Monday, November 19, 2012

LRT Celebrities: Tired Tims

Something to cheer up a post-holiday week Monday!

As I rushed into a STAR LRT car one night, I glanced a twink with black-rimmed glasses sitting at one end. Without much thought, I walked over and plopped my big-assed laptop bag in front of him. At close range, he wasn't as cute as I thought. I blame my short-sightedness! Sigh. I noticed that he kept smiling and gesturing to the person sitting opposite him, so I peered into the window in front of me and saw the reflection of his friends! Alamak! I should have stood the other direction. With no valid reason to do so, I employed some sneaky methods to capture their pics for your viewing pleasure. I pretended to be listening to music and put my iPhone beside my thigh and voila... I have pics to show! Was quite satisfied with the results though they aren't really very cute. Haggard boy next door look (too many wanking sessions and too little sleep?). :P. If the boy in the finisher T wore a skirt, I think I would have gotten his knickers! Haha.


Anonymous said...

finisher shirt is the cute one.
white shirt boy's expression looks like he knows u were up to no good. haha

Derek said...

I also have the finishers shirt.

Ms. F said...

finisher boy so cute! =)

William said...

Haha. I don't think so. He's just grumpy.


Finisher T boy is leading by 2!

Anonymous said...

Both oso fail my minimum requirement... :P

William said...

Haha. To each their own. :)

Twilight Man said...

I went to Xian and strolled along the Chinese Muslim street of hawkers. I thought of you suddenly. The sellers were all fair and good looking Chinese with mixed looks. I knew you would be busy snapping away.

William said...

A bit European features?