Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tea Duck, Yam Bread, Chicken Ball

do ducks drink tea by williamnyk
do ducks drink tea, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Since mum lost her handphone, we had to go to the Digi Customer Service Centre to get the SIM card replaced. Drove down to The Gardens Mall after church on Sunday to get things settled. Before that, we had lunch at Fong Lye. Saw that they now have a sister restaurant called Fong Lye Fusion. Seemed more posh. They had a life-sized statue of a pig with bowl of fruit on its head out front. No doubt to deter Muslim diners. LOL. Gave their menu a quick flip and was surprised to find that they mostly served steamboat stuff and teppanyaki. Worst of all was the fact that the cheapest set cost about MYR78. Yikes. Back at the original restaurant, we ordered their pineapple steamed fish and tea smoked duck. Both items were OK. The SIM card replacement was swift and the guy there even suggested she take the "Extra Long Life" plan. For just MYR30, her credit now lasts the entire year. No more reloading every now and then to keep the credit alive. Did some shopping after that, taking advantage of the Raya sales. Mum bought some clothes. I did not buy any I already have enough new clothes to last till 2013! And of course my underwear stash can last till 2014 even! To rest our tired legs, we stopped at sbread. Ordered a cup of teh tarik and a plate of their yammy kaya toast. When it arrived, I was shocked by its hue of plastic-ky purple! Goodness. A tad sweet and the creaminess was a bit over-powering. Tasted nothing like kaya. The tea was good though.

i am yam

Back at home, we picked up Cyan and brought him to Taman Bukit Jalil to cycle. Been some time since the kid cycled, so he was a bit rusty and scared when he hit the inclines. But after a while, he found his confidence again. With mum keeping an eye out on the kid, I did my run. Changed my strategy and went for some thirty second dashes instead. Penat! BIL asked us over for dinner that night as he made chicken rice balls! All from scratch. I'm not exactly a fan of that form factor, but it was nice. From his mum's recipe. Definitely the son of a Hainanese chicken rice queen. Even Cyan ate more than usual. These gimmicks go so well with the kids.

on the balls

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ears Have It

Saturday was movie day again. Purchased tickets for "The Silent War" at IOI Mall. Unfortunately, the hall was located at the old wing and by jove, upon entering, I thought it was the wet market. Peee-eeeewwwwwwwwwww. Luckily the air-conditioning worked. Kinda liked the movie. Mum remarked that it was a bit slow, but I guess it couldn't be helped in order to develop the character. An exceptional performance by Tony Leung and Zhou Xun fit well in the 1950s setting. Towards the end (...SPOILER ALERT...), I was reminded of the P. Ramlee movie "Ibu Mertuaku". Mum and I had not eaten lunch, so we sat down at Esquire Kitchen. Had some chicken rice with Foochow fishballs and spicy vegetables while SK and her granny had dessert. Upon reaching home, mum told me that she had lost her phone. Technically, it was my phone. KH bought it for me years ago and I gave it to mum after I started using the iPhone. Called DiGi to suspend the line there was about MYR360 worth of prepaid credit inside! Dug out mum's old Nokia 6030 and replaced the battery for just MYR20.

In the evening, SK and I attended Legolas' birthday party at his condo in Jelatek. Been a long time since I met some of the BFF so it was good. It was also our first time at his home every since he purchased it more than a year ago. Quite a posh place and his large balcony overlooked the pool area that even had a salt water feature! Hebat. Basically, there was food, liqour and tea. The main activity of the night was watching "Bridesmaids". Damn funny and outrageous. The Belgian Chocolate cake from Cake Sense was also yummy. A good gathering. It was good of Legolas to have initiated it although it's exactly the norm for the birthday boy (32 already le...) to be the organizer. Haha. Oh well, whatever works.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bottoms Up!

bizarre wars #01 by cool_colonia4711
bizarre wars #01, swiped from cool_colonia4711 on Flickr.

