Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mended Heart & Faraway Friends

Pavilion SpyCam by williamnyk
Pavilion SpyCam, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, mum and I went to English mass. Afterwards, we went to have breakfast at TTDI before making our way to IJN to visit my uncle. Met my sister there too. My uncle had been moved from the ICU to the normal ward. When we arrived, he was sitting up on his bed and seemed OK, just a little fatigued. The long scar snaking across his chest and leg was healing well. According to him, he felt fine, except for the fact the he couldn't sleep at night. Mum and Sis stayed on to wait for my aunt, while I left earlier to meet Nichonick and Nicky05 at The Pavilion. Second time meeting Nichonick and he had a friend with him, Ren, his ex-roommate. They were in the Peninsular for their convocation. Did some aimless walking around while waiting for the rest. Ended up sitting down at Food Republic. In the end, Ding and Nicky05 arrived. Only Ding and I had not eaten, so they watched me down a kaya butter toast set from Toastbox. Amazingly, one macaron was enough to get Nichonick going till dinner time. Been some time since I met new people and luckily Ding and Nichonick were a talkative bunch. On the other hand, Ren and Nicky05 (one could molest and he would not protest XD) were the more reserved type. Talked about many things and it was the first time for me hearing about the Hippocrates Chamber. Apperently some group of gay lous from the medical fraternity. Further investigation revealed that Lucifer was the founder. How interesting. Should I form one for the IT industry? I already have the CTO in mind.


Washed our eyes from the Food Republic right up to Snowflake where Nicky05 treated Nichonick and I to a free dessert. He had been keeping two fully stamped loyalty cards in his wallet just for this purpose. Isn't he such a nice boy? I hope he has more stashed away some where. More chatting and gossiping with some camwhoring thrown in. Also managed to do some shopping at Typo. For my birthday, Nichonick produced a cute felt penguin from his bag. He had handstitched it while in Kuching. Only has two other brothers, so its limited edition so to speak. :P. A thoughtful gift. I suck with needle and thread. Wanted to stay and chat more, but I left them in the capable hands of Nicky05. Hope we have more chances to catch up in the future. Rushed home and rested for just half an hour before I went out again to pick SK from LCCT. Back from Kota Kinabalu, she arrived with sea birds nest, seven star garoupas and dried shrimp! Dinner was some typical Chinese dishes at Restoran YY. Should have just asked the chef to put the expensive garoupa on the stove! SK's granny declined to join us for dinner because she was watching her once a week period Hokkien series on ASTRO. Until so kan cheong, perhaps I should check it out too. XD.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Vows

Breakfast by williamnyk
Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Busy period for Sis and BIL. Most of their clients were rushing to print thousands and thousands or diaries and calendars for 2013. So Sis had to work on Saturday and mum's marketing routine was derailed because she needed to babysit. As a result, I got to sleep in a bit and go for a wantan noodles breakfast at a coffee shop nearby. With SK off to Kota Kinabalu for a company trip, I was tasked to look after her granny's meals. Packed some noodles and YTF and sent it to her. Immediately after that, I rushed to my colleague's wedding mass at Holy Rosary Church, Brickfields. Luck was not on my side as it started to rain and the Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil was jammed up like nobody's business. Took a detour and went out via Jalan Puchong instead. Arrived fifteen minutes late as I took a wrong turn and ended up in Jalan Petaling. By the time I sat down, it was already the first reading. Holy Rosary's old world style Gothic architecture is such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. After they were pronounced man and wife, we adjourned to the multi-purpose hall at the back for some makan-makan. The bride did not throw her bouquet le!


