Thursday, November 29, 2012

Road Rampage

road rage by Robert S. Donovan
road rage, swiped from Robert S. Donovan on Flickr.

Drivers in KL are getting crazier and crazier. Take the stupid junction at my housing area for instance. Every day, some people staying in Puncak Jalil queue for close to one kilometer or more just to take a turning to the KL direction. Many idiotic drivers do not have the patience for that, so they just cut the queue at the junction. Sometimes due to bad timing and such, those selfish drivers end up blocking the left lane, much to the ire of those who want to use the freeway to the opposite direction. Much honking happens, but they don't budge anyway. Selective hearing. Most of the time, the queue cutters just merge into the lane without even putting on their signal lights. The element of surprise is a better strategy when it comes to such things. Of course in such situations, people would get a shock and honk their horns to avoid a collision. And most of the times in anger because they had been waiting for twenty minutes and some idiot just comes along and squeezes in. According to one lady on the Punjak Jalil FB page, she honked her horn and the idiot who cut her actually stopped smack dab during mid-turn just to spite her! Wow. It has come to a stage where those in the wrong have no shame whatsoever and even bully those who follow the law. Another driver recounted that he was following a man teaching his son how to drive on the main road. Since the driver was driving erratically, stop and go, stop and go, so he honked at them. As a result, the dad gets down and goes into road bully mode, thumping the poor guy's car bonet. Personally, I had experienced being tail-gated and flashed with lights on the middle lane of Jalan Duta, when the right lane was clear as day. And I'm sure some of you had experienced idiots who show their displeasure by purposely blocking your way by driving slowly and making emergency stops just for the heck of it. Everyone thinks that they are the king of the road. On some days, I wish that I drive an Aston Martin fitted with oil slicks, caltrops and uzis as accessories. Oh well...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Window on The Virgin

Sin.Eat by williamnyk
Sin.Eat, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: This happened some weeks ago and my KH update yesterday supercedes this. Hehe. Chronological order a bit out. Sorry. :P

Heard about the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Sime Darby Medical Center? You might have read about it in the news. Actually, I was at Yamada the day before and did not notice any commotion. The priest did not mention anything about it. Perhaps there's a "no comment" memo going around. Anyway, to satisfy our curiosity we made a short visit there after having a sinful lunch at Restoran Shang Yi Fatt (forgive me Father for I had eaten fatty charsiew and curry wantan noodles...). The turning into SDMC was definitely jammed. I think it took me more than five green lights to reach the junction. Saw many people on foot and we could detect that many of the cars had rosaries hanging from their rear view mirrors. Parked by the roadside and walked to the outpatient building. A crowd had gathered outside the building. Luckily there were canopies there (not sure if the management put them there) and one could feel air-conditioning flowing from the entrance. It wasn't too packed. One didn't need to jostle to get a good look at the third story window pane. From where we stood, there was a likeness of the Blessed Virgin Mary, all complete with halo and flowing robes. Some people had brought high-powered optics to get a closer look. Sometimes, its beneficial not to go to such detail. Around the compound, people were seen praying the rosary and candles were lit. A man of African descent was loudly praying the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Mother of Christ, pray for us.
Mother of divine grace, pray for us.
Mother most pure, pray for us.
Mother most chaste, pray for us.
Mother inviolate, pray for us.
Mother undefiled, pray for us.
Mother most amiable, pray for us.
Mother most admirable, pray for us.
Mother of good counsel, pray for us.
Mother of our Creator, pray for us.
Mother of our Savior, pray for us.

Apparition II

Didn't stay too long. Went home after that for a rest before heading out to Taman Bukit Jalil. Blessed with good weather again, so it was a good chance for mum to continue her aerobics after nearly a two-month hiatus due to the rainy weather. I was nearly half-dead from my flu, so I did not run. Just loped up and down the long steps that cover the hilly portions of the park. A great way to elevate one's heart rate. Didn't see any oustanding cuties, but something did catch my eye. A production crew was filming something and there was a topless cameraman who flexed his muscles carrying around the heavy equipment. Too bad his looks did not match his physique. Dinner was at Restoran Hong Cha, but this time round we did not order their pork noodles-- I tried their wet loh shu fun, while mum tried their seafood noodles. My verdict-- stick with the bestsellers. Haha.

