Monday, September 10, 2012

Eat When You Feel Like You're Losing Your Marbles

Fried Pork Noodles by williamnyk
Fried Pork Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
CK's mum has the thankless job of taking care of grandchildren in Linggi while her children work in the big cities. Every few years, one of the kids would be old enough to live with the parents, but at the same time, a new kid may have been bunged out to replace the vacancy. Practically a shackled existence for her. Day and night tending to a swarm of little monsters. To keep her sanity and to avoid depression, she skips town to get away from it all. This time round, she decided to visit KL for a few days. So I had the chance to have breakfast with her on Saturday. Ate at nearby Restoran Yong Ping where I had their wantan noodles with fried pork. Not exactly the healthiest choice, but I was kinda sick of my usual selections there.

In the afternoon, mum and I visit Kenanga Wholesale City. Our first time there. Heard that it was a superior experience to trawling the shoplots at Hang Tuah. Took a few wrong turns, but we made it easily in the holiday traffic. The parking was a bit screwed up though-- one had to make many turns to the upper levels and I was unlucky enough to follow a guy who did not know how to handle his Volvo MPV. Annoying. Air-conditioned comfort and more than ten floors of fashion suppliers. And you know what? Nearly each floor has a bubble tea kiosk! Half of the shops were closed and most of the shops sold women's clothes and accessories. I noticed that many of the shops were repeats. Big suppliers could afford to pen several branches. For lunch, we headed to the non-halal foodcourt. Mum ordered a plate of char siew rice while I had a Hokkien Mee from the Kim Lian Kee kiosk. Super oily!

Wealth Come

That oily meal prompted me to get something sour from one of the bubble tea kiosks. Settled for Four Tea. Go check it out, it claims to have Malaysia's first jumbo sized bubble tea. If not for that reason, check it out cause it's manned by a PRC guy who has megawatt flirty eyes. The fruity green tea and hamsap look that I got was good enough to overcome the jelak-ness from lunch. Exiting the mall, we made our way to Levain Boulangerie at Jalan Delima. The place was packed! Whatever French-themed quaintness was ruined by the fact that the bungalow was overrun with customers. Luckily we managed to secure six seats at the front door. Al fresco in the shade and with fans wasn't so bad. Waited for SK and the gang to arrive while mum checked out the bakery. Amazingly, every five minutes or so, a bunch of customers would arrive. It's like THE place for afternoon tea.



Mont Blanc

For dinner, CK brought us all the way to Dengkil. Some dark restaurant beside a trunk road by the name of Dengkil Seafood Restaurant. This hidden gem serves all sorts or river fish, even premium stuff like Empurau. Although we ordered the cheap Tilapia, it was awesome. Zero earthy taste and the meat was damn thick. The Dung Bo meat was also great with servings of lightly fried buns at the side (and of course I did the blasphemous thing of throwing away the thick layer of fat :S). To complete the meal, we had a yam basket and plate of stir-fried vegetables. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm sold! Hopefully CK's mum got the reprieve that she needed. Back to work!



Nick said...

Oh! The Levain Boulangerie place has that westernized looks. Bring me there! Hehe...

William said...

Coming to KL? :)