Wednesday, November 07, 2012


instagram logo by clasesdeperiodismo
instagram logo, swiped from clasesdeperiodismo on Flickr.

The following are the three most-used iPhone Apps:

  1. What's App
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook

The USD0.99 that I paid for What's App was returned many times over by the sheer frequency I use the app. How can one put value on an application that helps you keep your boyfriend close over a large geographical distance? Can't even count the hugs and kisses that I had received and sent via this app. Not counting how useful it is to exchange more intimate moments with each other. Hehe. Also a fun tool to use to 38 with a group of friends and make boring days at work more bearable. On the other hand is a great way to share your 'arty' photos. It's fun gathering likes and comments on your otherwise mundane photos without the help of IG's various filters. It's also great because many cuties post their sexy photos on it. Huhuhu. I stalk many of them! Unfortunately, it has recently been swamped with lotsa spam and bots. Annoying. Last but not least is FB. Not much to elaborate here. What better way to while away the time than on FB. The last release was really slow and cumbersome, luckily the latest version had ironed out most of the major issues.

So, what's your most used app? I got a feeling that it's gonna be Grindr or Jack'd. LOL.

P.S.: A friend tried to install Jack'd recently and couldn't find it in the App Store, so I went looking too. He was right! Mana tahu cannot search by that name... Hahaha. Memang not well-informed.


JokerPJ said...

1. whatsapp
2. 9gag
3. facebook
4. line
5. instagram
6. pulse
7. grindr

in that order =P

- a L E x - said...



find iphone

somehow i dont fancy whatsapp @@...

Piko-chan said...

not in particular order...


nicky05 said...

hmm. you paid for the app? I thought you jailbroken as me.

Vincent~ said...

UGH instagram =_____________=

apps wise facebook, wadapps,viber, appshopper (to get more free apps!) I don jailbreak -_-

William said...

9gag pun ada app!
My LINE is very under-used.

Why you always need to Find iPhone?


Never jailbroken it

Why do you hate IG? I'm lazy to look for new apps these days.

Anonymous said...

1. Whatsapp
2. Flipboard (Highly recommend for those who use Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/news a lot)
3. CashTrailsLE
4. Jack'd
5. Aupeo!

I lost my whatsapp chat history with my partner. I accidentally deleted it because of the iPhone's slide-to-delete interface feature. Zzzz Luckily, KJ email me our chat history immediately after he knows about that. But I cannot import that file to whatsapp back. Well better than nothing. I can't imagine how much "proofs" lost after the incident.

P/S: very inconvenient to give reply thru iPhone. Cannot put name/url. Overlaying dialogbox.

William said...

I shall give Flipboard a try. It's so important? Need to do periodic backup then :)

Nicholas Nick said...

William : is the new friend me? Btw, Whatsapp,fb,insta, somehow slowly i get bored of jackd and grindr already. ==

William said...

Yes, it's you! And the expert is Nicky!