Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Blues

Yamagoya by williamnyk
Yamagoya, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

End User Training was starting the week after Malaysia Day and I the X-file that was plaguing my system was still just that... an X-file. The performance issue was annoying and regularly needed my intervention to give it CPR during busy periods. Unacceptable. Went in on Monday to try something new, a workaround of sorts to see if the sluggishness would improve and the timeouts disappear. Went into the office and found that I was the only one. Worked for a couple of hours before SK and Briyani turned up at my door step. Initially, I thought about eating at Jarod & Rawlins, but as luck would have it, they were closed. Plan B was Publika. Ended up at Yamagoya Ramen. Wasn't keen on ramen that day, but what the heck. According to SK, they spent a bundle advertising their existence on radio stations. Tried their black garlic ramen and when it came, boy was it black. Reminded me a bit of Prometheus. The ramen itself had a good texture and the soup was OK too. Just beside us, a couple of Japanese dudes also sat down to lunch. Both of them ordered the exact same thing-- garlic fried rice, ramen and gyoza. Such a healthy appetite. Briyani mostly talked about his latest house-hunting experiences. Unlucky for him to meet a vendor who actually disguises herself as a property agent. The sort of things people do to get more money. Had coffee after lunch and then went back to work. Finished what I had came to do but the result wasn't great. Bah. At least I tried my best. Back to the drawing board.



Leo Nut said...

Seems interesting!! Black ramen! I only tried the squid ink pasta in pasta zanmai before..
Added to my to-do list when i get back. =P

William said...

I like squid ink pasta too, but not when it ends up on my clothes. Haha