Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Japanese Merdeka

Birthday Tea by williamnyk
Birthday Tea, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
On National Day, I woke up at 6:00am and rushed over to Dataran Merdeka to wave little flags and show fake patriotism BN style in the hopes of getting breakfast money. But you know that ain't true. Work up like any other work day and went for breakfast with SK at my neighbourhood kopitiam. After that, I went over to my sister's place to bring mum her breakfast and play with my nephew. Lunch was porridge which mum whipped up. Later in the afternoon, SK and I went out to Pavillion. I was supposed to go home to change, but I left my house keys at my sister's place. Was lazy to make a U-turn, so I just went in my tank top and boardshorts. One would argue that that is THE way to dress up when going to Pavillion, but the air-conditioning was a little too much for me.

Our first stop was TWG. Not for afternoon tea, but just for SK to buy some tea. Freaking expensive stuff. Each cotton and stictched tea bag came to about MYR4 per piece. Saw a Japanese tourist purchasing stacks and stacks of the stuff. Makes for good souveniers I guess. To rest our legs and people watch, we stopped at En Ginza instead. Best thing of all, they had a Merdeka promotion. My first time there. Tried a tuna bun and a danish. Love the texture of their bread and pastries. Also ordered a pretty fruit tart which was very nicely done and presented. Even the latte came with the Malaysian flag milk froth art, but luckily that wasn't for me. As I checked in on Foursquare, the first tip that I saw was:

"Japanese barista is so cuteeeee Xp" -- MikiiiHo

Merdeka Bun

She was right. Haha. Looked quite charming in a vest over a casual crew neck t and jeans. Tall fella. Spent quite some time watching people come and go. Beside my table was a family of three where the dad looked very gay in my eyes. Guess the wife won't care as he's obviously rich. Coincidentally, SimonLover FB-ed about the same thing. Also caught sight of a very tomboy-ish woman in a polo T who obviously did not see the need for any boob support. Just across our table, the famous Japanese band Haku was in town. Never heard of them? Perhaps they're not so big here after all. The poor event managers had to beg people to take their posters and line up to get 'em signed. I would have been tempted to do so if there was actually a cute member in the group.

Fruit Tart

With nothing better to do, SK and I left. On the way back, we stopped at pearl Point to check out the Zara / Pull & Bear / Massimo Dutti warehouse sale. I didn't buy anything. Way too lazy to sift through the dusty piles of clothes. Coincidentally, I bumped into Kenneth there and he mumbled to me, "All rubbish, pure rubbish.". LOL. Also saw a gay guy in a tank top among the staff there. Not my cup of tea, but I snapped a pic for my readers anyway. For dinner, packed some fried noodles at United Garden and made our way home...


simonlover said...

Manage to snap a pic of da gay dad? =)

Tempus said...

nah... not mah cup of tea of japanese XD

William said...

No wor. Not cute or handsome.

The guy in the pic is from the warehouse sale la, not the barista.

JokerPJ said...

I was there at the so call "sales" and like you said, nothing but rubbish... but I did bought some clothes hanger... some cute and I am sure gay boys were like setting up a booth there selling hanger... Have to support abit... =PPP

Twilight Man said...

I pity the owners of the Pearl Point. They changed the feng shui so many times and all the retail shops still like half dead.

William said...

Hangers? Wah. But I did see that they were selling furniture.

Weird shops in there. Crocodile products la. Frozen meat la. Totally unexpected.