Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Drawing Gears... by Heartlover1717
Drawing Gears..., swiped from Heartlover1717 on Flickr.

I'm definitely kinda stuck in LDR mode. Every time I meet KH, I seem to kinda blow my top. When I told this to QueerRanter, he was kinda shocked that I actually have a temper. Of course I do. Lurking behind my Cheshire Cat grin is a cauldron of boiling cum. Wakaka. Back to the issue of KH. For some reason, I get irked with KH for small, small reasons. Something he says. Something he does. All might push my buttons, spoiling the mood a bit. Think I'm being a bit unreasonable or impatient. Or I'm having unrealistic expectations. Although KH has the temperament of saint (and I forget about things pretty quick), I don't think I should test his limits. Gotta learn to a bit more tidak apa. Don't want trivial matters to become a big problem.

"Tai si fah siew; Siew si fah mou!"

In conclusion, I need to get my relationship gears lubricated and move into the next step!


soul232 said...

Still not used to having him around eh. Slowly will. Soon u cant have enough of him =D

Ban said...

This is not good!

Jaded Jeremy said...

*nod nod* You do have a temper :)

Gratitude said...

Awareness is good. ;)

Ash Godiva said...

wah didn't expected you to have temper,like a boiling cum somemore,but kh temper should be more dangerous.but why you irked for the small reasons?

William said...

I still don't get enough of him!


Haha. Pernah rasa hor?

And also action to change

I have more patience for strangers

J-boy said...

haha I think it's the transition... I mean, I would definitely be annoyed if I started seeing someone more than I normally would.. takes some getting used to, even if its the bf :P

quicksilverlining said...

has it been long since you got together? sometimes it's that.

Derek said...

Why more patience with strangers? Should be the other way round le dear.

Anonymous said...

It's normal though. Just talk to him what you want and expect rather letting him guessing, else it would eventually cause the volcano eruption ! Cheers !