Monday, October 22, 2012

A Heart Time

Dad's by williamnyk
Dad's, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Visited the market again as on most Saturdays and had loh pan mee for breakfast as OUG. Been ages since I ate at that shop. Used to stay there during my undergraduate days. The uncle who sold wantan noodles no longer manned the shop. Guess that his son has taken over and in my opinion, the noodles are better now. Interesting to note that the shop had a whiteboard inside that highlighted the pros of MLTA against MRTA. The owner must moonlight as an insurance agent. Personally, I bought MRTA cause my premium wasn't too expensive and I have no short term plans to dispose of my property. Some time at noon, went over to Empire Subang with SK for some shopping at Tangs. Unfortunately, the advertised sale wasn't really as exciting as thought. Didn't buy anything. Lunch was at Chilli's. Rarely eat there. Not really a fan of Western food and their policy of not allowing guests to take their seats if the whole party isn't there really pissed me off on several occassions. Wasn't really hungry, so I shared a chicken taco set with mum. Can't imagine finishing it by myself as it came with a side of rice (seemed like nasi briani to me) and black beans. Went really well with the guacamole.

Loh Pan Mee

Chicken Tacos

Back home, mum received a bit of bad news from my cousin. My uncle had been admitted into Institut Jantung Negara. Initial tests in a private hospital in Ipoh revealed that he has three blockages. Due to the severity, they gave him a blood thinning agen and sent him down to KL in an ambulance. Having stabilized (his children reported him being alert and complaining of a snacks shortage -_-"), we planned to visit him the next day after Sunday mass armed with a food restock. Halfway through mass, Sis, BIL and the kids joined us at church. I left my car in the parking lot and we went in one car. Stopped for lunch at Heritage Village Cafe first before going to the hospital.

Ideal Visiting Gift

First time there actually. Looks quite well-maintained. At the ward, we found my uncle in the sitting area with his kids and wife, watching TV. Some weird Hokkien series was on 8TV with the story surrounding some kind toad spirit. It was so bad that it was good. Left the kids with my BIL as they weren't allowed up. My uncle seemed to be in good spirits but he was definitely weak. According to him, he would only see the specialist on Monday. Not reallys ure aboiut his condition. No idea when the bypass would be performed. That's public healthcare for you. Can't really complain also since my cousin is a civil servant, the bill is footed by the JPA. But according to my cousin, with the blood thinning agent in his system, they would have to wait at least five days. Left my uncle to rest and we went home. Such a sweltering day that I was so relieved when mum popped out a giant pomegranate from the refrigerator. So refreshing.

Hole in the Heart?

In the evening, Sis, BIL and the kids came over for a Mid-autumn Festival celebration. Mum whipped up another batch of Guilin rice noodles and other dishes. Stuffed ourselves more after the dinner with peaches, apples and oranges. Of course we had mooncakes as well. I only took a small piece of the mixed nuts variety. As I grow older, I find my liking for mooncakes diminishing. Sickly sweet. To neutralize it, I made a big pot of Pu-Er with osmanthus. Also ate my favourite water caltrops. Yum! A must for the ocassion. My nephew so leka bermain iPad that we had to literally throw him out to play with lanterns. Kids these days. Mum produced some Sailormoon paper lanterns from the store room. Freaky. Didn't play for too long, the heat had in back in the living in just half an hour. Oh well.

Guilin Rice Noodles Attempt 2


JokerPJ said...

Look at all the food!!!

Tang's been disappointing lately =C

nicky05 said...

miss the lantern experience these days.

William said...

Yeah lo, not much selection at the Men's Dept.

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