Top. Bottom. Pitcher. Catcher. 1. 0. Whenever I discuss gay sexual roles with virgins, I often get the feeling that they categorize themselves as tops until proven otherwise. Kinda like the preferred option. There's like some kind of fear and stigma attached to being the one being fucked. Is it emasculating? Is it for the fear of having one's ass ruined beyond the help of even Jamu Mak Dara? It's weird. You wanna fuck someone's ass, but you 'know' that it's 'bad' for the recipient. But if everyone avoided bottoming, what would you be left with? Drain pipes? End of the day, I believe that these things are fluid. There should be some give and take. Some couples are very versatile. Some couples are happy with their fixed roles, but that does not mean that can't switch once in a blue moon. The bottom line (hahahahaha) is that there should be some give and take. Be considerate. Don't be selfish and enjoy each other's bodies. And bottoming isn't the end of the world! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watery Beer

A Frenchman from Barcelona (no need to ask, not cute) came for a business meeting and we took him out for lunch at an expensive nasi briyani joint in TTDI-- Restoran Ruz Aladdin. Ordered a large order of nasi briyani kaki kambing for him. Eating that whole lamb shank alone, he must have needed to expend the excess 'energy' later that night. Not in favour of such a heavy meal, I just took the meal with fried chicken. Could never finish the rice. A whole portion of the long-grained rice usually meant a zombified afternoon. So when asked about drinks, the Franchie answered, "Beer", without skipping a beat. We all looked at each other and broke the bad news to him that alchohol wasn't served in halal establishments. A helpful colleague suggested a Barbican to him, some zero alcohol beer that was on the menu. Don't think he even needed process that bit of information and just said, "Water, please".

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eat, Cut, Eat

Nigiri Sushi by williamnyk
Nigiri Sushi, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday's post-church lunch was at Nihon Kai. A favourite of mine for value-for-money Japanese food. But unlucky for us, it was a full house that afternoon. Had to wait for fifteen minutes before they found us a table, not counting the time I spent looking for an illegal parking spot. In the end, we were ushered into a private room with an existing party of six inside. The table was long, but the youngn's inside were boisterous. Beats sitting outside though. Al fresco dining is so not for KL. For starters, we chose a plate of mixed mixed su, basically vinegared items like salmon, shrimp, crab, wakame, jelly fish, etc. A great appetizer. Following that, we had an assortment of nigiri sushi. Felt quite full after that, but amazingly, we managed to down a salmon butteryaki too! After that, I went for my haircut. My stylist complained that if he relied on me for his bread and butter, he would have starved to death long ago-- it had been three months since my last haircut. It didn't feel that long! Coincidentally, a kid from my church plopped on the seat next to me. Took me two minutes to get his attention. :S. Kids these days must filter out 'uncles' from their vision. T_T. Pre-dinner was assam laksa from my neighbour. So yummy. But we still went out with SK and her granny for dinner at the foodcourt. Fat fat fat fat! Shared several items. Saw a couple of twinks sitting nearby and I somehow felt that one of 'em was gave me too friendly a smile. Ngor lam tor jorrr...

Mixed Su


Monday, August 20, 2012

Shit For Brains

oranges to lemons by williamnyk
oranges to lemons, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Once in a while, one gets to see something interesting at the market. I was checking out a bad boy twink (BBT) who was manning a women's clothing stall at the OUG market when suddenly he was confronted by an old lady (OL). The following explosive conversation ensued:

OL: Hey, shit for brains! I'm talking to you!

BBT: What?!

OL: Dye your hair until so yellow for what?! And so long! Doesn't look like hair, looks like pussy hair!

BBT: ...

OL: So you got a stay-in or not?

BBT: What's a stay-in?

OL: If polite ma say stay-in lo, not polite ma co-habitating slut lo!

BBT: ...

OL: Girls nowadays all useless de. Dunno how to cool and clean. Also shit for brains.

