carpaccio Della Nonna, Funghi Trifolati Alla Romana, Calamari Fritti, Fettuccine alla Carbonara, Fusilli alla Boscaiola, Risotto ai Funghi Porcii, Zuppa Amalfitana, Vellutata di Funghi, Agnolotti Farciti al Salmone and Spaghetti della Pescatrice. Such a long list of incomprehensible Italian dishes right? Like a mouthful of Italian cock. But I have just one photo to show for it. Sorry. :P. My favorite was the squid ink spaghetti. So lovely that I stained my white T! Gah! And they even purposely change the napkins from white to gray because we ordered that. Luckily the cum stain came right off. With nothing to do after dinner, we went for drinks at DYMK. Found a beautiful vantage point where we could see many of the cute guys. Expectedly, Kidz changed back into his tank top to better show off his inflated arms. And with his back towards the passage to the loo and his low-riding jeans, I'm sure many a patron gave his ass a second look. Two rounds of drinks later we called it a night. Everytime I go to Singapore, I seem to visit a gay bar the night before Sunday mass. Wakakaka. Back home, KH and I were obviously wasted by the alcohol, but we kissed and cuddled each other till we dozed off...


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Singapore I: Japan, Australia, Gardens, America, France

Fly to Freedom by williamnyk
Fly to Freedom, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
SK was still in between jobs, so she was able to send me to KLIA on Friday morning. Upon arrival, we experienced something very "Malaysia Boleh". We drove into the covered carpark and was presented with three lanes to choose from. A guard was sitting at side seemingly controlling traffic. Seeing that the third lane was clear, we proceeded there. However, we had to reverse out because the boom gate did not respond.

Guard: Apasal you pergi sana?

SK: Tak cakap tak boleh pun.

Guard: Sebab itu saya duduk sini!

Moi: (kesiannya kamu)

I was so surprised that the management saw fit to place a guard just to serve a function that could have been effectively done by a standy or a simple sign. Perhaps this is why unemployment rates in the country ain't too bad. Had breakfast at McDonald's before proceeding to the boarding gate. The flight took a little longer cause the landing was delayed by a foreign object on the landing strip. As usual, KH picked me up from Changi, gave me a quick peck on my cheek and hug before we proceeded to the MRT. Dropped my luggage at his place in Serangoon, had a quick skank and went out again.

Green Tea

Our first stop was Sushi Express at City Link Mall. Even before lunch time, it was quite full of customers. The concept is quite good. SGD1.50 for all items with free green tea and gari. Don't think that just because there is only pricing, the items are el cheapo. There's salmon belly sashimi, mentai sushi, giant scallops, sweet prawn and other yummy items. Believe it or not, we left just after four plates. Next up was a cup of hot chocolate at Max Brenner, Esplanade. The strong drink came served in something called a Hug Mug. The shape is just right for one to hugs one's hands around it to keep warm. Was quite a challenge for both of us to finish the rich drink.


With both pre-lunches out of the way (wakakakakaka!), we finally sat down at Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan. Since we weren't all that hungry, we just chose two tapas from the menu-- baked bone marrow with shiitake duxelles; and Chicken Liver & Foei Gras Parfait. Yes, bone marrow. Something that all the reviews seem to rave about. Never liked marrow, but what the heck. The verdict-- nothing so great. Presentation was good though. Beside our table, a bunch of ladies of leisure were having a postively cheerful lunch party with their token gay friend. Very "Sex and the City". Branded from top to toe with their Prada bags carelessly draped on the chairs.


With late lunch out of the way, we made our to The Gardens by the Bay via the Harbourfront MRT station. The exit to the place was a long walkway lined with mirrors and cleverly interspersed with graphics representing plants, trees and flowers. Moving along it gives the illusion of depth, like strolling through the trees in a forest. Lucky for us, the sky was a bit cloudy that day, else we would have been dessicated. Basically, the main attractions there are the Supertree Grove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Supertree Grove is basically a whole bunch of steel structures representing trees. On the surface of each tower are vertical gardens. And a suspension bridge connects several of the trees, called the OCBC Skywalk. We paid the SGD5 to go up, but skipped the SGD28 for entrance into the cooled conservatories. The Flower Dome is a collection of flowers from all over the world and the Cloud Forest features high altitude plants in a setting with giant man-made waterfall. Some murmurs were heard about how 'green' the place really is and whether the whole idea creates a giant carbon footprint with all its air-conditioning and steel. But anyway, I wasn't really wow-ed. I thought I would be. Oh well.