Rushed off to OUG to collect my blood test results, but the clinic had closed. On weekdays, they open till 5:30pm and as I found out, only half day on Saturday. Sundays no need to say la. Susah, susah. Went over to my sister's place to play with Roan and by late afternoon, I went home to prepare for the wedding banquet near Damansara. Initially had planned to go to IJN, but due to We Run KL 2012, we scrapped that plan (took me some time to find out which roads were closed and the organizer's page was more interested in the race kit). Wore the super red Zara shirt that KH gave me. Wore that once to work, and everyone commented that I looked like a red packet. So I tried it again, for a more auspicious occassion like this one. Still too eye-catching. Colleagues commented that I looked like the groom. Blegh. As luck would have it, I was seated next to Fatty Boss. Oh well. More bearable as the night went on, as I consumed more and more red wine. Halfway through the dishes, more than half of the people on my table started following the bride and groom on a toasting spree from table to table. So more food for the rest of us. Yay! By the time I got home, it was past 11:00pm...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Heart Birthdays

give a heart by williamnyk
give a heart, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, mum and I went to IJN again. Grabbed a latte from the Gloria Jean's kiosk there and found that the staff there made coffee hearts ten times better than the branch at Bukit Damansara (who by the way usually don't even bother or make coffee buttocks!). My uncle was finally scheduled to have his surgery but everything still seemed so unsure (earlier on, he failed the spirometer test and he blew so much into that contraption that he felt dizzy and needed oxygen!). We were told that he was to be operated on on Monday, but that was subject to availability of a bed in the ICU. In the afternoon, he was wheeled over to meet the anesthesiologist. Details were still sketchy cause after all, he ain't the cardiac surgeon. All the preparations were done with the assumption that the operation would happen. The doctor said that it would be confirmed again on Monday morning. So much uncertainty.

At night, Sis and BIL booked me for dinner. At a loss of where to go, we finally decided on Restoran Bei Ping. SK made the reservations. When we walked in, I told the waiter that we had a reservation. He told us to go upstairs and said:

"Having 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' right?"

What?! I immediate called SK to clarify. It was a mix up. LOL. Waited for SK to arrive before ordering. Tried some different dishes. This time round, I managed to try their duck-- Two Variety Duck. One roasted (served on potato chips which definitely piqued my nephew's interest). One deep fried with yam paste. Both were equally yummy. Also ordered sambal sotong (with dried shrimps inside), stir-fried lotus root, house beancurd (stuffed with meat and cooked in an egg-drop gravy) and steamed fish in superior soy sauce. For dessert, there was complimentary fruits and a slice of strawberry shortcake that Gratitude had bought for me from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. SK had a gut feeling that she would bump into her crazy ex-boss that night... and it really happened. They exchanged some pleasantries and parted. Could smell the lingering aroma of gunpowder. Fake smiles all around. It's a small, small world :P

Lotus Fry

Sambal Sotong

House Tofu

Duck X 2

Friday, October 26, 2012

Misc. Celebrities: Pan Mee Patrick & Blurry Bob

Chili Pan Mee by williamnyk
Chili Pan Mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Been going to Jalan Raja Laut for a series of meetings, so had a chance to eat at Kin Kin Pan Mee. My last time there was after the Serendah trip in 2007! We arrived a little before noon, so we did have to jostle with the lunch crowds. The first thing I noticed was the fact that the walls were no longer scribbled with crazy notes saying that they have no official branches. Five years later, the wall is used to advertise their branch in Pandan Indah. Go figure. I wonder if the Kin Kin in Publika is genuine. Perhaps not. The pan mee is still good and we even ordered some meatballs to go with it. Just a little of the hot stuff set my tummy on fire! Anyway, as luck would have it, seated next to us was three gay lous. With my colleagues around me, I risked taking a spy pic of them. Hope you enjoy the shot.

In addition to this, let me throw in something from the LRT reject bin. Quite bad quality (my skill, not the subject), but I did find him a bit cute. It was a bad day for me. My judgement was a bit off and I couldn't quite get him in the middle of the frame. Bah. Yet to perfect my technique.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Light Me A Lantern on My Birthday

Lui Cha Again by williamnyk
Lui Cha Again, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Did my usual Saturday ritual at the wet market. But to break the monotony, we had breakfast at a new joint that week-- Restoran Siew Foong. A relatively new place that we frequently observed was closed. Seeing that it was open, we jumped on the chance. As we walked in, we could a whole bunch of staff doing preparatory work. A little girl was reading at one of the tables and upon seeing us walk in, remarked:

"Sorry, we are not open for business. We are undergoing renovation."

