Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watery Beer

A Frenchman from Barcelona (no need to ask, not cute) came for a business meeting and we took him out for lunch at an expensive nasi briyani joint in TTDI-- Restoran Ruz Aladdin. Ordered a large order of nasi briyani kaki kambing for him. Eating that whole lamb shank alone, he must have needed to expend the excess 'energy' later that night. Not in favour of such a heavy meal, I just took the meal with fried chicken. Could never finish the rice. A whole portion of the long-grained rice usually meant a zombified afternoon. So when asked about drinks, the Franchie answered, "Beer", without skipping a beat. We all looked at each other and broke the bad news to him that alchohol wasn't served in halal establishments. A helpful colleague suggested a Barbican to him, some zero alcohol beer that was on the menu. Don't think he even needed process that bit of information and just said, "Water, please".


Twilight Man said...

Those food always come in big portions and hefty bills. So he is a French Spanish?

thompsonboy said...

aiseh..bring lar to places that can drink

Anonymous said...

look like beer, sound like beer and taste like beer. but it is not the real thing! popular in saudi arabia!

Anonymous said...

Best to bring along those miniature bottles for emergencies.

Gratitude said...

It pays to be equipped with a miniature bottle or two in cases of emergency XD.

William said...

It was a huge plate. MYR25. From France, but works in Barcelona.

LOL. The CTO decided on the venue.

Same price as beer?

I bet he has a flask stashed in his sling bag.