The attacks were unrelenting and I was surprised the kid didn't lose his head. Weird. And the old lady's vocabulary could make an Olympic medal-winning whore blush. To avoid being caught in the crossfire, I quickly moved along!

sexy legs

Bad Boy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Malaysian Job

me + you by williamnyk
me + you, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
KH was in town for a couple of interviews. After his last interview, he took a cab to my workplace and we headed to Bangsar Shopping Center to paktor. Been ages since I was there. The Jason's Food Market there had the slight feel of Harrod's. More aimless wandering before we sat down at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (of all places kan?). Surprised that the place had a menu and service! Shared an ice-blended berry drink and a slice of chocolate fudge cake. Several tables away, a few tai-tais were gossiping away. I asked KH when I can join them... :P. According to KH, both interviews went well. Just a matter of comparing the offers from both companies. The salaries would convert quite nicely from his current SGD pay cheque, but of course at a lower rate. Just spent a couple of hours together as we both needed to report home for dinner. The whole drive home, he shifted my gear and I shifted his. Definitely got our engines warmed up and lubricated. Too bad we couldn't floor the gas pedal. But with him coming home soon, there would be plenty of chance for me to check underneath his bonnet!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Four

naizhigu by williamnyk
naizhigu, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

KH was not free on Sunday, so after mass, mum and I went to watch "The Four" at Paradigm Mall. Had half an hour to eat lunch at Tea Garden. Chose that place because the rest were quite full. But there was a reason for that-- it sucked. Lousy service (the waiter, a supervisor mind you, confirmed the order by re-reading the item numbers to me, like I know them by heart). Flies. The cheese-baked rice was cold on the inside and the chicken hor fun was salty. And the teh c that I ordered was only at 85% capacity, the same as the last time I ordered. Looks like that's their standard. So stingy, dahlah their cups were thicker than normal. We were a bit late getting into the cinema, so missed a bit of the starting. Fancy camera work, with the camera shots very narrow and with a very short attention span. =_=". Not a bad movie, but perhaps I'm more forgiving because KH told me about its horrible reviews. In the movie, Liu YiFei (played the annoying Yu Ji in "White Vengeance") plays Emotionless, a character that strives to be a rojak X-man-- Professor X (wheelchair-bound, reads minds) + Rogue (gloved hands) + Jean Grey (telekinesis) + Gambit (projectiles). The bad guy in the movie, An Shi Geng, reminded me of The Magician in "Reign of Assassins" with fire play. So many borrowed ideas. Collin Chou also acted in the movie. You might remember him as Seraph from "The Matrix: Reloaded". Very much the brawns in the movie. A hunky but 2D blacksmith. Heard that he's one of us.

四大名捕 2012

After the movie, downed a cup of Ochado's 3Q Passionate Tea. Next up was mum's massage appointment at Reborn, IOI Boulevard. Rushed over there. SK was free so I picked her up and she went for grocery shopping at a Chinese medicine hall in Puchong Jaya. While waiting for mum to finish, we had tau fu fah at Snowflake. Think the roadside variety's much smoother. Dinner was at Khun Thai, a Thai restaurant hidden in a housing estate in old PJ. Halal, but bustling with customers. At 6:00pm, we thought we were early, but people were already there eating. Due to some windfall, SK treated mum and I dinner that night-- BBQ crab (Restoran Stadium Negara is still the champion), green curry (thick and yummy gravy with lotsa meat), mango salad (they should go easy on the sugar) and steamed sole fish in lemon sauce (came in a charcoal steamer!). Food quality and price was quite a match. No complaints. Concluded dinner with a red ruby dessert. Crunchy chestnut rubies and the sweetness was controlled. Thumbs up. One table managed to complain their way from two tables outside into the air-conditioned section where all the tables were reserved. I suspected that her bitchy mouth attracted the flies in the first place.

chop, chop, chop

cool it

Later that evening, SK and I had a yumcha session with KH at Share Tea. The bubble tea company had a strong presence in Pink Dot 2012 cause they hired ripped SG boys as promoters with the words "SHARE TEA" stenciled across their chest and abs. Yummy. Tried their handmade (whatever that means) yam milk. Quite different. Being the only one's there, we had the whole place to ourselves and could talk freely. And naturally this encouraged KH's hand and lips to roam... Made the tea taste so much better. :P

mango salad

mr. krabs

hidden rubies

Monday, August 13, 2012

Penang Posse

food flowers by williamnyk
food flowers, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Saturday marketing was the usual hop, shop and go. Even went to the smaller market at Jalan Hujan Emas 8 because mum's old neighbour wanted her to alter some clothes. Also bumped into another friend of her's:

Moi: Hi Aunty. We saw you at Floria the other night.

