Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wu My Cholesterol Away

Breakfast by williamnyk
Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sis had to OT again, so mum also OT-ed. No market meant more sleep for me. Sent mum to my sister's house and I proceeded to OUG to collect my long overdue lipid profile results. An old doctor consulted. Looked like a septuagenarian. He looked at the piece of paper from Gribbles and declared that I really should start taking cholesterol medication, but it was up to me. Comparing the results to my past test nearly one year ago, my total cholesterol had been reduced from 6.77 to 5.70. Although that's a reduction, I'm still above the boundary of 5.20. Bad cholesterol was still high, but lower and the most surprising thing was the fact that my good cholesterol had dropped! And I was taking high-Omega 6 fish oil supplements. Looks like my oats didn't discriminate between the bad and the good. :(. The only other good news was my triglycerides level. In my opinion, there's progress and I'm hope that continued adjustment to my lifestyle will gain more health benefits rather than directly jumping on the statin bandwagon. Went back home to Kedai Makanan Puncak Jalil to enjoy my favourite plate of charsiew wantan noodles! Huhuhuhu. A celebration of sorts.


At 11:30am, sent mum and my nephew back to my home. We had a matinee show coming up, so I looked after the baby while mum went to bersolek. Knowing how worked up she can get, it's best that I give my mum at least two hours to get herself ready. At about 1:00pm, BIL came over to pick the kid up. Gave ourselves ninety minutes to get to KLPAC. Took the Bukit Damansara-Jalan Duta way to get to Jalan Ipoh and arrived with some thirty minutes to spare. Picked up the tickets at the box office and not long after that, Gratitude and his mum arrived. Noticed a bunting of Hands Percussion's next show called "The Next". The "X" was made up of two toned drummers in skin-colored trunks. Definitely caught my eye! Before the show started, we ushered the ladies to the loo. The women's toilet always baffles me. We did not see anyone going in, but many women kept trickling out of the restroom. Like a magic show. Luckily they were done just in time for the show to start. I had thought that "Empress Wu" was a musical staged in mandarin. The opening scene was in English with Chinese subtitles. As it went on, we found that the performance was a rojak of English and Mandarin. Different characters would use different languages, or they might even sometimes be bilingual.

The Next

The set and costumes were quite good, but I disliked the hair. It was too big! Mum couldn't recognize Tan Soo Suan in her new svelte figure. Including intermission, the show ran for roughly three hours with numerous short scenes and set changes. I found myself yawning at times. At least the eunuch narrators provided some comic relief. There was a scene in the musical where they implied that the Royal Physician actually peformed a pelvic exam on Empress Wang! And I thought in ancient times, they even had to employ the use of strings to get a pulse reading from court ladies. After the show, Gratitude did me a big favour by bringing my mum for dinner (heard that they had a yummy meal at New Paris) and later sending her home. I on the other hand had to get to work! Yes, work. Arrived around 6:30pm only to find that all the activities for the day had been delayed. Did a whole lot of waiting around before my users actually started the connectivity testing. And dinner was only served at 8:30pm! Nearly fainted. Everything went quite well and I was home by 11:30pm... Until the nexy mock run!


Ash Godiva said...

that charsiew wantan noodles is so laden with cholest@.@

William said...

Quite lean :)