Supertree Grove

OCBC Skywalk

My legs were killing me so KH brought me to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for some pre-dinner drinks. Was quite perfect really since it had started to rain heavily. For happy hour, Morton's had half off for their martinis and also complimentary fillet mignon sandwiches. I ordered a lycheetini while KH tried the chocotini. Because we were both in shorts, we were ushered to the back of the bar. Worked even better for us since I had more privacy to grope KH's thighs. :P. Next up, we met ZW at ToastBox @ City Link Mall. Met her over coffee instead of martinis! So unlike her. We suspect that it had to do with the fact that she had to dinner with her hubby later. Don't want him to catch alcohol on her breath. Happy to see that she dressed to show off her cleavage to good advantage now. XD.


To strike off another item off my "To Eat" list, we went to Saveur @ Purvis Street, a French restaurant at hawker prices. Amazed that such a place exists? Read on. I can tell you that a plate of angel hair there costs only SGD3.90. The duck confit main does not exceed SGD10.00. You may think that the meal would be quite sparse at that kind of price, but you'd be surprised. Foie gras is on the menu for those prices! Even the interior decoration does not reflect cheapness. However, KH and I ordered the more premium items on their menu-- the Crispy Barramundi With Crab Potato And French Bean, and Beef Terderloin with Carrot Puree. I loved the crab potato and the fish was crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. I guess they lai seong pou har, as the desserts costs nearly as much as mains. But do be prepared for the long queue. We actually went paktor-ing at the public library nearby while waiting for an available table!



Back home, we had a hot shower together and of course found the energy to make love. Definitely miss being intimate with KH...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sibu Saturday

Kampua by williamnyk
Kampua, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up on Saturday morning having a craving for nasi lemak. Drove out to the nearby shops to buy a packet or two for breakfast. The first stall that I stopped at told me that there wasn't anymore rice left. Feeling dejected but hopeful, I moved on to the next stall. I saw the makcik wrapping up a packet of nasi lemak. She looked at me and before I could my mouth, she uttered the hated words, "Nasi habis". Boooo! Ended up buying thosai garing at Restoran QQ Nasi Kandar instead. The fella wrapped it up like I was buying wrapping paper. At 11:00am, I sent SK's car to the Perodua service centre in Puchong Jaya. Met up with her there and we both went for lunch at Restoran Strawberry Puchong recommended by Pikey. At first I thought it was a proper restaurant, but it turned out to be a kopitiam. Ordered the kampua and some weird thin meat dumplings with even weirder spelling called bian nvk. Yes people, it's spelt with a 'v'. Foochow pecualiarity. The noodles were quite good really, but the owner of the stall needs to get her act together on the turnaround time. Logging into FourSquare, someone left a tip that the place served 'the best' coffee. Don't bother. By 'the best', he meant the best way to get diabetes. Napped after lunch. Woke up later for a swim. Was so annoyed by two straight fellas thrashing in the pool trying to perfect their butterfly stroke. Ugh. They were even discussing the video tutorials that they had seen on YouTube. I'm surprised that they didn't put a laptop at poolside. Beria-ia wanna get sexy back muscles kot. Quickly left after my laps and went home for yummy dinner of stewed chicken rice. Ahhh....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Japanese Merdeka

Birthday Tea by williamnyk
Birthday Tea, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On National Day, I woke up at 6:00am and rushed over to Dataran Merdeka to wave little flags and show fake patriotism BN style in the hopes of getting breakfast money. But you know that ain't true. Work up like any other work day and went for breakfast with SK at my neighbourhood kopitiam. After that, I went over to my sister's place to bring mum her breakfast and play with my nephew. Lunch was porridge which mum whipped up. Later in the afternoon, SK and I went out to Pavillion. I was supposed to go home to change, but I left my house keys at my sister's place. Was lazy to make a U-turn, so I just went in my tank top and boardshorts. One would argue that that is THE way to dress up when going to Pavillion, but the air-conditioning was a little too much for me.

