Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thais That Bind

Guinness by williamnyk
Guinness, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Braved crazy Friday night traffic to meet up Gratitude, TZ and KY at Ah Wet Thai at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Occassion: Gratitude's birthday and to celebrate the severing of toxic social ties. Due to the unfavourable traffic conditions, we arrived late about fifteen minutes past eight. The gang was already waiting there and were sipping cold pandan-infused water. My first time meeting KY. The cute hunk was dressed in a tight, vintage Smurfs T that made Gratitude remark that he was getting more and more tai zek. Did some quick ordering and we ended up with a giant salt grilled snake head. When that fish was served, my jaw nearly fell to the floor. I think it was nearly 1.5 feet in length and it was painstakingly skinned, giving us easy access to the generous and tender meat inside. And it came decorated with long chunks of cucumbers, making it look like a dragon boat making its way across the table. That itself cost MYR60! The rest of the dishes consisted of pork ribs (too bony), mien kham (Evan's infamous "men cum"), grilled pig neck meat (an evergreen favourite) and stir-fried vegetables.

For after dinner drinks, we ventured to Setia Walk. Tried using Waze to get there, but it somehow brought us on a very scenic route. Quite impressed with Setia Walk. All the shops faced a central water feature that doubled as a wading pool for the kids. Fountains, decorations and light features provided the extra attraction. Somehow, I felt that it was a slice of Singapore in Taman Wawasan. The whole place was basically dominated by coffee and booze joints, but ironically, families made up a big chunk of the crowd. Full house at most of the joints, so we randomly chose 3 Wise Monkeys. Interesting vintage decor with a predominantly British feel to it. Even the ottomans had Union Jacks on 'em. We just missed happy hour by a hair, and even KY's megawatt smile failed to impress the waiter. Luckily the owner was more receptive. Took five pints of Kilkenny, but TZ was quick to point out that the beer wasn't cold enough. A deal-breaker for him. Just one pint had SK and I yawning (plus the fact that there were no decent eye candies). The night was still young for the rest of the gang, but we said our goodbyes. Happy belated birthday Grat!


Jaded Jeremy said...

Friday as in yesterday? I was very surprised at the lack of traffic jam on the way to One U around 6.30pm.

William said...

Hahaha. First time read my blog meh? At least three weeks ago!

JokerPJ said...

Where do all the cute guys hang out on weekends leh? I belum find out that hot spot yet...

Gratitude said...

I feel like doing a Britney now Lol
Thanks ya.