Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hospital Hassle

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On my way to being the mayor of OUG morning market on Foursquare, I went there again on Saturday morning. Along the way, saw a truck that had crashed head on with the road divider. Taman Puncak Jalil is really the site of many accidents. The roads are winding and the drivers are fast. So Formula One. Unfortunately for us, it rained that morning. Had to use a mini Angry Birds umbrella while navigating the stalls. Small and unwieldly. Perfect for use under those big parasols and crowded conditions. But the rain did affect the turnout. Quite quiet. At around 1:00pm, SK and I went over to Taman Desa Medical Centre to pick up some supporting documents for her to perform her medical insurance claim. She needed the admission form, discharge form and letter from the consultant physician. Before discharging the day before, she failed to get the documents. Very unprofessional behaviour from the staff there. The admission counter asked her to go the ward, while the ward asked her to go to the admission counter. And they even tried to push her an admission form that had 90% of its fields empty. Naturally, she blew her top and demanded that the documents be ready for her the next day.

Of course you would already have guessed that they screwed it up. At the counter, she asked for the documents. The nurse on duty scrambled to look for the documents. It was stupidly put in an envelope marked "To Whom It May Concern". Wouldn't it make more sense to put write her name outside? Fail. And when SK opened the envelope, the admission form was left out. The nurse tried to convince her that the discharge form is the admission form when it was clearly emblazoned with "DISCHARGE FORM". According to the nurse, her file had been moved to the documentation unit and that they were out to lunch. The nurse tried to call several times but nobody picked up. SK threw a fit and magically her file appeared at the counter. It was there all along! Wow. She told them to photocopy the admission form, and even that simple task they had to kecoh again-- "How ah? How ah?". Geram. When she got the complete documents, the nurse had the gall to say, "Next time, please state clearly what you need beforehand!". Incompetence with attitude. Avoid that hospital like the plague!


From there, we traveled to K3K Benta Kaya to meet KH, HJ and Bunny. Had a lunch of nasi lemak, maggi goreng and topee. The whole time, KH had his hand on my knee and I think that woman sitting nearby noticed. Just stayed for a couple of hours as SK and I was to attend sunset mass. Managed to catch the tail end of Holy Hour. Always loved the hymn "Down in Adoration Falling" by St. Thomas Aquinas during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. But I don't really like mass at 6:00pm because I normally get sleepy! Eyelids were heavy even when I was standing up! Very ironic, cause Jesus asked Peter (Matthew 26:40):

"So, could you men not keep watch with me for an hour?"

:P :P :P :P :P :P


Went to Restoran Kah Hing for dinner again and the place was still as stuffy. The ceiling fans were just pretty decorations that provided no cool breeze. Ordered the steamed fish again, but the bitter gourd chicken was so-so and the stir-fried yau mak was sickly sweet. While waiting, we packed a chapati from a stall in Restoran Kuan Lee. The sardine-chicken curry was yummy but while I was munching on a mouthful, I spit out a ten cent coin. :S. Yummy yummy yummy. Hope I get a MYR50 note the next time I visit.

Lucky Bite


- a L E x - said...

Omg!! I would feel so uncomfortable spitting out something foreign from the food :O!

Cannot imagine where the 10cent coin has ended up before @@

JokerPJ said...

You should keep that 10 cent and keep going to that place~

you might get a ring next~

Derek said...

Ooh someone saw my hands on your knee? Didn't tell me earlier!

When are we going k3k again? Lol

Tempus said...

Ew gross!!! Should have totally blackmailed the place for more food!!!

Hands on knee and the lady goes staring? Wait till we have more...

Twilight Man said...

I heard that all insurance claim forms need to be done the day you get discharged. It will be a breeze. I think Subang's Medical Centre is fast.

K3K....I tried so hard to like their food when I lived nearby. The service was so slow, I wanted to sleep on their eggs.

Jaded Jeremy said...

I like the ironic moment :)

I didn't know need that many forms filled to file for insurance claim.

The one and only time I did claim from an insurance company (Singapore insurer) was after I was discharged from Mawar Hospital in Seremban. I just needed to submit the itemised bill (which I paid) and a letter from the doctor stating the reason for my hospitalisation.

Got my money with no fuss. I'm thankful for that.

William said...

Haha. It has been all over

I think I spent it!

Thought you very open ma. :P. Sure will go again lo =_=

Just a hawker stall, I can totally imagine how it happened.

I only like their toast

It wasn't a panel hospital, so she could do it offline.