Apparition I

Back home, I showered and went out again to meet KH. He had arrived in the afternoon at KLIA. Unfortunately, I could not pick him up at the airport. In a perfect world, there would a simple bunch of red roses in my hand and when he pushes his luggage out to the arrival hall I would run over and we would kiss passionately while all the other passengers would stare and say "Awwwwwwwwwww". But that was not to be la. Brought KH out to Thai Kopitiam in Kuchai Lama. Poor KH seemed blur and tired. Even my kisses only managed to raise his flagging energy levels a bit (but I did manage to 'raise his flag' :P). Don't think that he noticed that I was wearing the first gift he ever bought me, a T-shirt with a monkey print. Ordered coffee and tea and an appetizer of deep fried tuna salad. An interesting dish of mixed textures and tastes. An old Thai movie was playing on the TV and from the first scene we saw, it was kinda like soft porn. LOL. The owner is a Thai woman with her farang-looking husband. Quite good business. Will come back again to try the mains.

The Sea in a Bowl

According to KH, the reality of him moving back had not quite settled in. Still like a holiday. Perhaps in a week when he starts work, things will start to be in perspective. He had asked me if there was any local smartphone apps to install and I think they are many. I only have some online banking apps and GSC Online. We also discussed about him getting his legs in the city. He will be starting his refresher driving lessons soon. Regarding our relationship, I don't think that there's a need to outline dating plans or what not... Just that we need to get used to the fact of each other's proximity and include each other in our activities. The task of getting him reacquainted with KL friends would fall on my shoulders. His leaving got me to realize that he made many close friends in Singapore and he will now have to rebuild his social network in Malaysia. I'm quite certain that there will be a teething period. I just hope that we will be able to adapt to this new situation and flourish! Wish us luck!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back In Town

KH's been back in town for two weeks now and he just finished his first week at work. One would think that it's his honeymoon period as work, but seems that he's into the thick of things right from the start. He's been slowly adjusting (in terms of working culture and scope of work) and it seems that his new bosses have high expectations of him (the higher the pay, the higher the responsibility ma). Haha. My poor baby was drained after his first week. And his ex-colleagues were worrying that he might not be used to the slow pace of things in Kuala Lumpur. Since he works in the city centre, he can easily use public transportation to get to work. But still, he took refresher lessons so that he can get back behind the wheel (I'm gonna get a driver soon!). For now, we meet at KL Sentral after work. Having a coffee and teling each other about our day. And from there, SK would swing over from her office and we would send him home. The little alone time that we have is spent in the backseat, like high school lovers (ignoring the fact that SK is driving :P). We're basically taking things slow to ease out from our LDR mode. On weekends, we do get to meet (trying to get him to follow me to church :P) and on Sundays I would try to swim at his condo. My mother-in-law (MIL) remarked about me coming over to swim again and I guess she's just afraid that the neighbours would one day see us snogging in the pool. LOL. Just the other day, my MIL found a gift I gave KH among the junk and detritus he moved back from Singapore. And she raid the yuk ma note that came with it. And she went on to lecture him:

"If you want to go down THAT road, please make sure that you don't leave evidence lying around. I don't want your father finding it and getting a stroke."

Is that a statement of approval? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Simple Yet Luxurious Wedding (?!)