Stunned for a while, because we saw a woman actually making YTF at one of the tables. A man suddenly rushed out to shush the girl and welcomed us in. :S. Weirdness. The place served Hakka food, so we ordered their lui cha with brown rice and a bowl of homemade fishball noodles. The lui cha was quite good. Rare to see shops serve it with fried sweet beancurd skin. The soup was also fragrant enough and not the usually watery fare. I gave it a good score.

Had a lunch date with several friends to celebrate my birthday at Kalamazoo. JJ and Bunny were the first to arrive since they lived close by. Next to come was Apollo. Tried their buffalo wings, pork loin with onion bechamel and grilled lamb shoulder. I preferred the lamb. Halfway through my meal, Jase arrived. Thought that he couldn't make it. So nice of him to come although he had to rush back to Ipoh for his grandma's birthday dinner. This year, SK ordered a passion fruit pavlova from -Alex-. Quite a challenge to cut that cake, but it was delicious. True to tradition, JJ and Bunny gave me a red packet for my birthday. They're like my grandaunts. :P. Before leaving the restaurant, I whipped out the Fujifilm Instax that KT got me for my last birthday. Took a photo with everyone and it became an instant door gift.



The last to leave was JJ. Right after lunch, we drove over to Chatime for some refreshments. One Hawaiian fruit juice and peach tea later, we sent JJ back to Bunny's apartment. Went up to chat with them for a while. Quite interesting to see their living arrangements. Board games seem to play a central role in their home with the living room dominated by makeshift items to facility their gaming sessions. Clothes pegs are used to indicate turn sequence. A plastic board is used to mark player statuses and statistics. And to clear that board, they use hand sanitizer. Lots of improvisation. Gaming is truly their passion. Before heading home, I stopped at SK's apartment to drink a nutritional soup of lotus root with pig's tail. She's making good use of Lifebook's pressure cooker. Hehe.

Clothes Pegs

Lotus Root

At night, SK, SK's granny, mum and I went over to Fo Guang Shan (Puncak Jalil Chapter)'s Lantern Festival. Loads of residents turned up, no doubt for the free vegetarian food. In addition to the food, there were many performance (mostly songs), some Dhamma talk, lantern riddles (deng mi-- so bloody hard to guess) and lantern making competition. Even some politicians turned up, representatives from MPSJ, PKR and PAS. The PKR guy seemed more comfortable at partaking in the food. The poor chaps from PAS just stared at the food. A nun from FGS gave a speech and it was so close to my heart because the words used and the subject matter was very much like what I hear during the mandarin sermon on Sundays. They even had a candle lighting ceremony where everyone passed on a light like what Catholics do during Easter vigil.


Before going home, we actually stopped at K'Chiangmai Ikan Bakar for supper. Hahaha. Shared a grilled tilapia and ikan keli. Quite yummy and cheap. No wonder they are perpetually full of customers. That concludes my pre-birthday Saturday.

Fruit Surprise

P.S.: See the picture above? Guess what my mother was double-boiling. It's supposedly a Chinese remedy for a gassy tummy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Heart Time

Dad's by williamnyk
Dad's, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Visited the market again as on most Saturdays and had loh pan mee for breakfast as OUG. Been ages since I ate at that shop. Used to stay there during my undergraduate days. The uncle who sold wantan noodles no longer manned the shop. Guess that his son has taken over and in my opinion, the noodles are better now. Interesting to note that the shop had a whiteboard inside that highlighted the pros of MLTA against MRTA. The owner must moonlight as an insurance agent. Personally, I bought MRTA cause my premium wasn't too expensive and I have no short term plans to dispose of my property. Some time at noon, went over to Empire Subang with SK for some shopping at Tangs. Unfortunately, the advertised sale wasn't really as exciting as thought. Didn't buy anything. Lunch was at Chilli's. Rarely eat there. Not really a fan of Western food and their policy of not allowing guests to take their seats if the whole party isn't there really pissed me off on several occassions. Wasn't really hungry, so I shared a chicken taco set with mum. Can't imagine finishing it by myself as it came with a side of rice (seemed like nasi briani to me) and black beans. Went really well with the guacamole.