Aunty: Ooo... you guys also went. Such a good boy, always accompany your mum and bring her out to places.

(turning to her friend)

Aunty: Got any daughters to introduce to him ah?

Moi: Hot gay sons perhaps?

Had breakfast there as well. Noticed that the market-goers there were in an older age group. Old ladies bent over, shuffling and with walkers wasn't an uncommon sight. Guess since the market's smack dab in a residential area, non-mobile older people can just walk out and grab what they need instead of relying on their children. Overheard while tucking into my soup noodles:

"Haiyah, if wait for my children to buy me breakfast ah... die already lo! Sleep until dunno what time also not wake up!"

Settled everything and got home. Showered and went out with SK to meet Pooh, ZaiZai, CalvinJ, Jo Tetek and Ichimaru at The Gardens. On the way there, we managed to pick KH up as the timing was right. The first thing we did was visit the Digi Customer Service Center for KH to get his Samsung Galaxy SIII. The whole process took roughly an hour and we were serviced by a twinky member of the staff. By the time we got to Din Tai Fung, it was already 3:00pm. Late as we were, the gang had just started eating. The waiters screwed up their orders and sent their food to another table whose occupants happily gobbled it all down. Chaotic. Thanks to their complaints, our orders came nearly instantaneously. Huhu. Was good to meet the gang again. And it was my first time meeting CalvinJ. Wasn't sure who he was until after the gathering. Loads of people were waiting outside, so we made a move. Planned to eat at Snowflake but that was scuttled by the lack of seats. Stopped at another shop, but their ice machine broke down. Since KH had to get home by 6:00pm, we withdrew from the dessert fiasco and said goodbye.

Needed to make one last stop at the Citibank kiosk to get a free golf umbrella from KH's large purchase at DiGi. It was fun having KH's arm on me as we roamed the mall looking for the elusive kiosk. I had a dumb, blissful (and hiao) smile plastered on my face and I think several PLUs who crossed our paths also noticed it. We moved from The Gardens to Midvalley and back. Apparently KH had misread the SMS on the location. I chided him:

KH: Aiyah, it's at MV la, not The Gardens. Salah tengok.

Moi: Couldn't you have said something romantic like: "I did it on purpose because I want spend more time with you..."

KH: Errr...

And so after collecting the umbrella, we made our way back. We bumped into a young father twice. Both situations were at the escalator, and we would be on opposite side. The fella was busy lugging bags of diapers.

Moi: Dear, did you notice that guy? This is the second time we crossed paths.

KH: No, I did not notice. I only have eyes for you...

Moi: Amboi! You learn fast!

Dropped off KH at home and I went to swim. For dinner, mum had purchased loads of buka puasa stuff - nasi dagang, ayam masak merah, ikan keli, onde-onde, bingka, kuih talam, etc. Physical activity negated again. T_T.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Work & Play

definitely not decaf by williamnyk
definitely not decaf, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Due to some marketing activity at a client in KL, I left office some time before twelve and took a can to Bangsar LRT station. Not knowing what to eat I just took a gamble at Joseph's Kitchen. It looked clean and quiet, perfect for me to take a call from my colleague. It's peculiar that every time you leave the office, something happens that needs your attention. Looking at the menu, I finally decided on a set lunch of Teppanyaki chicken rice. Just a moment after the waitress left, I checked-in via FourSquare. And guess what, I saw a tip that I really should have read earlier: "Poor service and lousy food. Set lunch was a rip off. The only thing good here is... oh wait, nothing!" -- bangsarbabe. My jaw dropped. Oh well. My lunch came. The rice was kinda dry. The teppayucky chicken came with a super salty black pepper gravy (huh?!) and it was garnished with corn. Weirdness. Just shoveled it down, drank up my hot lemon tea and left for KLCC. Had some time to kill so I went to Kino and Isetan. Bumped into Edwin Sumun there. Aimless, so I just went off. Was about an hour early, but my GM was already there. Discuessed a bit a bit what we were going to present. The venue was a room at the training center. Kinda like a classroom. When the IT PM arrived, we asked her about the audience. About forty she told us. My mouth gaped. Just an RFI prsentation and they arrange for forty! I was expecting just a handful at most. Apperently this customer was looking for something totally new. A total escape from the traditional way of doing things and truth be told, my company ain't the most innovative. Haha. We get things done. Period. Anyway, we just went ahead with what we had and tried our best to understand what they wanted. I'll let my GM worry about future directions and other marketing gimmicks. I finished the presentation in under an hour and tried my best to advice them on how they could best make use of our product.

