Friday, December 28, 2012

Mail Order Hunk

Some weeks back, I got a message from a FB friend whom I had not met before. He said that he wanted to send me a Christmas present. Very random right? After some digging, it turns out it was his first time doing it. A random act of giving. Cool right? But I wonder why me? LOL. Cause I was a bad boy? I'm not one stare a gift horse in the mouth LOL. So after patiently waiting for some time, I finally received a large envelope with a warning:

"Photos Inside. Do not bend."

Wah! Are they photos of me in compromising situations? Blackmail photos! LOL. Tore open the envelope to find a bubble wrap. After removing that, I found another layer of plastic protection. Inside was an envelope made out of wrapping paper. By Jove, it was skanky pictures. But not of me la. It was a 2013 DailyJocks calendar by Russel Fleming! Thanks JamesL! I like it. Who wouldn't like hunks in underwear and swimwear? My favourite is Mr. October (bottom row, third guy from the right). My birth month, go figure. :D.


Ash Godiva said...

i like all!ugghh...i think i'm dry already@.@

Twilight Anay said...

Wow! How to get myself these muscles? Better change gym and restaurants.

JokerPJ said...

"photo inside do not bend"

do not... do... not... bend~

William said...

LOL. Time to banjir! Anyway, I'm also dry.

Plastic surgery is the fastest way!

Bend over.

Ash Godiva said...

roti canai banjir satu!XD