Sunday, September 02, 2012

Last Day of Puasa

copperfield bends spoons by williamnyk
copperfield bends spoons, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Hari Raya eve, my breakfast was lemang, nasi lemak, chakwe and wantan noodles! How's that for a buffet breakfast? Next up, SK and I went out to PJ to meet Briyani. The sweaty fellow had just got back from his morning hike and passed the employment offer letter to SK (yes, change job lo). Wanting to shower, he declined our offer for lunch (he didn't even invite me to join him for a shower, where's the courtesy these days? XD XD). Ate at the nearby Food Foundry. Since the last I was in the area, seems that they had renovated and expanded to two shoplots. Sat down and ordered their strawberry mille crepe (keras sekali! Didn't even bother to thaw it) and a Foundry Burger. For MYR9, the mille crepe was a very small slice lo. Not worth it. However, the burger was good. Loved the handcut fries and the beef patty was yummy. Enough for two. The latte wasn't great, but OK la. Service was quite lethargic really, so I was a bit surprised when I saw praises for that on their giant blackboard. The wash basin was very novel, instead of a faucet, there was a long brass pipe with a water lock. However, that brass pipe clanged down while I was using it. :S. Before going home, we stopped at the pharmacy to restock on meds and supplements. Also packed lunch for mum and the kid at home. Bought 4D too.

thaw before serving

eat me

Later that afternoon I went out swimming. As usual, the pool was infested with kids and their parents. I stripped off my clothes and as I walked to take a shower, I heard a comment from an uncle:

"Wah, the bulge so big!"

Take two.

"Wah, got fashion de!"

And I was just wearing my plaid Aussiebums. Imagine what comment I would have gotten if I wore my skanky N2Ns. Just ignored the fella and went into the water. Actually I don't quite mind kids frolicking in the pool, but everyone should be a little more considerate. I watch out for you, so you better watch out for me. Swimming laps is just like driving where one practices defensive driving. While swimming, I will be alert as not not to bump into people. But more often than not, people behave like they own the pool and hog every area. What irks me the most is kids who jump into the pool without making sure if the coast is clear. Idiots. I wanted to tell off their parents. Halfway through my laps, I was joined by a straight lala couple. The boy was a lean ah beng twink in boardshorts while the ah lian came in a blouse and hotpants. She actually donned a large T-shirt before going into the water. And get this, she was in full make-up. She was obviously not there to swim. Feigned fear half of the time and dared not to move from the side of the pool. Come on la... the water level was just to her chest. All the more reason for the boyfriend to go hug and himpit her in the pool. :S.

Dinner was at my sister's place again. And after watching the "Golden Melody" show on Astro, SK and I went off to Restoran Rishadh to yumcha with Grat, Pikey and Bear. Another great bitching session. Some topics never get old. Haha. When I got home, my neighbour passed me a big Raya goodie bag! They were driving back to their hometown that night. The heavy bag consisted of several containers of cookies, chocolates, wafers and of course duit raya! A great way to start the festive season. :).

raya sakan


Ash Godiva said...

come to my house finish my kuih raya,all of them is handpicked by me so they are nice obviously,but it's too many,we can't finish it>.<

JokerPJ said...

Food Food Food!!!

Nick said...

Nice looking burger! & raya cookies!

Gratitude said...

Bitching is especially nice when the subject matter never ceases to entertain us with his trivial life! :)

thompsonboy said...

I like my plaid AB too

William said...

Buat jualan gudang!

Fun fun fun! But I did blog about the pool la...

Hehe. Yummy.

Drama Minggu Ini never gets old

Ohhh... we have matching swim trunks :P

Anonymous said...

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