Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back In Town

KH's been back in town for two weeks now and he just finished his first week at work. One would think that it's his honeymoon period as work, but seems that he's into the thick of things right from the start. He's been slowly adjusting (in terms of working culture and scope of work) and it seems that his new bosses have high expectations of him (the higher the pay, the higher the responsibility ma). Haha. My poor baby was drained after his first week. And his ex-colleagues were worrying that he might not be used to the slow pace of things in Kuala Lumpur. Since he works in the city centre, he can easily use public transportation to get to work. But still, he took refresher lessons so that he can get back behind the wheel (I'm gonna get a driver soon!). For now, we meet at KL Sentral after work. Having a coffee and teling each other about our day. And from there, SK would swing over from her office and we would send him home. The little alone time that we have is spent in the backseat, like high school lovers (ignoring the fact that SK is driving :P). We're basically taking things slow to ease out from our LDR mode. On weekends, we do get to meet (trying to get him to follow me to church :P) and on Sundays I would try to swim at his condo. My mother-in-law (MIL) remarked about me coming over to swim again and I guess she's just afraid that the neighbours would one day see us snogging in the pool. LOL. Just the other day, my MIL found a gift I gave KH among the junk and detritus he moved back from Singapore. And she raid the yuk ma note that came with it. And she went on to lecture him:

"If you want to go down THAT road, please make sure that you don't leave evidence lying around. I don't want your father finding it and getting a stroke."

Is that a statement of approval? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Ban said...


Derek said...

That seems to be the implied meaning

kenni said...

A thousand years and heaps of thousands to come.

Jeles sia!

Gratitude said...

Now wipe that grin off your face! :P

William said...


Hehe. She not yet invite me over for dinner.

Sounds like a chant for Emperors of old. LOL. TQ.

I'm still uncomfortable around MIL.

Twilight Man said...

He will need 6 months to love Malaysia. I am glad I returned from States. Nothing that is so wrong and bad over here.

William said...

I will make sure he loves Malaysia. haha.

Anonymous said...

And what about your own mother?