Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Central Market

Old Tiles by williamnyk
Old Tiles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been ages since I've been to Central Market. Used to frequent the place when I was at a project site nearby. Had coffee at Old Town nearly thrice a week back then. On one rainy weekday, I tagged along my Myanmarese colleague's car to Old Klang Road. He needed to stop at Central Market to let his friend buy some batik sarongs which is called longyi in their tongue. To them, it's everyday wear. Formal even-- for prayers, weddings, etc. Even politicians wear them to Parliament. Strangely, Indonesian batik is the preferred choice for them, in terms of design and price, surpassing even their local products. So as they where shopping for that, I went around the place. Some renovations had taken place, with certain alleys designated with different themes and such. But basically, it wasn't a major revamp. I didn't revisit the infamous toilet where loads of people seem to loiter inside for no discernible reason. Before leaving, I helped SK buy a framed canvas from an arts supply store nearby.

I <3 KL

Brought my colleagues and his friend to Restoran Hong Cha, OUG for dinner. I was flabbergasted by their sheer lack of adventure by only eating at two regular shops near their apartment. After so many years, I wouldn't think that language would be such a big barrier. Helped them order three large bowls of the famous pork noodles. However, SK and I ordered prawn tempura and grilled saba (a weird combination of cuisine hor?). FYI, this restaurant has an iPhone App that integrated with their ordering system. Accepts your table number or even your car registration number for take-outs. Just "like" their FB page and download the app. First time downloads entitles you to a free red bean ice or temaki! Full of surprises kan? It pays to try something different once in a while. Most of the time, I would order the weird item on the menu. Who knows, it might be your new favourite!

Chinese Alley


Ash Godiva said...

iPhone app for restaurant,this is interesting,should consider that when i'm opening my restaurant:D

Hdaran said...

I miss KL...

Le Chatelier said...

I know the toilet below Annexe is really artistic. Never been into the Central Market punya toilet.

William said...

Put a cat as the App icon

Come visit

It's cruisy :P

Twilight Man said...

The photo of the tees is nice. Just like Andy Warhol's art piece. RM20 each is pretty high!

William said...

Tourist trap ma