Fruity Goodness by williamnyk
Fruity Goodness, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

After weeks of absence from the market, mum and I finally found the time to go. Even so, it was a shortened trip due to the fact that she still needed to take care of the baby later in the morning. In the afternoon, SK picked me up and we went for lunch with Jaz. He was in town to settle some unfinished business in Malaysia and was staying for a fortnight. He arrived on Thursday afternoon with an Etihad flight from Germany. When we arrived at Yamada, the restaurant was devoid of customers. Even the owner was not there, only his apprentices. We ordered two of their lunch sets and an appetizer. Diverse enough for us to have a little bit of everything. Sadly, the quality of food was a bit off that day. The chawanmushi was hard and a bit tasteless, the miso was too salty and the tuna was so dry that I thought it had been left out in the sun. As we were preparing to leave, a familiar face walked in-- DeanR and his boyfriend whom I had never met. Kena tangkap basah. Happy One Month Anniversary to the fresh couple.

Next up, we went to Bukit Bintang to buy some pirated software, but I had forgotten that its quite impossible to get it there anymore. Parked at Fahrenheit 88. Do you notice that all their toilet fixtures are somewhat positioned lower than usual, like they were made for midgets? The ang moh must have a hard time. At Low Yatt, I bumped into another familiar face-- Jon whom I had only met once during my trip to London. Apparently he had graduated and had secretly slipped back to KL. To make sure that we had exhausted all options, we canvassed Imbi Plaza (it has fallen so far!) and Berjaya Times Square as well! Been ages since I had step foot in BTS (now its the land of lala fashion!). Noticed a Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert there, so we stopped for a breather and test out their mango-ey goodness. Shared their coconut noodles in mangoo puree with fresh fruits. Quite good, but the price is quite steep. Saw a cute guy there with really hairy legs, too bad I couldn't snap a pic!

By 5:00pm, we were back home. Mother Nature was kind enough to bestow me an afternoon without rain, so I quickly changed into my skimpy trunks and went swimming! Only two straight couples in the pool. Hardly swimming at all. At least one of the guys had nice pecs, but the face so-so la. By the time I finished my laps, I was more tired than usual. It started raining just as I parked my car in the porch (lucky!). Went for a shower and went to dinner at Restoran Yong Ping. Shared a roasted chicken rice and YTF with mum. Tapped into their Unifi and watched Lee Chong Wei's wedding on my iPhone (the kickstand on my iPhone cover really showed its worth) while we ate. Used Back home, I tried to hook my lappie to the LCD TV with a HDMI cable, but the audio refused to work. So we just watched on the laptop.

Tonton's Belinda Chee was quite annoying. She kept imterrupting the important visuals and talked crap. We just want to see the wedding and the performers! Don't interview the guests and ask intimate question like they are REALLY BEST FRIENDS with LCW. Those people were so awkward trying to come up with a polite answer. Ugh. Honestly, I think the wedding was a bit of an overkill. Even bigger than Siti's wedding methinks. Did he really need to do all that? I think the sponsors and LCW were just milking it for all its worth. But I was quite amazed that he got wedding wishes from Wang Lee Hom, and The Grasshoppers and Maria Cordero came to give performances. Perhaps he is a better businessman than badminton player. Maria's performance was most entertaining. And the backup singer that she brought along was cute le! And everyone was talking about the fact that Kak Ros sat in between the newlyweds. I wonder why WMC couldn't have sat with her husband on one side. Baffling. Anyway, wish the happy couple well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meaty Morning

Meaty Morning by williamnyk
Meaty Morning, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Another Saturday morning without visiting the wet market again. Woke up at 8-ish and went out to breakfast with SK. The quality of the wantan noodles seem to be dropping. I can now detect the taste of preservative in noodles. Perhaps they didn't wash them properly in cold running water. Simple jer. Visited the clinic after that. SK had weird lines on her lip area. Straight, but at an angle. As though her mouth was whipped or something. The doctor was baffled too and offered an explanation of skin reaction due to a viral infection. Anyway, he prescribed some cream and antihistamine. Went home to drag my brother out of bed. Fetched him to my sister's place. Popped in a "Jurassic Park" DVD and watched with my nephew. Amazingly, he's desensitized to the velociraptors. Not afraid anymore. Bravo. Continued with "The Lost World". Hahaha.

