Monday, September 24, 2012

Sibu Saturday

Kampua by williamnyk
Kampua, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up on Saturday morning having a craving for nasi lemak. Drove out to the nearby shops to buy a packet or two for breakfast. The first stall that I stopped at told me that there wasn't anymore rice left. Feeling dejected but hopeful, I moved on to the next stall. I saw the makcik wrapping up a packet of nasi lemak. She looked at me and before I could my mouth, she uttered the hated words, "Nasi habis". Boooo! Ended up buying thosai garing at Restoran QQ Nasi Kandar instead. The fella wrapped it up like I was buying wrapping paper. At 11:00am, I sent SK's car to the Perodua service centre in Puchong Jaya. Met up with her there and we both went for lunch at Restoran Strawberry Puchong recommended by Pikey. At first I thought it was a proper restaurant, but it turned out to be a kopitiam. Ordered the kampua and some weird thin meat dumplings with even weirder spelling called bian nvk. Yes people, it's spelt with a 'v'. Foochow pecualiarity. The noodles were quite good really, but the owner of the stall needs to get her act together on the turnaround time. Logging into FourSquare, someone left a tip that the place served 'the best' coffee. Don't bother. By 'the best', he meant the best way to get diabetes. Napped after lunch. Woke up later for a swim. Was so annoyed by two straight fellas thrashing in the pool trying to perfect their butterfly stroke. Ugh. They were even discussing the video tutorials that they had seen on YouTube. I'm surprised that they didn't put a laptop at poolside. Beria-ia wanna get sexy back muscles kot. Quickly left after my laps and went home for yummy dinner of stewed chicken rice. Ahhh....


Twilight Man said...

I thought you went to Sibu! Mana tau just makan the noodles. They taste nicer than wantan mee.

JokerPJ said...

How big is the pool at your place?

yep... annoying betul those guys... unless they are hot then I dont mind =P

William said...

LOL. Not bad actually. Comparable to the Kampua that I had imported from East Malaysia before.

Just a small pool in an apartment. Not Olympic size. Not hot lo. Else i surely ask them to teach me. :P

Anonymous said...

butterfly turned hippo strokes? hehe