Our first stop was TWG. Not for afternoon tea, but just for SK to buy some tea. Freaking expensive stuff. Each cotton and stictched tea bag came to about MYR4 per piece. Saw a Japanese tourist purchasing stacks and stacks of the stuff. Makes for good souveniers I guess. To rest our legs and people watch, we stopped at En Ginza instead. Best thing of all, they had a Merdeka promotion. My first time there. Tried a tuna bun and a danish. Love the texture of their bread and pastries. Also ordered a pretty fruit tart which was very nicely done and presented. Even the latte came with the Malaysian flag milk froth art, but luckily that wasn't for me. As I checked in on Foursquare, the first tip that I saw was:

"Japanese barista is so cuteeeee Xp" -- MikiiiHo

Merdeka Bun

She was right. Haha. Looked quite charming in a vest over a casual crew neck t and jeans. Tall fella. Spent quite some time watching people come and go. Beside my table was a family of three where the dad looked very gay in my eyes. Guess the wife won't care as he's obviously rich. Coincidentally, SimonLover FB-ed about the same thing. Also caught sight of a very tomboy-ish woman in a polo T who obviously did not see the need for any boob support. Just across our table, the famous Japanese band Haku was in town. Never heard of them? Perhaps they're not so big here after all. The poor event managers had to beg people to take their posters and line up to get 'em signed. I would have been tempted to do so if there was actually a cute member in the group.

Fruit Tart

With nothing better to do, SK and I left. On the way back, we stopped at pearl Point to check out the Zara / Pull & Bear / Massimo Dutti warehouse sale. I didn't buy anything. Way too lazy to sift through the dusty piles of clothes. Coincidentally, I bumped into Kenneth there and he mumbled to me, "All rubbish, pure rubbish.". LOL. Also saw a gay guy in a tank top among the staff there. Not my cup of tea, but I snapped a pic for my readers anyway. For dinner, packed some fried noodles at United Garden and made our way home...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Passport to Sex

Hall of Light by williamnyk
Hall of Light, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been ages since I last went to Singapore for a conjugal trip. My last visit was during my Europe trip more than a year ago. And with KH relocating back to KL soon, I really should make a visit before he fat lan char. Bought tickets from the JetStar website and that wasn't a very pleasant experience. I registered with my profile with my short name and so my itinerary came out with two words missing. Being an international flight, that would be a problem so I tried to change it. Seems that there was no avenue for me to do so over their website, so I called their customer service center. They needed me to send them a copy of my NRIC and my passport for the change to take place. After one day or so, they sent me an updated itinerary. Accompanying that intinerary was an e-mail detailing their infinite generosity at providing this service for free when they should charge. Whopppp-deeeeeeee-doooo. But with that problem solved, I needed to renew my passport pulak.

Took half a day off to go the new Home Ministry building near Solaris Dutamas. Arrived some time after 9:00am and the parking lot was nearly full already. Went straight to photo kiosk to get my passport photos. My hair was flat and my eyes slitty. Perfect. Then I went to the self-renewal kiosk. Took me some time to figure out that I was supposed to put my documents into the envelope that was hidden on top of the machine. :S. Made the payment, dropped the documents and out came a receipt that told me to collect my passport one hour later. Did my waiting at the cafeteria with a cup of teh tarik and my iPhone. Saw a gay guy there dressed up like someone out of a Tom of Finland comic strip. :S. I gave the immigration department an extra thirty minutes before I went back up. The fella at the counter asked me is the alotted time had passed. He checked and retrieved my passport! Voila!