Prawn Dumplings

Five Ball

Brought my nephew and brother out for lunch at Restoran Kar Heong, Subang Jaya. Recommended by SK as having good chicken rice and chicken slice hor fun. Tried their roast chicken, very smooth and good taste. Also ordered prawn dumpling hor fun, Ipoh bean sprouts (large plate at MYR4, larger portion than most places) and porkballs (never a fan of these, but the taste and texture really agreed with me). The aunty sitting next to our table kept on complaining about her order. Whenever the Myanmarese waiter came over, she spoke English. Padahal, she can speak Chinese and she knows that the waiter understands Chinese. Lebih. And my nephew kept bouncing out of his chair! With all the busy waiters carrying hot soup here and there, felt like strapping him to the chair! Dinner was at my sister's place and for dessert, she made freshly-baked chocolate muffins... The makings of a muffin top for me! Booohohoooo.


Monday, November 19, 2012

LRT Celebrities: Tired Tims

Something to cheer up a post-holiday week Monday!

As I rushed into a STAR LRT car one night, I glanced a twink with black-rimmed glasses sitting at one end. Without much thought, I walked over and plopped my big-assed laptop bag in front of him. At close range, he wasn't as cute as I thought. I blame my short-sightedness! Sigh. I noticed that he kept smiling and gesturing to the person sitting opposite him, so I peered into the window in front of me and saw the reflection of his friends! Alamak! I should have stood the other direction. With no valid reason to do so, I employed some sneaky methods to capture their pics for your viewing pleasure. I pretended to be listening to music and put my iPhone beside my thigh and voila... I have pics to show! Was quite satisfied with the results though they aren't really very cute. Haggard boy next door look (too many wanking sessions and too little sleep?). :P. If the boy in the finisher T wore a skirt, I think I would have gotten his knickers! Haha.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Teluk Intan Souls

All Souls Day by williamnyk
All Souls Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Took leave on Friday to visit my late-dad's grave in conjunction with All Soul's Day. There was actually a senior management presentation on that day for my module, but I said "f*ck it" and left things in the able hands of my colleagues. Haha. Woke up at an ungodly hour of 4:30am to get ready. Left the house with Sis and BIL at about 5:15am. The roads were super clear of course. Reached Teluk Intan in record time. Just slept the whole way. First oder of business, breakfast at the market. Had the yummy Kam Kee glutinous rice. The yellow variety is best with curry, while the white is eaten with sweet charsiew. The noodles that we had were quite lousy really. A random choice. Too bad the lai fun was not open. BIL also bought some apam balik and fried cruellers (the worst and saltiest I had ever eaten from a Chinese stall, but my nephew loved it). And what's a trip to Teluk Intan without eating its famous chu cheong fun? By 8:30am we were already at the cemetery. Did some cleaning up, put the flowers, lit some candles and prayed the rosary. Actually our first time visiting on the exact day. Mass was going on at St. Anthony's Church nearby.


The second reason we went to Teluk Intan was to meet the lawyer. Mum did some conveyancing and was supposed to collect the land title for her house in Bercham. Had to wait a while as they weren't open yet. After settling that, we gave our paternal aunt a call. Couldn't get through, so we went up to the house. Found everything shut tight, so we surmised that she went on a holiday or something. As usual, we went to Sin Joo Heong to stock up on heong peah, kacang tumbuk and mee suah. The caramel filling in the biscuits no longer attract me. Too sweet. The signs of ageing.

Tiger Head

Our next stop was to visit my maternal uncle. Never visited his new place before. My cousins bought the place for MYR150k and it was definitely a big upgrade from the place at Immigrants Lane. Still recovering from his triple bypass, my uncle had not started working yet. Still a little breathless at times. But he confessed that he wasn't used to such a sedentary lifestyle. Was bored out of his skull and itching to start working again (he's a baker). Ate lunch there. My aunt slaved for hours in the kitchen preparing stir-fried chicken with kam cham, stewed roasted pork bones, stir-fried kailan, watercress soup with anchovies, chicken and pork and sambal brinjal. Stuffed! The kids slept for a long time. At about 3:00pm, we made a move. I took over the wheel from BIL.

