Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Singapore I: Japan, Australia, Gardens, America, France

Fly to Freedom by williamnyk
Fly to Freedom, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
SK was still in between jobs, so she was able to send me to KLIA on Friday morning. Upon arrival, we experienced something very "Malaysia Boleh". We drove into the covered carpark and was presented with three lanes to choose from. A guard was sitting at side seemingly controlling traffic. Seeing that the third lane was clear, we proceeded there. However, we had to reverse out because the boom gate did not respond.

Guard: Apasal you pergi sana?

SK: Tak cakap tak boleh pun.

Guard: Sebab itu saya duduk sini!

Moi: (kesiannya kamu)

I was so surprised that the management saw fit to place a guard just to serve a function that could have been effectively done by a standy or a simple sign. Perhaps this is why unemployment rates in the country ain't too bad. Had breakfast at McDonald's before proceeding to the boarding gate. The flight took a little longer cause the landing was delayed by a foreign object on the landing strip. As usual, KH picked me up from Changi, gave me a quick peck on my cheek and hug before we proceeded to the MRT. Dropped my luggage at his place in Serangoon, had a quick skank and went out again.

Green Tea

Our first stop was Sushi Express at City Link Mall. Even before lunch time, it was quite full of customers. The concept is quite good. SGD1.50 for all items with free green tea and gari. Don't think that just because there is only pricing, the items are el cheapo. There's salmon belly sashimi, mentai sushi, giant scallops, sweet prawn and other yummy items. Believe it or not, we left just after four plates. Next up was a cup of hot chocolate at Max Brenner, Esplanade. The strong drink came served in something called a Hug Mug. The shape is just right for one to hugs one's hands around it to keep warm. Was quite a challenge for both of us to finish the rich drink.


With both pre-lunches out of the way (wakakakakaka!), we finally sat down at Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan. Since we weren't all that hungry, we just chose two tapas from the menu-- baked bone marrow with shiitake duxelles; and Chicken Liver & Foei Gras Parfait. Yes, bone marrow. Something that all the reviews seem to rave about. Never liked marrow, but what the heck. The verdict-- nothing so great. Presentation was good though. Beside our table, a bunch of ladies of leisure were having a postively cheerful lunch party with their token gay friend. Very "Sex and the City". Branded from top to toe with their Prada bags carelessly draped on the chairs.


With late lunch out of the way, we made our to The Gardens by the Bay via the Harbourfront MRT station. The exit to the place was a long walkway lined with mirrors and cleverly interspersed with graphics representing plants, trees and flowers. Moving along it gives the illusion of depth, like strolling through the trees in a forest. Lucky for us, the sky was a bit cloudy that day, else we would have been dessicated. Basically, the main attractions there are the Supertree Grove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Supertree Grove is basically a whole bunch of steel structures representing trees. On the surface of each tower are vertical gardens. And a suspension bridge connects several of the trees, called the OCBC Skywalk. We paid the SGD5 to go up, but skipped the SGD28 for entrance into the cooled conservatories. The Flower Dome is a collection of flowers from all over the world and the Cloud Forest features high altitude plants in a setting with giant man-made waterfall. Some murmurs were heard about how 'green' the place really is and whether the whole idea creates a giant carbon footprint with all its air-conditioning and steel. But anyway, I wasn't really wow-ed. I thought I would be. Oh well.


Supertree Grove

OCBC Skywalk

My legs were killing me so KH brought me to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for some pre-dinner drinks. Was quite perfect really since it had started to rain heavily. For happy hour, Morton's had half off for their martinis and also complimentary fillet mignon sandwiches. I ordered a lycheetini while KH tried the chocotini. Because we were both in shorts, we were ushered to the back of the bar. Worked even better for us since I had more privacy to grope KH's thighs. :P. Next up, we met ZW at ToastBox @ City Link Mall. Met her over coffee instead of martinis! So unlike her. We suspect that it had to do with the fact that she had to dinner with her hubby later. Don't want him to catch alcohol on her breath. Happy to see that she dressed to show off her cleavage to good advantage now. XD.


To strike off another item off my "To Eat" list, we went to Saveur @ Purvis Street, a French restaurant at hawker prices. Amazed that such a place exists? Read on. I can tell you that a plate of angel hair there costs only SGD3.90. The duck confit main does not exceed SGD10.00. You may think that the meal would be quite sparse at that kind of price, but you'd be surprised. Foie gras is on the menu for those prices! Even the interior decoration does not reflect cheapness. However, KH and I ordered the more premium items on their menu-- the Crispy Barramundi With Crab Potato And French Bean, and Beef Terderloin with Carrot Puree. I loved the crab potato and the fish was crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. I guess they lai seong pou har, as the desserts costs nearly as much as mains. But do be prepared for the long queue. We actually went paktor-ing at the public library nearby while waiting for an available table!



Back home, we had a hot shower together and of course found the energy to make love. Definitely miss being intimate with KH...


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The "garden" photo looks nice. French food with street price!? Where is that located?

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That's a lot of high end eating in a day :O!!

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