Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Simple Yet Luxurious Wedding (?!)

Fruity Goodness by williamnyk
Fruity Goodness, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

After weeks of absence from the market, mum and I finally found the time to go. Even so, it was a shortened trip due to the fact that she still needed to take care of the baby later in the morning. In the afternoon, SK picked me up and we went for lunch with Jaz. He was in town to settle some unfinished business in Malaysia and was staying for a fortnight. He arrived on Thursday afternoon with an Etihad flight from Germany. When we arrived at Yamada, the restaurant was devoid of customers. Even the owner was not there, only his apprentices. We ordered two of their lunch sets and an appetizer. Diverse enough for us to have a little bit of everything. Sadly, the quality of food was a bit off that day. The chawanmushi was hard and a bit tasteless, the miso was too salty and the tuna was so dry that I thought it had been left out in the sun. As we were preparing to leave, a familiar face walked in-- DeanR and his boyfriend whom I had never met. Kena tangkap basah. Happy One Month Anniversary to the fresh couple.

Next up, we went to Bukit Bintang to buy some pirated software, but I had forgotten that its quite impossible to get it there anymore. Parked at Fahrenheit 88. Do you notice that all their toilet fixtures are somewhat positioned lower than usual, like they were made for midgets? The ang moh must have a hard time. At Low Yatt, I bumped into another familiar face-- Jon whom I had only met once during my trip to London. Apparently he had graduated and had secretly slipped back to KL. To make sure that we had exhausted all options, we canvassed Imbi Plaza (it has fallen so far!) and Berjaya Times Square as well! Been ages since I had step foot in BTS (now its the land of lala fashion!). Noticed a Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert there, so we stopped for a breather and test out their mango-ey goodness. Shared their coconut noodles in mangoo puree with fresh fruits. Quite good, but the price is quite steep. Saw a cute guy there with really hairy legs, too bad I couldn't snap a pic!

By 5:00pm, we were back home. Mother Nature was kind enough to bestow me an afternoon without rain, so I quickly changed into my skimpy trunks and went swimming! Only two straight couples in the pool. Hardly swimming at all. At least one of the guys had nice pecs, but the face so-so la. By the time I finished my laps, I was more tired than usual. It started raining just as I parked my car in the porch (lucky!). Went for a shower and went to dinner at Restoran Yong Ping. Shared a roasted chicken rice and YTF with mum. Tapped into their Unifi and watched Lee Chong Wei's wedding on my iPhone (the kickstand on my iPhone cover really showed its worth) while we ate. Used Back home, I tried to hook my lappie to the LCD TV with a HDMI cable, but the audio refused to work. So we just watched on the laptop.

Tonton's Belinda Chee was quite annoying. She kept imterrupting the important visuals and talked crap. We just want to see the wedding and the performers! Don't interview the guests and ask intimate question like they are REALLY BEST FRIENDS with LCW. Those people were so awkward trying to come up with a polite answer. Ugh. Honestly, I think the wedding was a bit of an overkill. Even bigger than Siti's wedding methinks. Did he really need to do all that? I think the sponsors and LCW were just milking it for all its worth. But I was quite amazed that he got wedding wishes from Wang Lee Hom, and The Grasshoppers and Maria Cordero came to give performances. Perhaps he is a better businessman than badminton player. Maria's performance was most entertaining. And the backup singer that she brought along was cute le! And everyone was talking about the fact that Kak Ros sat in between the newlyweds. I wonder why WMC couldn't have sat with her husband on one side. Baffling. Anyway, wish the happy couple well.


Ban said...

Politics, politics, politics. Its essentially a strategy to win back some support from the chinese community by showing their support for the current chinese hero. Hence important that Kak Ros must be very prominent.

Suffice to say, they blew it.

William said...

I was wondering why the Agong would make an appearance.

Derek said...

Bring me to yamada next time dear.

William said...

We must order the sashimi

Twilight Man said...

No one seems to know why his dad didn't show up. Mak Ros was at fault.

William said...

Rosmah was to blame?!