Lunch Prep

During the whole drive home, it rained and rained and rained. By the time we reached KL, it was 6:00pm and still raining. Conclusion, the traffic was horrible. I avoided the snarl on the LDP by using SPRINT and later Templer, but boy, we were stuck at the Othman roundabout for twenty minutes. Decided to turn in to KhunThai for dinner and wait the traffic out. The place was quite desserted for a Friday night. Ordered steamed fish, green curry chicken, papaya salad, otak-otak and stir-fried kale. Compared to my first visit, the food was crap. When the fish arrived, it was lukewarm. The chicken was too soft. The otak-otak had no shape and the prawns were big but tasteless. And lastly, the vegetable was damn old. Bah. At least there was some twinky eye candy sitting outside. By the time we paid the bill, traffic was much better. Oh my bed, how I've missed you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Central Market

Old Tiles by williamnyk
Old Tiles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Been ages since I've been to Central Market. Used to frequent the place when I was at a project site nearby. Had coffee at Old Town nearly thrice a week back then. On one rainy weekday, I tagged along my Myanmarese colleague's car to Old Klang Road. He needed to stop at Central Market to let his friend buy some batik sarongs which is called longyi in their tongue. To them, it's everyday wear. Formal even-- for prayers, weddings, etc. Even politicians wear them to Parliament. Strangely, Indonesian batik is the preferred choice for them, in terms of design and price, surpassing even their local products. So as they where shopping for that, I went around the place. Some renovations had taken place, with certain alleys designated with different themes and such. But basically, it wasn't a major revamp. I didn't revisit the infamous toilet where loads of people seem to loiter inside for no discernible reason. Before leaving, I helped SK buy a framed canvas from an arts supply store nearby.

I <3 KL

Brought my colleagues and his friend to Restoran Hong Cha, OUG for dinner. I was flabbergasted by their sheer lack of adventure by only eating at two regular shops near their apartment. After so many years, I wouldn't think that language would be such a big barrier. Helped them order three large bowls of the famous pork noodles. However, SK and I ordered prawn tempura and grilled saba (a weird combination of cuisine hor?). FYI, this restaurant has an iPhone App that integrated with their ordering system. Accepts your table number or even your car registration number for take-outs. Just "like" their FB page and download the app. First time downloads entitles you to a free red bean ice or temaki! Full of surprises kan? It pays to try something different once in a while. Most of the time, I would order the weird item on the menu. Who knows, it might be your new favourite!

Chinese Alley

Monday, November 12, 2012


Brolly Sky by williamnyk
Brolly Sky, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Monday, I took a cab to Sime Darby Convention Centre. My client with the help of their consultants arranged a pre-deployment briefing there for half a day. According to the schedule, breakfast was served at 8:00am. Never in my wildest dreams I could have guessed that it was biscuits and coffee. LOL. It was just a platform for the President to lambast that his senior management team for not getting involved in the project. Whole lotta hot air and stuff. Nearly fell asleep. Lunch was served at noon and I had a little bit of everything from the buffet line. Decided to take the rest of the day off and go gallivanting with SK (who was supposedly working). She picked me up and we went to Publika for lunch at Journal by Plan B. SK ordered their big breakfast platter and ate some from her plate. Didn't feel too well after lunch. Something was having a cat fight in my tummy. No bad service experience, but most probably cause it was way past their peak hours. Later went to Wings to collect a luggage that SK had purchased weeks before only to find that they forgot to transfer it over from the One Utama branch. Surprisingly, SK didn't blow up. Gave the One Utama branch a call and we arranged to meet them at one of the entrances to make the pick up. It was a quick and painless process, and the apologetic salesgirl even gave SK a little gift to smooth things over (although it was ugly, its the thought that counts :P).