teppayucky chicken

Having done my job, I went back to my project site. Walked back to Suria KLCC to catch the LRT to Masjid Jamek. Walked behind a guy who had a most eye-catching sashaying ass. Clad in a tight work shirt and slacks, I couldn't resist trying a sneak shot. Due to the amazing amplitude of his motion, I only managed a few shaky shots. LOL. From Masjid Jamek, I took a cab to Bukit Damansara. Went off work early that day to meet KH. KH wanted to go K3K Benta Kaya again but I veto-ed that choice! Ended up at D'Rich, Kuchai Lama. Although both of us had eaten dinner, we shared a nasi lemak with mutton curry and a cheese cake. Hehe. Discussed his work options late into the night. Sent him home at about 11:00pm. Stopped at a quiet spot outside his apartment and snacked on some nocturnal chupa-chups. Of course we both didn't reach the creamy centre, but we managed to get all worked up. Kinda sad having to finish the job at home. On a happier note, KH came bearing gifts again-- my swim trunk collection has now been joined by a lime green Popsicle from N2N. Another skanky number that comes with a bulge-enhancing pouch. Not for the family pool! And also a single-layer mesh bikini that would definitely be quickly ripped off in any bedroom situation! Can't wait!


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Waxing Curry

hate the sin, not the curry by williamnyk
hate the sin, not the curry, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was quite uneventful. The usual spiritual food in the morning and later more mundane food nearby. Been ages since we ate the Aman Suria wantan noodles, so mum gave a suggestion that we go. Was quite surprised to see that Restoran 747 was quite empty. Upon closer inspection, we found that the wantan noodles stall was gone... along with the customers! Randomly, we walked to the shop opposite in search of food. Lo and behold, the stall had moved to Restoran Shang Yi Fatt. Checking-in on FourSquare, I found that they had moved over months ago. A better environment really, at least it wasn't so stuffy. Mum and I finished a bowl of curry wantan noodles and a plate of dry wantan noodles. Yummy sekali. Went straight home after that satisfying meal. Rested a while before I peeled myself off the sofa to wax my car. The bonnet was stained with week-old 'tree droppings' that refused to budge. Brought out a trusty bottle of Amway car wax and started work. Stubborn stains. Nearly waxed my hands off. Could only manage the bonnet. Why isn't real life like an Andrew Christian car wash video where I can sit back and watch sexy dudes in signature nearly naked AC undies clean my car?

waxed my hands off

At around 5:00pm, mum and I went to check out the Ramadhan bazaar at BK5. A huge affair compared to previous years judging by the chaotic traffic condition. However, the food was kinda ho-hum. Same old, same old. Too many repetitions. Everyone seemed to be selling kuih pelita. So boring. Did find some interesting stuff like cendol in a jug, J-Co donut rip-offs, stuffed roti jala and bak kut teh. The usual favourites were also there-- roti john, multi-colored kuih, industrial coolants-like beverages, murtabak, BBQ fish, etc. Didn't buy much of anything actually. Immediately after that, we went to Taman Bukit Jalil for a jog. So much quieter there in the fasting month. After which we had a buka puasa dinner with SK at her apartment. Our combined efforts yielded nasi dagang, satar, satay and onde-onde on the table. Watched some Astro before going home and by the time I reached my room, most of the food had vacated my bowels. Minus ten points for food hygiene!

