Thursday, September 06, 2012

Raya di Klang

reflection by williamnyk
reflection, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On Sunday, dragged Cyan to church with us again. His dad's out of town on a business trip again, so brought him out to keep out of his mum's hair for a few hours. He was quite well-behaved that day, but perhaps that was because he was busy devouring a box of Honey Stars. For lunch, we went to Pasta Zanmai at Paradigm Mall. Wanted to have ramen at first, but with the kid in tow, better to have more variety. Peculiar that the kid loses his appetite during holidays and weekends. Food's the last thing on his mind. Saja nak main. I ordered a mini set of chicken teriyaki pasta and scallop pizza. The kid loved the sweetish chicken, but he only ate the pizza crust. Being the first day of Raya and all, things were a bit hectic. Our orders came at a very staggered pace. The baked cod fish that was supposed to take twenty minutes of preparation time actually arrive before my pasta. They even ran out of teapots and started serving warm tea in large carafes. I asked them to serve my coffee at the start of my meal, but that didn't materalize. After I ate, and asked them to serve my coffee and dessert, only the coffee materialized (which was quite strong by the way). The dessert arrived after we enquired another two more times, but it was worth the wait-- green tea ice cream on a crepe, served with diced strawberries, peaches and kiwi. Yummy! And yeah, one of the twinky waiters was yummy too!

cold over crepe

Did some shopping after that. Cyan went berserk at the Marks and Spencers kiosk, wanting us to buy his favourite chocolate digestives and jam biscuits. Mum also went to Tesco, but the selection of fruits was very bad. After a whole lot of coaxing, finally managed to get the kid to take a pic with the B.B.Q. Plaza dragon mascots. Before going home, stopped at Giant BK5 to get some fruits (mum mistakenly bough grapefruits instead of oranges XD) and ice cream for Gratitude's Raya party. Managed to nap for half an hour before freshening up for the dinner party. Arrived in Klang at about 7:30pm. Ten of us at the table-- Grat, SK, CK, MK (nice to meet you), Evann, Sun, TZ, Grat's mum, my mum and I. The host slaved for two days making old cucumber soup (super sedap with dried squid), curry chicken (very Indian and spicy), chili crabs (specially ordered by SK, but we wanted meat crabs instead of flower crabs! :P), kale with superior sauce, blanched chicken (smooth and yummy), mui choi pork (a bit too sweet and salty for my liking), stir-fried nai pak and served with oil rice (sinful sekali!). TZ and Sun ate the least, diet konon! XD. For dessert, we all had a big helping of gossip at the dinner table. Of course that was accompanied by Coca-cola, Chardonnay, dessert wine, vanilla ice cream with homemade strawberry sauce, cured meats and sausages from France and a cheese platter even! If he had not burnt the pie, there would have been something extra to stuff our tummies with! Ended the night green tea and we left poor Grat with two basins full of rubbish and dirty plates and crockery!

Raya Dinner

Ever the perfect host, he would not let us do any cleaning although the pile of plates in his sink threatened to topple. Thanks again for having us! Although I missed the Raya open houses, this Raya dinner practically makes up for it!


soul232 said...

I am envy of u, been able to eat to ur heart content and still keep the same body shape >_< huhu..the dinner sounded really fantastic

Gratitude said...

Never thought of the dinner as a Raya celebration :p
Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves :)

JokerPJ said...

What a feast!!!

how you jaga badan?

TZ said...

food is nice.. thank ant

William said...

It's an eternal battle to maintain one's body weight!

Haha. More like to intro your wifey? :P

I jaga badan by eating :P


Jaded Jeremy said...

That's a lot of dishes to clean!