B is for Bulb

With nothing better to do, we headed back to Kinrara. Just made a quick stop at the pharmacy at Damansara Uptown for me to buy some supplements. Turns out my quick stop was foiled by some woman complaining of a rash on her thigh. She was undecided between two creams and was telling the pharmacist that she didn't like "oily creams". Gawd. Just as we had wanted to leave, SK managed to arrange tea time with Lifebook at Paddington's House of Pancakes, The Curve. Ordered some fruit punch and two pancakes (one savoury, one sweet) and gossiped the late afternoon away. Felt a bit like a tai-tai that day... hahahaha.

Pancake Lives

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunday Shopping

Kura by williamnyk
Kura, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was quite uneventful. Found the sun to be excruciatingly burning after mass, so mum and hid in One Utama. Parked my car in KPMG Tower (though more expensive, it cuts parking stress levels by 95%) and directly went to Kura for lunch. The waiter brought us into the winding labyrinth and showed us our table deep in the restaurant. Would have preferred something with more natural light. Not like the restaurant was full. Mum and I shared a large Maru Bento. Came with everything-- sashimi, tempura, nimono, sumono, unagi, sushi, chawanmushi, miso soup and the works. The steamed egg was one of the best I had in ages. Smooth and silky with a good taste. Went shopping after that. Very homely type of shopping. Bought bathroom rugs and non-stick frying pans! Thank goodness we only eyed the warehouse sale at Live It Up! at the last minute, else I would have been lugging pans here and there. Shopped for about five hours, only stopping at outlets that suit my mum's taste. Not an easy task. But after going through so many shops, I roughly have a reliable database of outlets that might pander to my mum. Didn't notice how tired our legs were until we stopped at CBTL for a cup of latte. Didn't even notice the heavy rain outside. By the time we left, the rain had subsided and the traffic much better. What better way to spend one's Sunday?

P.S.: Take a look at these shoes I found in Tangs... Do they remind you of paper offerings for Ching Ming?

Paper Shoes?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Goodbye and Hello

KH's last day at work in Singapore. I'm sure he will miss it after more than six years there. But in those six years, I'm sure he has missed me too. :). A new chapter will begin soon...

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


instagram logo by clasesdeperiodismo
instagram logo, swiped from clasesdeperiodismo on Flickr.

The following are the three most-used iPhone Apps:

  1. What's App
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook

The USD0.99 that I paid for What's App was returned many times over by the sheer frequency I use the app. How can one put value on an application that helps you keep your boyfriend close over a large geographical distance? Can't even count the hugs and kisses that I had received and sent via this app. Not counting how useful it is to exchange more intimate moments with each other. Hehe. Also a fun tool to use to 38 with a group of friends and make boring days at work more bearable. On the other hand is a great way to share your 'arty' photos. It's fun gathering likes and comments on your otherwise mundane photos without the help of IG's various filters. It's also great because many cuties post their sexy photos on it. Huhuhu. I stalk many of them! Unfortunately, it has recently been swamped with lotsa spam and bots. Annoying. Last but not least is FB. Not much to elaborate here. What better way to while away the time than on FB. The last release was really slow and cumbersome, luckily the latest version had ironed out most of the major issues.

So, what's your most used app? I got a feeling that it's gonna be Grindr or Jack'd. LOL.

P.S.: A friend tried to install Jack'd recently and couldn't find it in the App Store, so I went looking too. He was right! Mana tahu cannot search by that name... Hahaha. Memang not well-informed.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Celebrating Haji

Ketupat by mohdzaidy
Ketupat, swiped from mohdzaidy on Flickr.

Hari Raya Haji was a holiday for me but not for my mum. Sis had to work, so the baby was dropped into mum's lap. I slept in a bit and planned to have breakfast with SK. While waiting for her to fetch me, my neighbor suddenly hollered. The timing was impeccable. I was given a whole bunch of traditional ketupat, beef rendang, curry chicken, peanut sauce and lontong. All piping hot. Since there was so much food, we scrapped breakfast plans and sent the chow over to my sister's place.

