Saturday, September 15, 2012


static by williamnyk
static, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Was home alone as mum went over to my sister's place to take care of my nephews while my sister was away. First thing in the morning I would make my oats and I had my first home science experiment in a long time. Static electricity seemed to have made the oat powder stand up on the plastic scoop. Reminded me very much of the days when I used to play with magnets, a piece of paper and metal filings. For a proper breakfast, I finished the last of the maple log that I had bought from Levain Boulangerie the day before. Definitely need to eat it fresh. Just one night and it lost its kick. Brunch was with Jase whom I had not met since he moved out from his brother's place. Went over to Happy Garden to pick him up and brought him to Restoran Ah Loy for curry noodles (though I ate fishball noodles- not recommended!). We were the first customers. Too bad the curry pork ribs weren't ready, so he had to settle for chicken. Ah Loy had certainly seen better days, but I guess his curry noodles still has some charm left. Updated each other furiosly on life events, filled in the blanks and closed the gaps. Family, love and life took center stage. Talked until the noodles were finished and even bean sprouts were fished out and hung out to dry on the rim of the bowl. Some time after lunch time, I sent Jase back to his place and I went home. Amazingly, I was already thinking of lunch already. LOL. Dug out "Clash of the Titans" and munched on some nuts to keep my tummy quiet. The movie wasn't as bad as I expected la... but still... zzz

Maple Log



Nick said...

Hmmm... Someone has not been eating his sprouts. Hahaha

Nicholas Nick said...

wrath of the titans even worse.

William said...

I eat my sprouts k? :P

LOL. Why le?