Loh Pan Mee

Chicken Tacos

Back home, mum received a bit of bad news from my cousin. My uncle had been admitted into Institut Jantung Negara. Initial tests in a private hospital in Ipoh revealed that he has three blockages. Due to the severity, they gave him a blood thinning agen and sent him down to KL in an ambulance. Having stabilized (his children reported him being alert and complaining of a snacks shortage -_-"), we planned to visit him the next day after Sunday mass armed with a food restock. Halfway through mass, Sis, BIL and the kids joined us at church. I left my car in the parking lot and we went in one car. Stopped for lunch at Heritage Village Cafe first before going to the hospital.

Ideal Visiting Gift

First time there actually. Looks quite well-maintained. At the ward, we found my uncle in the sitting area with his kids and wife, watching TV. Some weird Hokkien series was on 8TV with the story surrounding some kind toad spirit. It was so bad that it was good. Left the kids with my BIL as they weren't allowed up. My uncle seemed to be in good spirits but he was definitely weak. According to him, he would only see the specialist on Monday. Not reallys ure aboiut his condition. No idea when the bypass would be performed. That's public healthcare for you. Can't really complain also since my cousin is a civil servant, the bill is footed by the JPA. But according to my cousin, with the blood thinning agent in his system, they would have to wait at least five days. Left my uncle to rest and we went home. Such a sweltering day that I was so relieved when mum popped out a giant pomegranate from the refrigerator. So refreshing.

Hole in the Heart?

In the evening, Sis, BIL and the kids came over for a Mid-autumn Festival celebration. Mum whipped up another batch of Guilin rice noodles and other dishes. Stuffed ourselves more after the dinner with peaches, apples and oranges. Of course we had mooncakes as well. I only took a small piece of the mixed nuts variety. As I grow older, I find my liking for mooncakes diminishing. Sickly sweet. To neutralize it, I made a big pot of Pu-Er with osmanthus. Also ate my favourite water caltrops. Yum! A must for the ocassion. My nephew so leka bermain iPad that we had to literally throw him out to play with lanterns. Kids these days. Mum produced some Sailormoon paper lanterns from the store room. Freaky. Didn't play for too long, the heat had in back in the living in just half an hour. Oh well.

Guilin Rice Noodles Attempt 2

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thais That Bind

Guinness by williamnyk
Guinness, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Braved crazy Friday night traffic to meet up Gratitude, TZ and KY at Ah Wet Thai at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Occassion: Gratitude's birthday and to celebrate the severing of toxic social ties. Due to the unfavourable traffic conditions, we arrived late about fifteen minutes past eight. The gang was already waiting there and were sipping cold pandan-infused water. My first time meeting KY. The cute hunk was dressed in a tight, vintage Smurfs T that made Gratitude remark that he was getting more and more tai zek. Did some quick ordering and we ended up with a giant salt grilled snake head. When that fish was served, my jaw nearly fell to the floor. I think it was nearly 1.5 feet in length and it was painstakingly skinned, giving us easy access to the generous and tender meat inside. And it came decorated with long chunks of cucumbers, making it look like a dragon boat making its way across the table. That itself cost MYR60! The rest of the dishes consisted of pork ribs (too bony), mien kham (Evan's infamous "men cum"), grilled pig neck meat (an evergreen favourite) and stir-fried vegetables.