The Tin Man

I had settled everything before 11:00 am and I'll be damned if I go back to the office. Decided to have my lunch at Publika. Virgin trip there. Quite an airy interior and definitely easy to navigate since it's just a long-ish shopping arcade. Took pictures here and there since there were so mant artsy-fartsy art pieces and furniture. Asked Skyhawk for food recommendations and he pointed me to Journal by Plan B. Went there and found that it was the place with all the chairs stuck on the ceiling, as though gravity took some wrong medication. I did some simple reasearch on Foursquare and I was suddenly very fearful of the place. B A D S E R V I C E. S L O W. Oh well. I ventured down to the non-halal food court by the name of EAT. Decided on BM Yam Rice. The set consisted of yam rice with a side of stewed beancurd, egg, fatty pork trotters and sour soup. Not bad if I didn't have to watch my waistline and hope my arteries don't clog up. The stewed meat was good, but I found the rice too 'broken'. And some people may hate the fact that they garnish everything with Chinese parsley. Hahaha.


Lets fast-forward a bit. With my new itinerary, I proceeded to try JetStar's web check-in. Halfway through the process, I found that I could UPDATE the name of the passanger in one of the screens. If the people at JetStar were properly trained, I'm sure they could have told me this fact and saved each other the hassle of updating the itinerary!!! Stupid. Anyway, after keying in all my new passport details, the web check-in bombed (kononnya due to insufficient information-- and yet I filled in every field!). I tried a few more times over a couple of days. Finally gave up dropped a message on their FB page and gave them a call. The 'helpful' fella supposedly had helped me to check-in over the phone, but when I got to the airport, I was told otherwise. Bravo Jetstar!!!

BM Yam

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gifts from the East

Lui Cha by williamnyk
Lui Cha, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Taking a church friend's recommendation, I headed to Taman Megah for lunch after mass. Tried the lui cha at Restoran Gembira. At just MYR5.50, the portion was large and it was beautifully-presented. The soup had a decent taste of mint, sweet basil and tea, but I've tasted better. Although it was slightly too salty, i would recommend it as an economical choice for anyone with a hankering for lui cha. Didn't do much the rest of the day, just savoured the Sunday as best I could. Before dinner, mum and I went for a jog at the nearby park. All sweaty-sweaty, we headed over to Restoran Hong Cha, OUG to meet SK for dinner. Her brother and grandma had just arrived from Kuantan and the best thing was, they were bearing gifts! He bought nasi dagang, giant curry puffs and tembosa from the East Coast. Yummy! Let me introduce you to the tembosa (not had 'em in more than a decade!). The less glamourous name would be karipap ikan. It's basically a round-ish curry puff that is filled with stir-fried fish meat and grated coconut. A healthier and yummier choice to curried potatoes don't you say? Mum and I ate three of those before our porky pork noodles arrived! Bon appetit!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Eat, Wed, Eat

Chili Pan Mee by williamnyk
Chili Pan Mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It rained heavily that Saturday morning. And it really gets me in a pissy mood when I have to go to the wet market in such a WET condition. The usual puddles of post-animal butchery waste water is augmented and its f*cking difficult to manage the heavy produce and umbrella at the same time. And all the stalls would have their parasols extra low making the navigation even more challenging. But I'm sure this is not something that most of my readers can relate to, so I'll just stop here. Breakfast was at Super Kitchen, Seri Petaling. Considered the next best thing to Kin Kin's pan mee. Tried their curry pan mee this time. Aroma ada, taste tak banyak.

Curry Pan Mee

After getting out of the rain, SK and I left for Shah Alam to attend her ex-colleague's wedding. The Malay wedding ceremony was held in a multi-purpose hall that was transformed into something that can put some hotels to shame. Gratitude also joined us for the occassion. Since SK did not want to bump into her boss (whom she's a loggerheads with), we went there quite early, even before the bride had arrived. Met her dad at the door and he told us about how his daughter had to put on makeup an inch thick to cover her chicken pox lesions! Talk about bad timing. The food was excellent. Was already craving for Malay food since Raya started. Among the dishes there, my favourite was the stir-fried beef serunding.

Colourful Wedding

Wedding Munch

Finished lunch quite early, so we went to Kota Kemuning for coffee at Brew and Bread. Cheap Illy coffee at only MYR7 and within comfortable surroundings. The barrista was a lala, but he didn't quite whet Grat's appetite. In addition to coffee, we ordered a walnut brownie. Found it to be quite delicious. Gratitude had to leave for some family do, so we went back to our area and met up Jase at Blacball, Seri Petaling. Ordered the usual favourites and chatted the afternoon away. In the evening, I went for my laps at the pool. No luck again in the eye candy department, just some pre-pubescent kid and his female friend. Mum was with friends, so SK and I went for dinner by ourselves. She chose Yamada. As usual, we took the deca-sashimi platter and this time round tried their beef teriyaki set. Fried egg over bean sprouts, never thought I'd have that at a Japanese restaurant. Mundane, but still good.