Been some time since I cut my hair and the fact was quite obvious to me cause my fringe had started to become very annoying. So I paid a visit to my regular stylist at OUG. He asked me what I wanted and I replied, "Short.". He confirmed with me, "Short?". I nodded my head. So he started on my hair. When he brought out the shaver, I knew it was gonna be different from my usual trim. While waiting for me, SK did a wash and blow. 'Auntified' her hair with some temporary curled ends.

Lunch was at BV. Initially wanted to go to MV, but the jam was ridiculous. Ended up in ChatterBox. Business was brisk, had to wait for an available table. Full of rich clientele. Ordered their lunch set which consisted of ox tendon stewed with lotus root and wheat germ fish fillet. The portion was generous but taste-wise so-so jer. Saw a pengz woman who kept urging her children to ask for water refills after she had asked for her bill just to escape paying an extra $0.50 per glass. She was so proud of her savings. :S. Wanted to take advantage of the Private Structure Halloween sale but I think the shop closed down jor.

Went back to my sister's place to help out a while. Later that night, had a dinner party at SK's place. Cooked up a storm again-- Marmite chicken, lotus root soup, stewed sea cucumber, stir-fried kailan and steamed seven star garoupa. We were joined by Gratitude, Briyani, CK and his straight housemate. Post-dinner dessert was at Snowflake, IOI Boulevard. There was one Chinese staff there that captured Gratitude's attention with his innocent looks. As we were looking at him, he suddenly had a butter finger moment and dropped his bottle of cream cause a long stream of white stuff to travel from the counter to our table. I laughed like crazy. Gratitude wanted something sour, so he gave their roselle sorbet a try. It was horrible. You were warned.

Seven Star



Not satisfied with the experience at Snowflake, we went to Pacific Coffee nearby. A good place to hang out. Large and cozy. SK actually mistakenly took the Halloween decorations as lax janitorial responsibilities. Lol. Did a whole lot of chatting and discussing about family feuds and peculiarities. A very good outing with friends. Unfortunately, my cafe latte was lousy. So bland. No oomph and the milk froth just looked like a splat! Bah. Gratitude's was slightly better-- a mushroom cloud. Lol. Seriously, where are all the good baristas?



Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday Concert

Went for my regular Sunday mandarin mass and later proceeded to Seri Petaling to share a bowl of dry Pan Mee with mum. Many makeshift food places had sprung up along Jalan Radin Anum in recent months. Seems that DBKL finally sanctioned their existence by allowing the temporary structures and even allowing water and power supply. Those who operate in the million-ringgit shoplots must be fuming. At 2:00pm, we proceeded to Hotel Seri Petaling to watch my nephew's 'graduation concert'. Kids these days. Sounds like a college convocation right? He hasn't graduated, but all the children were required to do a performance. All the parents were seated around the stage. Every performance would see a new set of parents sieging the front of stage, jostling with their iPads, cameras, videocams, iPhones, Galaxy SIIIs and whatnot to record their adorable child. And boy, were they adorable. Quite amazed that the kids could actually memorize scripts and perform in public. But of course, there were cases were some younger kids just refused to budge when the eyes were on them and started bawling. The teachers were definitely annoyed, but just kept a frozen smile and tried to prod the kid to continue (I bet the teachers grimaced and cursed under their breath). LOL. The whole thing was insterspersed with prize giving ceremonies for contests and academic achievements. The director came on stage to do the honours. Kids whose parents had not paid school fees were denied their trophies and were publicly chastized. It was all so dramatic. The kid who was crowned 'valedictorian' actually held up her giant trophy like it was a WWE championship prize belt! She was barraged by flashes of light. The emcee kept on repeating, "This is the moment we have all been waiting for!". Should get someone to write a better script. The performances were quite good with really good costumes (well, the parents paid for them). My nephew's performance was the "Boom Boom Dance". The kids held pom-poms and kept shaking their booty. I guess it's an apt name. By the time the kids dressed in rat costumes came on, I was on the verge of breakdown. Went home. But the main reason was that I did not pay for the MYR70 high tea! Luckily I didn't, mum said that the food was insufficient. Cheapskate organizers.