For after dinner drinks, we ventured to Setia Walk. Tried using Waze to get there, but it somehow brought us on a very scenic route. Quite impressed with Setia Walk. All the shops faced a central water feature that doubled as a wading pool for the kids. Fountains, decorations and light features provided the extra attraction. Somehow, I felt that it was a slice of Singapore in Taman Wawasan. The whole place was basically dominated by coffee and booze joints, but ironically, families made up a big chunk of the crowd. Full house at most of the joints, so we randomly chose 3 Wise Monkeys. Interesting vintage decor with a predominantly British feel to it. Even the ottomans had Union Jacks on 'em. We just missed happy hour by a hair, and even KY's megawatt smile failed to impress the waiter. Luckily the owner was more receptive. Took five pints of Kilkenny, but TZ was quick to point out that the beer wasn't cold enough. A deal-breaker for him. Just one pint had SK and I yawning (plus the fact that there were no decent eye candies). The night was still young for the rest of the gang, but we said our goodbyes. Happy belated birthday Grat!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by klinkekula
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, swiped from klinkekula on Flickr.
Sick of hobbling around, I went to see the GP on Saturday morning. He wasn't convinced that it was viral myalgia. To him, I most probably had dehydration. But still, he prescribed a muscle relaxant and an analgesic gel. Both did not give me much relief on the first day. For breakfast, SK and I tried Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles at Seri Petaling. I ordered the fish, whereas SK took the prawn. Not half bad, but I still prefer the Taman Desa shop. Surprisingly, SK walked out of the shop without visiting the toilet even once although she drank the soup with evaporated milk (she's very lactose-intolerant). Quite a miracle. After breakfast, Maxis informed me that my Maxis Fibre installation slot could be bumped up to noon. Since I had nothing better to do, I told them to come earlier. First to arrive were the folks from Unifi. They asked me where I wanted the router and they explained what they needed to do. Since putting it in the living room would require drilling and pulling wires from the kitchen, I asked them to put the modem and router in my room instead. That way, they just needed to pull the fiber from the telephone pole through my window. No hassle. Halfway through, the Maxis guy arrived with the wireless router and did the settings. Took roughly about ninety minutes settle everything. Just Unifi rebranded as Maxis. Think Peugeot with a Naza logo. The Maxis technician was quite clueless. I asked him about to change the WIFI SSID and password and he advised me to call Maxis support line for that. After he left, I changed it myself. Happy with the performance. reported a 9.6Mbps download speed. That's nearly what I paid for and best of all, with the same price, one only gets 5Mbps with Unifi.

Bullfrog in Chicken Essence

Way past our lunch time, we headed to Restoran DST Bullfrog Porridge for some chow. Obviously we ordered bullfrog-- bullfrog porridge, steamed bullfrog with essence of chicken and some vegetables. Semua yummy-yummy belaka and certified not relatives of Fable Fawg (I let him identify the bodies). No activities during the afternoon, just me and my broadband. How long had I suffered with Celcom. SK arranged dinner Lifebook and his niece later that night. Picked them up from Damansara and went to Steam Room at 1Mont Kiara Mall for dinner. Never knew that mall existed. Food wasn't bad, but their doubled boiled black chicken in coconut was really salah. It had an extremely creamy and sweet taste, like santan that already pecah minyak. Weird. For drinks, we walked over to Starbucks at Plaza Mont Kiara. Although Lifebook's niece normally doesn't say much, she would normally be the center of the conversation. Always fun to have her around.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Blues

Yamagoya by williamnyk
Yamagoya, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

End User Training was starting the week after Malaysia Day and I the X-file that was plaguing my system was still just that... an X-file. The performance issue was annoying and regularly needed my intervention to give it CPR during busy periods. Unacceptable. Went in on Monday to try something new, a workaround of sorts to see if the sluggishness would improve and the timeouts disappear. Went into the office and found that I was the only one. Worked for a couple of hours before SK and Briyani turned up at my door step. Initially, I thought about eating at Jarod & Rawlins, but as luck would have it, they were closed. Plan B was Publika. Ended up at Yamagoya Ramen. Wasn't keen on ramen that day, but what the heck. According to SK, they spent a bundle advertising their existence on radio stations. Tried their black garlic ramen and when it came, boy was it black. Reminded me a bit of Prometheus. The ramen itself had a good texture and the soup was OK too. Just beside us, a couple of Japanese dudes also sat down to lunch. Both of them ordered the exact same thing-- garlic fried rice, ramen and gyoza. Such a healthy appetite. Briyani mostly talked about his latest house-hunting experiences. Unlucky for him to meet a vendor who actually disguises herself as a property agent. The sort of things people do to get more money. Had coffee after lunch and then went back to work. Finished what I had came to do but the result wasn't great. Bah. At least I tried my best. Back to the drawing board.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Petaling Street Celebritities: Trio

