Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ears Have It

Saturday was movie day again. Purchased tickets for "The Silent War" at IOI Mall. Unfortunately, the hall was located at the old wing and by jove, upon entering, I thought it was the wet market. Peee-eeeewwwwwwwwwww. Luckily the air-conditioning worked. Kinda liked the movie. Mum remarked that it was a bit slow, but I guess it couldn't be helped in order to develop the character. An exceptional performance by Tony Leung and Zhou Xun fit well in the 1950s setting. Towards the end (...SPOILER ALERT...), I was reminded of the P. Ramlee movie "Ibu Mertuaku". Mum and I had not eaten lunch, so we sat down at Esquire Kitchen. Had some chicken rice with Foochow fishballs and spicy vegetables while SK and her granny had dessert. Upon reaching home, mum told me that she had lost her phone. Technically, it was my phone. KH bought it for me years ago and I gave it to mum after I started using the iPhone. Called DiGi to suspend the line there was about MYR360 worth of prepaid credit inside! Dug out mum's old Nokia 6030 and replaced the battery for just MYR20.

In the evening, SK and I attended Legolas' birthday party at his condo in Jelatek. Been a long time since I met some of the BFF so it was good. It was also our first time at his home every since he purchased it more than a year ago. Quite a posh place and his large balcony overlooked the pool area that even had a salt water feature! Hebat. Basically, there was food, liqour and tea. The main activity of the night was watching "Bridesmaids". Damn funny and outrageous. The Belgian Chocolate cake from Cake Sense was also yummy. A good gathering. It was good of Legolas to have initiated it although it's exactly the norm for the birthday boy (32 already le...) to be the organizer. Haha. Oh well, whatever works.


thompsonboy said...

bridesmaid is reeealy bad. Shiting and farting jokes? What happened to romantic comedy?

William said...

Hahahaha. I rarely watch romcoms, unless forced by KH.

Twilight Man said...

Oh thanks for reminding me of Legolas!!! Happy Bird Day to him, if he reads this. Good idea to force Lifebook to treat me for his own birthday too.

William said...

Lifebook's birthday celebrations last for 30 days and 30 nights.