I remember my own concert. My class had to do a Chinese dance with soy sauce saucers fastened to our fingers with rubber bands. With each step, we would clack the saucers. Amazing right? Mum was the official seamstress who sewed the costumes. Something in light yellow satin with a red sash. I remember being the odd one out on the day of performance. I was the only one in thick makeup! My phoenix eyes were accentuated with eye shadow and the rouge! The rouge! The gayest in kindergarten. Go figure!

Do you remember your graduation concert?

P.S.: Talking about kindergarten graduations, I didn't get to wear robe and a mortar board! Both my brother and sister even had studio photos taken! Apasal I takde?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wu My Cholesterol Away

Breakfast by williamnyk
Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sis had to OT again, so mum also OT-ed. No market meant more sleep for me. Sent mum to my sister's house and I proceeded to OUG to collect my long overdue lipid profile results. An old doctor consulted. Looked like a septuagenarian. He looked at the piece of paper from Gribbles and declared that I really should start taking cholesterol medication, but it was up to me. Comparing the results to my past test nearly one year ago, my total cholesterol had been reduced from 6.77 to 5.70. Although that's a reduction, I'm still above the boundary of 5.20. Bad cholesterol was still high, but lower and the most surprising thing was the fact that my good cholesterol had dropped! And I was taking high-Omega 6 fish oil supplements. Looks like my oats didn't discriminate between the bad and the good. :(. The only other good news was my triglycerides level. In my opinion, there's progress and I'm hope that continued adjustment to my lifestyle will gain more health benefits rather than directly jumping on the statin bandwagon. Went back home to Kedai Makanan Puncak Jalil to enjoy my favourite plate of charsiew wantan noodles! Huhuhuhu. A celebration of sorts.


At 11:30am, sent mum and my nephew back to my home. We had a matinee show coming up, so I looked after the baby while mum went to bersolek. Knowing how worked up she can get, it's best that I give my mum at least two hours to get herself ready. At about 1:00pm, BIL came over to pick the kid up. Gave ourselves ninety minutes to get to KLPAC. Took the Bukit Damansara-Jalan Duta way to get to Jalan Ipoh and arrived with some thirty minutes to spare. Picked up the tickets at the box office and not long after that, Gratitude and his mum arrived. Noticed a bunting of Hands Percussion's next show called "The Next". The "X" was made up of two toned drummers in skin-colored trunks. Definitely caught my eye! Before the show started, we ushered the ladies to the loo. The women's toilet always baffles me. We did not see anyone going in, but many women kept trickling out of the restroom. Like a magic show. Luckily they were done just in time for the show to start. I had thought that "Empress Wu" was a musical staged in mandarin. The opening scene was in English with Chinese subtitles. As it went on, we found that the performance was a rojak of English and Mandarin. Different characters would use different languages, or they might even sometimes be bilingual.

The Next

The set and costumes were quite good, but I disliked the hair. It was too big! Mum couldn't recognize Tan Soo Suan in her new svelte figure. Including intermission, the show ran for roughly three hours with numerous short scenes and set changes. I found myself yawning at times. At least the eunuch narrators provided some comic relief. There was a scene in the musical where they implied that the Royal Physician actually peformed a pelvic exam on Empress Wang! And I thought in ancient times, they even had to employ the use of strings to get a pulse reading from court ladies. After the show, Gratitude did me a big favour by bringing my mum for dinner (heard that they had a yummy meal at New Paris) and later sending her home. I on the other hand had to get to work! Yes, work. Arrived around 6:30pm only to find that all the activities for the day had been delayed. Did a whole lot of waiting around before my users actually started the connectivity testing. And dinner was only served at 8:30pm! Nearly fainted. Everything went quite well and I was home by 11:30pm... Until the nexy mock run!