Here's a follow-up entry on the eye candies I gathered during the Moon Walk. There were more, but these are the only ones that I managed to capture on camera. Still, a little bit for everyone. Enjoy.

Tourist Tim

Your typical straight blonde-haired ang moh with strong jawline and stubble. Look at that V-neck. His girlfriend would not stand a chance if he was ambushed by a bunch of gay lous.

Pantene Pete

Boy next door with long-flowing locks and a pout that can put Angelina Jolie to shame. See that hint of a toned body underneath that simple white T? Can imagine him walking his dog around the neighbourhood in a cute tank top.

Running Bear

Kinda like a cross between Tourist Tim and Pantene Pete, of course with a curling iron and a Pocahontas DVD thrown in. And those skimpy rainbow pants that he were in... panas! Think they look like something from Croota.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Century of Moonlight

Moon Walk Colours by williamnyk
Moon Walk Colours, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Went home to rest before heading out for the gathering at Petaling Street. Our first stop was at Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association for a Chinese opera presentation by Persatuan Peminat Seni Opera Kantonis Tsang Fei. Heard excerpts from several of the famous pieces. Interestingly, the troupe leader gave very candid commentaries:

"In all the old stories, all the men seem to be scholars. Like it was so easy to pass the exams. And some woman would wronged, and she would have to prove her innocence. The two protagonists would lament on and on. The full scene would be 45 minutes, which I'm sure would be enough to put everyone in the audience to sleep."

Tai Lui Fa

When the clock struck eight, mum and I moved to the gathering point. Upon walking out of Chan She Shu Yuen, we were given free lanterns and candles. Lovely. The start was a bit slow, with the organizing committee giving their speeches and doing a bit of lamenting of their own. Seems that money's running low and they're not so fired up anymore after a year. A cry out for new blood to continue the good work. YB Fong Kui Lun was also there to lend his support, together with Cikgu Suri, a grassroots leader from Gombak who is also resisting moves to develop their 150 year old village. Kicking start the night's event was Yuan Leow Yunn, a soprano who sang from the roof of the old site of Chik Shin Tang at Jalan Sultan. Her voice carried across the crowd and set the mood. The following act wasn't so great. A group of kids called the Ukelele Sunshine Kids showed their skill on the cute instrument, but it wasn't very good. Expecting for Jake Shimabukuro material is a but too much I guess. Then the Persatuan Penganut Buddha Bodhi KL did some singing. The next performance was scheduled at Old Asia Cafe. Six lion and dragon dance troupes (the dragon sponsored by Oloiya was extremely long and needed 90 handlers) led the lantern-toting public there. At the spot, the MC revealed some historic details of the place. Turns out to be the location of the old Laundry Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Yudi Yap belted out some shi da qu from the second floor window. The eerie lighting did not flatter her at all. After a couple of songs, she came down and did a sing-a-long of Teresa Teng's "The Moon Represents My Heart". Fun!

Soprano on the Roof


Chong Keat Aun

Just opposite was Gurdwara Sahib, so they showcased a Bhangra group, The Dholiz. Not quite as energetic as I expected. But thankfully a group of deperate la la kids rushed out to join them. Taking center stage like they were dancing on the podium of a club. Perhaps they were high on something. Moved on to Jalan Panggung where MoBeat was waiting for us. Consisting of two rappers, they go the way of dialect rapping, specifically Hokkien. Liked their style. Smooth and catchy. Closing their act was a deklamasi sajak from someone in Cikgu Suri's entourage (Seniman Paksi Rakyat). A poem on dreams, dreams of true freedom and democracy in Malaysia. Although I'm sure most of it was lost on the predominantly Cheeeena audience, everyone clapped anyway. Next up was Lee Swee Keong's Butoh performance at the Guan Di Temple. He was dressed up like a Balinese guardian (with a wooden mask and crazy white hair) and did his whole spasmic performance at the entrance of the temple. Complete with strobe light and disjointed soundtrack, it was all quite surreal. Jolting us back to reality was a heart-thumping act by the folks from Kampung Banda Dalam-- kompang.