Saturday Brew

Walnut Brownie

This concludes another episode of eating, eating and more eating. Until the next burp.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


static by williamnyk
static, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Was home alone as mum went over to my sister's place to take care of my nephews while my sister was away. First thing in the morning I would make my oats and I had my first home science experiment in a long time. Static electricity seemed to have made the oat powder stand up on the plastic scoop. Reminded me very much of the days when I used to play with magnets, a piece of paper and metal filings. For a proper breakfast, I finished the last of the maple log that I had bought from Levain Boulangerie the day before. Definitely need to eat it fresh. Just one night and it lost its kick. Brunch was with Jase whom I had not met since he moved out from his brother's place. Went over to Happy Garden to pick him up and brought him to Restoran Ah Loy for curry noodles (though I ate fishball noodles- not recommended!). We were the first customers. Too bad the curry pork ribs weren't ready, so he had to settle for chicken. Ah Loy had certainly seen better days, but I guess his curry noodles still has some charm left. Updated each other furiosly on life events, filled in the blanks and closed the gaps. Family, love and life took center stage. Talked until the noodles were finished and even bean sprouts were fished out and hung out to dry on the rim of the bowl. Some time after lunch time, I sent Jase back to his place and I went home. Amazingly, I was already thinking of lunch already. LOL. Dug out "Clash of the Titans" and munched on some nuts to keep my tummy quiet. The movie wasn't as bad as I expected la... but still... zzz

Maple Log


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Def or High Dumb

A radio ad for a contact lens company:

Girl: Notice anything new about me?

Boy: Erm, no?

Girl: I coloured my hair! You would have noticed if you wear Brand X HD lens like me! Colours are more vibrant!

Boy: I gotta get Brand X HD lens too!

Goodness gracious. If one needed to wear 'special HD' contact lenses to notice one's hair colour, then the failure doesn't lie in one's eyesight, but one's hairstylist. Go bloody choose a colour that can be seen by naked eyes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Eat When You Feel Like You're Losing Your Marbles

Fried Pork Noodles by williamnyk
Fried Pork Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
CK's mum has the thankless job of taking care of grandchildren in Linggi while her children work in the big cities. Every few years, one of the kids would be old enough to live with the parents, but at the same time, a new kid may have been bunged out to replace the vacancy. Practically a shackled existence for her. Day and night tending to a swarm of little monsters. To keep her sanity and to avoid depression, she skips town to get away from it all. This time round, she decided to visit KL for a few days. So I had the chance to have breakfast with her on Saturday. Ate at nearby Restoran Yong Ping where I had their wantan noodles with fried pork. Not exactly the healthiest choice, but I was kinda sick of my usual selections there.

In the afternoon, mum and I visit Kenanga Wholesale City. Our first time there. Heard that it was a superior experience to trawling the shoplots at Hang Tuah. Took a few wrong turns, but we made it easily in the holiday traffic. The parking was a bit screwed up though-- one had to make many turns to the upper levels and I was unlucky enough to follow a guy who did not know how to handle his Volvo MPV. Annoying. Air-conditioned comfort and more than ten floors of fashion suppliers. And you know what? Nearly each floor has a bubble tea kiosk! Half of the shops were closed and most of the shops sold women's clothes and accessories. I noticed that many of the shops were repeats. Big suppliers could afford to pen several branches. For lunch, we headed to the non-halal foodcourt. Mum ordered a plate of char siew rice while I had a Hokkien Mee from the Kim Lian Kee kiosk. Super oily!

