Sunday, December 30, 2012


Cleaning by Janeczka Dabrowski
Cleaning, swiped from Janeczka Dabrowski on Flickr.

Once again, SK and I had to show face and get involved in some church activity that required BEC representation. Thirty families and not a single volunteer. Oh well. Before arriving, we took our sweet time having breakfast at our neighbourhood kopitiam. Upon arrival, we looked for the coordinator and he pointed us to the duty roster. We were supposed to clean the cobwebs inside and outside of the church. No specific tools given, just two brooms. Too bad I did not bring a face mask. Ugh. Even before starting, SK had been sneezing. Poor thing. Started at the entrance and moved to the side of the church. The air curtain and the air-conditioning vents were a sure spot for concentrated dust bunnies. And now this is where the fun part starts. Any person with half a brain would tell you that you're supposed to work from top to bottom cause dust and dirt will collect on the floor. No idiot would clean the floor first before doing the other chores. Well, in our case, the idiot cleaned the pews before we dusted and cleaned the cobwebs. With one year worth of dust, plenty of it would end up on the floor and on the pews. While I was cleaning one fan, the leader of the pew-cleaning idiots confronted me. He commanded me to stop cause I was wasting his immense effort.

Idiot: Please stop cleaning the fan. It's dirtying the pews.

Moi: OK. I can stop cleaning the fan. Do I stop cleaning the other things as well?

Idiot: I don't know about that. I only know I already cleaned the pews. I am not here to argue with you.

Moi: (BITE ME) I am not here to argue with you too. But for your information I do sweep up the dust on the pews and on the floor.

I think my stern voice alerted one of the coordinators who came over to mediate. He suggested that the fans be dismantled and taken outside to clean. That is obvious, but you can only remove the cover and you still need to wipe the base portion. And dust will still fall to the ground. Duh! Whatever. Turns out that SK also argued with another member of the idiotic pew cleaning team. She asked why we didn't clean before they started work. Perhaps she should ask the coordinator. SK just ignored her and stopped dusting. We quickly moved on the the second floor. Plenty to dust as were able to access the giant air-conditioning vents from the raised pews. Practically snowed dust bunnies on the pew cleaning crew as they walked up the stairs. Bwahahaha. They didn't seem to mind. After that, we moved outside. Considering our work done, we left. Couldn't be bothered with the free lunch.


Needing to do some Christmas shopping, we stopped a while at Paradigm Mall. Turns out to be H&M opening day there. Whole bunch of people lining up to go in. Yikes. Got what we needed and got out. Had an early lunch at Restoran Kah Hing. A good chance to try their Vietnamese food. Lucky that we decided to go there. They were closing down the SS3 branch and will only be operating from their main branch in Segambut. Ate pig trotter noodles and spicy rice noodles. Also ordered braised ears and stomach. Yummy stuff. Loitered at Sis' place for a couple of hours playing with the kids and went home after that for a shower and a nap.


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