Monday, October 01, 2012

Back to Singapore III: Teresa, Eggs Ben, Coffee, Cake, Shower, Departure

St. Teresa's Church by williamnyk
St. Teresa's Church, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It was my last day in Singapore, but I still managed to make the best of it. Although I know that KH is not a fan of going to Sunday Mass, he always makes the effort of researching Catholic churches in the vicinity. Before my flight he e-mailed me two churches to choose from. And he would tweak my schedule based on the mass times. So sweet of him. On that Sunday morning, we woke up early and once again skankiness nearly made us late for church! From the MRT, we had to change to the bus (and we missed the stop, having to walk a bit) to get to St. Teresa's Church. I chose to go there because the architecture reminded me a little of Sacre Couer in Paris. Something different. A little reading reveals that the church is associated with the Carmalites and that the patron saint is no other than St. Teresa of Ávila. If you read "The Da Vinci Code", you would remember her from Bernini's sculpture, "The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa". Not a very large church, but looked like it was given a new coat of paint. The altar was covered like in St. Peter's Basilica. When the priest, Fr. Michael Arro made his entrance, it was like he was greeting fans. As with most churches, it was air-conditioned, but the special thing here is the live broadcasting of the mass to numerous LCDs around the compound. Another eye-opener was the collection. The hospitality ministry used boxes on sticks that flipped open at the side like picnic baskets. Looked comical to me.

St. Teresa of Ávila

Brunch is all the rage at the moment, so we had another arranged at Privé, located on Singapore's only private island-- Keppel Island. Took a cab there and the view was quite breathtaking. Definitely tempat orang kaya-raya with all the yachts and yacht club feel. Quite surprised that the restaurant was full to the brim, with plenty of ang moh's opting for al fresco dining in the hot weather, by the water's edge. On the other side, one could see Reflections at Keppel Bay-- an architectural wonder by Daniel Libeskind. Six interconnected high-rise towers rising from the waterfront at seemingly random angles, they actually remind me of ribs sticking out of a sand dune. :P. Met Nic (I did briefly meet him the night before, but my twinky smile couldn't persuade him to join us for drinks) and POD at the restaurant. Basically we started without the other two guests because Eskay was notorious for his tardiness. With all the sex that went on, I needed to replenish my tanks, so eggs benedict it was for me. Looked pretty enough on the English muffin, but the egg just wasn't runny. Bah. Kh did remark that it was better the last time he was there, when there wasn't so many customer. :(. And the chicken sausages that KH had tasted like they were frozen for too long and left to boil for half a day. Tasteless! Yuck. All wasn't lost though, the hand cut fries with truffle mayo was divine.


Truffle Mayo Fries

One hour later, Eskay and NickC arrived...! Glad to see him again and I finally met his boyfriend! They look cute together. Eskay was in a
Play Comme des Garçons T with a giant heart in front. His nipples were so perky that the heart looked like it had a pimple on its cheek. XD. Talked more with the new participants and we ordered another round of truffle fries! After lunch, NickC drove us to Maison Ikkoku, Kandahar Street. BenX raved about it the day before and Tater affectionately referred to it as Maison Iku Iku. He needs a short break from Jap porn! LOL. Being such a small place, it could only hold a limited number of customers, so we had to wait for a bit. To burn time, we headed over to the Malay Heritage Center. Unbelievable right? Lady Luck even smiled on us because entrance was free that day! Yippee! Actually, I couldn't imagine paying. Malaysian eat, drink and breathe Malay culture. Just as we left the place, Maison Ikkoku called-- they had a table for us! Typical interior decoration greeted us. Retro fittings. Old furniture. Weird lights. It's everywhere in Singapore now.

Eggs Ben

Sultan Mosque


I ordered their signature MI latte and KH tried their weird jackfruit coffee. For cakes, we choose the tiramisu, yam cheesecake and black forest. The latte was quite good, but I could hardly taste any jackfruit in KH's cup. On the other hand, Eskay had a secret ingredient in his latte-- a long strand of the barrista's hair! NickC gingerly pulled it out then got a killer stare from Eskay. Not knowing what to do, he put it back. Was so cute watching Eskay fume. The boyfriend quickly got a replacement. Personally, I loved the yam cheesecake. I like weird stuff like that. As for the Tiramisu, I found it too soggy. Lastly, the black forest had the feel that an alcoholic prepared it. Lovely. Didn't stay too long as I had a flight to catch. The cute couple was nice enough to drop us back at Serangoon. Quickly did some packing. Bundled everything that KH wanted me to bring home for him. With the precious minutes left for us, we did some ShowerSkanking(tm). At the airport, we still had some time for each other. Went to the quiet viewing deck, did some camwhoring and talked a little about the future. This time when I boarded the plane, the feeling was different. Knowing that he will be joining me soon in KL, everything felt much brighter...


MI Latte

Kinetic Rain


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KL has durian coffee x.x

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Anticipating your reunion moment with KH? Happy for you.


William said...

Ah yes, I saw that being sold at Hailam Kopitiam.

Thanks. Anticipating for 5 years.

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Skank and Mass again! Gah... le sacrilège!