Wealth Come

That oily meal prompted me to get something sour from one of the bubble tea kiosks. Settled for Four Tea. Go check it out, it claims to have Malaysia's first jumbo sized bubble tea. If not for that reason, check it out cause it's manned by a PRC guy who has megawatt flirty eyes. The fruity green tea and hamsap look that I got was good enough to overcome the jelak-ness from lunch. Exiting the mall, we made our way to Levain Boulangerie at Jalan Delima. The place was packed! Whatever French-themed quaintness was ruined by the fact that the bungalow was overrun with customers. Luckily we managed to secure six seats at the front door. Al fresco in the shade and with fans wasn't so bad. Waited for SK and the gang to arrive while mum checked out the bakery. Amazingly, every five minutes or so, a bunch of customers would arrive. It's like THE place for afternoon tea.



Mont Blanc

For dinner, CK brought us all the way to Dengkil. Some dark restaurant beside a trunk road by the name of Dengkil Seafood Restaurant. This hidden gem serves all sorts or river fish, even premium stuff like Empurau. Although we ordered the cheap Tilapia, it was awesome. Zero earthy taste and the meat was damn thick. The Dung Bo meat was also great with servings of lightly fried buns at the side (and of course I did the blasphemous thing of throwing away the thick layer of fat :S). To complete the meal, we had a yam basket and plate of stir-fried vegetables. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm sold! Hopefully CK's mum got the reprieve that she needed. Back to work!


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Raya di Klang

reflection by williamnyk
reflection, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Sunday, dragged Cyan to church with us again. His dad's out of town on a business trip again, so brought him out to keep out of his mum's hair for a few hours. He was quite well-behaved that day, but perhaps that was because he was busy devouring a box of Honey Stars. For lunch, we went to Pasta Zanmai at Paradigm Mall. Wanted to have ramen at first, but with the kid in tow, better to have more variety. Peculiar that the kid loses his appetite during holidays and weekends. Food's the last thing on his mind. Saja nak main. I ordered a mini set of chicken teriyaki pasta and scallop pizza. The kid loved the sweetish chicken, but he only ate the pizza crust. Being the first day of Raya and all, things were a bit hectic. Our orders came at a very staggered pace. The baked cod fish that was supposed to take twenty minutes of preparation time actually arrive before my pasta. They even ran out of teapots and started serving warm tea in large carafes. I asked them to serve my coffee at the start of my meal, but that didn't materalize. After I ate, and asked them to serve my coffee and dessert, only the coffee materialized (which was quite strong by the way). The dessert arrived after we enquired another two more times, but it was worth the wait-- green tea ice cream on a crepe, served with diced strawberries, peaches and kiwi. Yummy! And yeah, one of the twinky waiters was yummy too!

cold over crepe

Did some shopping after that. Cyan went berserk at the Marks and Spencers kiosk, wanting us to buy his favourite chocolate digestives and jam biscuits. Mum also went to Tesco, but the selection of fruits was very bad. After a whole lot of coaxing, finally managed to get the kid to take a pic with the B.B.Q. Plaza dragon mascots. Before going home, stopped at Giant BK5 to get some fruits (mum mistakenly bough grapefruits instead of oranges XD) and ice cream for Gratitude's Raya party. Managed to nap for half an hour before freshening up for the dinner party. Arrived in Klang at about 7:30pm. Ten of us at the table-- Grat, SK, CK, MK (nice to meet you), Evann, Sun, TZ, Grat's mum, my mum and I. The host slaved for two days making old cucumber soup (super sedap with dried squid), curry chicken (very Indian and spicy), chili crabs (specially ordered by SK, but we wanted meat crabs instead of flower crabs! :P), kale with superior sauce, blanched chicken (smooth and yummy), mui choi pork (a bit too sweet and salty for my liking), stir-fried nai pak and served with oil rice (sinful sekali!). TZ and Sun ate the least, diet konon! XD. For dessert, we all had a big helping of gossip at the dinner table. Of course that was accompanied by Coca-cola, Chardonnay, dessert wine, vanilla ice cream with homemade strawberry sauce, cured meats and sausages from France and a cheese platter even! If he had not burnt the pie, there would have been something extra to stuff our tummies with! Ended the night green tea and we left poor Grat with two basins full of rubbish and dirty plates and crockery!

Raya Dinner

Ever the perfect host, he would not let us do any cleaning although the pile of plates in his sink threatened to topple. Thanks again for having us! Although I missed the Raya open houses, this Raya dinner practically makes up for it!