Monday, December 10, 2012


Heng Hua by williamnyk
Heng Hua, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
SK had been feeling under weather. She had a rojak of symptoms-- flu, sore throat, wheezing and lethargy. OTC medications didn't do much for her. After a week of wheezing, I cautioned her to see an ENT specialist lest we see a repeat of what happened in February. On Thursday morning, she felt really bad and couldn't get out of bed. She called in sick and later drove to Taman Desa Medical Centre to see the doctor. This time, they caught the upper respirarory tract infection early, but she still needed to be warded. Nebulizer twice daily and antibiotic injections thrice daily. Later that night, I visited her at the hospital. Her air passages had cleared but she was clearly tired. The next day after work, I fetched her from the hospital with KH in tow. Had dinner with her at a new restaurant opposite TDMC-- Hoi Kee Heng Hua. Apparently, they're an old shop from Brickfields, but I never heard of them. Ate their House Style Steamed Tilapa (basically garlic, ginger and osyter sauce) and Heng Hua Bihun (oily dry style topped with whole groundnuts). Not half bad. Other famous items seem to be sweet and sour pork in pineapple boat and oyster omelette. Will try those some other time. Looks like SK should take things easy in anticipation for her coming Beijing and Bangkok trips!


Twilight Man said...

I have been swallowing so much pills all my life until I think my liver is corroded. I started importing essential oils from US to heal myself. It works! I will share with Lifebook and ask him preach you. I am not selling ok.

Twilight Man said...

Hoi Kee Heng Hua...! No wonder my wife said the name was familiar.

William said...

Time to give your liver a rest!