Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Market Celebrities: Myanmar Matt & ChatMate Returns

Flower Teas by williamnyk
Flower Teas, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Surprisingly, Saturday marketing was devoid of the usual crowds. Due to the school holidays perhaps? Whatever the case, it was quite refreshing to stroll in a less cramped environment. I even had the chance to test out the spy cam capabilities of my new Galaxy SIII to bring you Market Celebrities(tm). Check out the cute Myanmar vegetable seller with a sweet smile. It's so funny to hear him speak Cantonese. Adds to the appeal. Huhu. Mum had to take care of the baby again, so I had some free time in the morning to meet up ChatMate. Picked him up from his cousin's place and brought him to breakfast in my neighbourhood. Ever the nice guy, he brought me a kilogram of mee kolok again! Pai seh. In return, treated him to char siew-siew yuk wantan noodles. After that, I brought him along for some chores. Had to settle food catering for my sister. Based on a recommendation from my colleague, I went to look for Restoran Home Style in Taman Equine. They operate a mixed rice shop and does caily food catering on the side too. The owner was a blur woman with a poor sense of direction. Had to draw her a map to my sister's place although it was only five minutes away. And I thought that I had to pay up-front. Nampaknya tak payah because she was undecided on whether she wanted to do my business! Pengz. Wasted my effort running around looking for an ATM machine at three different petrol stations! Sent ChatMate home after that and I went to my sister's place to play with the baby. The kid's getting cuter and cuter. Becoming quite the devil in a walker. Went everywhere pulling at cables and wires. Dragged the wireless router down even (a couple of weeks back, he pulled down a tray of cups in the kitchen)! Time to baby-proof the house!

Anatomy of a Vegetable Seller


Napped a while before I headed home. In the evening I had a wedding banquet to attend near Jalan Imbi. Both were my ex-colleagues. The invitation card said 7:00pm sharp. I left the house at 7:00pm sharp. Haha. Unfortunately, it had started to rain heavily. But I reached Oriental Classic in just over 30 minutes. Luckily I had the GPS. Much easier using the back roads and it knew how to navigate around the road closures due to the MRT construction. The restaurant was very near the exit to the highway. Luckily I did not overshoot it. I had to park at the roadside and still pay MYR5! Blegh. The food theme for the night was "fried". Most of the items were fried. Thank goodness they did not deep fry the sharks fin. And they kept using the same decorations-- fried rice noodles. Ugh. Suspect that they recycled it. :P. Left the dinner with a very interesting door gift-- a button badge beer bottle opener! Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple.

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Twilight Anay said...

What Spy cam???? I cannot find it! Teach me!

Jim (on FB) said...

Myanmars surprisingly look good. Their English is passable too. If only they hold hands like Bangladeshis..., !!!!!

William said...

LOL. The tools of the trade.

Yes, they grasp new languages quite well. Hold hands only no use le :P

Derek said...

Vietnamese also learn languages easily. Heard one speak canto and sounded like Indian speak canto. :-)

JokerPJ said...


very nice picture... S3 really good huh... herm~

William said...

LOL. I think Myanmarese can speak better Chinese

I love the instant photo taking. No lag.

Ash Godiva said...

i think if Cyan sees my cats he gonna pull their tail since he likes pullingXD