Take A Stand


Nyoba Kan BUTOH

Weirdness was also the mainstay in the next performance by Chong Keat Aun, something he called he calls a classical accent performance. Performed on the second floor of a shophouse, he basically did a faux funerary ceremony for the land that is currently being developed for the MRT project. Lilting chanting and transition between male and female voices, he waved joss sticks and threw mata kuching into the crowd. Many were freaked out. LOL. The second last stop was in front of the Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association where the Theater Christian Fellowship belted out some hymns and love-themed songs. Back at square one, we were greeted by a pair of struggling singer / song writers who seemed to be more comfortable at Halo Cafe-- KC Loo and Yow. The highlight was a performance from Hands Percussion. Was mesmerised by one of the twinks beating his drum with wild abandon. Can't help but stare at his arms. :P. In the end, we had more speeches from the dedicated people at Projek Seni Komuniti Jalan Petaling. More calls for volunteers and funds. People did respond and donated on the spot. The rest of the people were busy burning candles on the ground, still very much in the mood for fun. But mum and I were pooped and quickly made our way back. Definitely a Moon Walk to remember.

Dragon Dance

Hands Percussion @ Jalan Sultan Moon Walk 2012 (don't you wish that the bald guy was out of the way?) from William Ng on Vimeo.

Light in the Dark

Monday, October 08, 2012

Confucious Says

Photographing Confucious by williamnyk
Photographing Confucious, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Went to English mass on Sunday because mum wanted to attend a charity sale at Confucian High School in the Jalan Petaling area. She had some free coupons to kill off. Parked near Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association and walked there. Took the scenic route, but we found the place in the end. Even in the afternoon we caught a glimpse of the sex workers at the old shophouse. An old pimp would be at the foot of the stairs and the sex worker would sometimes climb down the steep, rotten wooden steps to have a glimpse at the street. Can see the migrant workers coming up and down, either from a completed transaction or just shopping around.

To Lok Ann

Nothing much at the charity sale really. Some food stalls, drinks, vegetables, fruits, cakes-- the usual stuff la. And on stage, some kids were doing numerous 1Malaysia performances that were very well-ignored by the sparse crowd. Ate lui cha, bought some cherry tomatoes, buns and Angry Bird mooncakes. Also found Teochew cakes there-- thin rice shells filled with stir-fried glutinous rice or bean filling. Yummy. Didn't stay long. Since we had never visited the beautiful Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association building, we decided to give it a look. Amazed by the intricate carvings on the walls and roof of the building. Each like a mini diorama with a story to tell. Suspended over the entrance was a beautiful gilded wooden carving of a ship. Entah Noah's Ark ke the Eight Fairies crossing the sea. Behind the high stained glass paneling hid the temple dedicated to the ancestors of the Chan clan. The building also is a library of sorts, housing around 4,000 books. An impressive heritage building.


Jalan Sultan

Chan II

Chan I

Before heading home, brought mum to Old China Cafe, Jalan Balai Polis. Been there ages ago with my sister. It's as expensive as I remember it to be. LOL. Not exactly hungry, but just wanted to rest our legs. In order to justify our presence there, I ordered pie tee (yummy), sago dessert (drizzled more of the fragrant gula melaka that I had planned) and teh tarik. Dining in a very vintage ambiance. Picked up a brochure from the Petaling Street Community Art Project and found out that there was a 916 Moon Walk going on later that evening. More to come.

Old Asia Cafe

Sweet Sago