Monday, November 05, 2012

Celebrating Haji

Ketupat by mohdzaidy
Ketupat, swiped from mohdzaidy on Flickr.

Hari Raya Haji was a holiday for me but not for my mum. Sis had to work, so the baby was dropped into mum's lap. I slept in a bit and planned to have breakfast with SK. While waiting for her to fetch me, my neighbor suddenly hollered. The timing was impeccable. I was given a whole bunch of traditional ketupat, beef rendang, curry chicken, peanut sauce and lontong. All piping hot. Since there was so much food, we scrapped breakfast plans and sent the chow over to my sister's place.

Been some time since I cut my hair and the fact was quite obvious to me cause my fringe had started to become very annoying. So I paid a visit to my regular stylist at OUG. He asked me what I wanted and I replied, "Short.". He confirmed with me, "Short?". I nodded my head. So he started on my hair. When he brought out the shaver, I knew it was gonna be different from my usual trim. While waiting for me, SK did a wash and blow. 'Auntified' her hair with some temporary curled ends.

Lunch was at BV. Initially wanted to go to MV, but the jam was ridiculous. Ended up in ChatterBox. Business was brisk, had to wait for an available table. Full of rich clientele. Ordered their lunch set which consisted of ox tendon stewed with lotus root and wheat germ fish fillet. The portion was generous but taste-wise so-so jer. Saw a pengz woman who kept urging her children to ask for water refills after she had asked for her bill just to escape paying an extra $0.50 per glass. She was so proud of her savings. :S. Wanted to take advantage of the Private Structure Halloween sale but I think the shop closed down jor.

Went back to my sister's place to help out a while. Later that night, had a dinner party at SK's place. Cooked up a storm again-- Marmite chicken, lotus root soup, stewed sea cucumber, stir-fried kailan and steamed seven star garoupa. We were joined by Gratitude, Briyani, CK and his straight housemate. Post-dinner dessert was at Snowflake, IOI Boulevard. There was one Chinese staff there that captured Gratitude's attention with his innocent looks. As we were looking at him, he suddenly had a butter finger moment and dropped his bottle of cream cause a long stream of white stuff to travel from the counter to our table. I laughed like crazy. Gratitude wanted something sour, so he gave their roselle sorbet a try. It was horrible. You were warned.

Seven Star



Not satisfied with the experience at Snowflake, we went to Pacific Coffee nearby. A good place to hang out. Large and cozy. SK actually mistakenly took the Halloween decorations as lax janitorial responsibilities. Lol. Did a whole lot of chatting and discussing about family feuds and peculiarities. A very good outing with friends. Unfortunately, my cafe latte was lousy. So bland. No oomph and the milk froth just looked like a splat! Bah. Gratitude's was slightly better-- a mushroom cloud. Lol. Seriously, where are all the good baristas?




JokerPJ said...

was the staff that cute? O.o

worthy of a trip?

Gratitude said...

Mushroom cloud was concocted to satisfy one's disgust for their lack of artistry.

Nicholas Nick said...

William : that pork belly, i dont know how much cholesterol it contains. haahhaha!

William said...

Innocent kind of cute. I think you would prefer someone hunkier.

Hahaha. Better than saying it looks like "cirit-birit".

Don't eat the fatty bits :P