roti john, kuih pelita, bingka

industrial coolants

Monday, August 06, 2012

Mum's Day Out

pineapple paradise by williamnyk
pineapple paradise, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Ditched the traditional wet market last Saturday and opted for NSK instead. Don't know if it was the start of the fasting month or what, but boy it was crowded! Trolleys were fighting for real estate on the aisles. Better to give way than to confront irate makciks at ground zero. Saw an interesting item on the shelves that day-- fish scale jelly! Yes, they used the leftovers from the fish counter, boiled it, added flavouring and froze it. Claimed to be high in collagen and no doubt high in yuckiness as well! Breakfast was Woo Pin fish head noodles. Totally yummy compared to the SS20 I had last week. Also ordered their yummy beancurd skin + barley + gingko nut drink. Wanna know why it tastes so good? They add in V-Soy. Haha. That also explains the MYR2 price tag.

Fish Head Noodles

Mum wanted to get her hair curled after my nephew Cyan complained about her limp hair. Kids these days. Was wondering which saloon we should send her to. My mum's a difficult customer to handle. Cold perms can be too drying for her hair. Digital perms are too mild and won't last. Balance is difficult to achieve. In end, we decided on A-Saloon at IOI Mall. Got a creative director to do the job at just an extra MYR10. A no-brainer. In the meantime, SK and I went off to do some chores. Completed the rounds at Magnum and Da ma Cai. After that, we had lunch at Restoran Kong Sai. It's uncanny that one can spend so much time with one's bestie that we actually think about the same place to eat without ever discussing it. Even KH can't do that with me. Revisited their delicious blanced free-range chicken with their signature Kwangsi sauce. Also ordered some vegetables and bowl of lotus root soup.

chow on chicken

Having filled our tummy, we went to the Poslaju collection center nestled somewhere in the Puchong light industrial parks. Opened the package and found that AmeerZac had sent me a pair of striped undies from Folded & Hung and a packet of dried mangoes from the Phillipines. So nice of him. And I espcially liked the fact that he got me the underwear in size S! Such confidence in my waistline. Luckily I could fit into it. Haha. Went back to IOI Mall after that. Mum wasn't done yet so went merayau. As luck would have it, I bumped into Kenzon and his new BF whom I had never met. A tall and cute chap. Did some light shopping and eneded up sitting down to a latte at Little Pantry, a Full House rip-off where the waitresses dress up like Victorian maids. Preparations were being made for a kid's 1st birthday bash. His dad must have a thing for girls in maid uniforms. Checked-in via FourSquare and unlocked a slice of Petite Four cake. Was excited until the cake actually arrived... It looked like a piece of leftover. And it wasn't good at all. Free ma, what to expect right?

folded & hung

Birthday Boy


sakae chawanmushi

Three hours later, mum was done (she did a mani and a pedi as well!). The guy did a good job of giving her Datin hair! Thank God mum was happy with the results. Since mum had not ate, we went to Sakae Sushi. Managed to take advantage of their Citibank pink plate promotion. I think their quality has dropped. To be expected I guess. But at least the Thai waiter was cute. XD. Later that night, we had a BEC gathering at Seri Petaling. The fellowship went on late into the night with a selection of wonderful food and company. Taufu fa, mac and cheese, kuih-muih, curry chicken... Was thoroughly pooped by the time I got home. Pheww...

Holy Family

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tai-Chi Friday

flaming pan mee by williamnyk
flaming pan mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
A customer who had been using my company's system for three years suddenly had the budget to enhance it to include another department (DEPT A) into the picture. In order to find out if the fit is right, DEPT A has to understand how it is currently working. The best candidate is obviously DEPT B, the current users of the system. They use it day in and day out. For some inexplicable reason, this customer of mine, insists that the vendor go in to explain things to DEPT A. In a perfect world, DEPT A should talk to DEPT B. But of course, the world is a screwed up place, so we are roped in to be the mediator (and I'm not sure if we are even charging). Truth be told, we aren't the best people to explain the business requirements and peculiarities of the system. We basically just do what the customer requests. Although we do question why things are done a certain way, but at the end of the day, there's a lot of complexity and convoluted processes that slip by our comprehension. So, after a lot of tai-chi-ing, my ex-team lead was commandeered from another project to do the presentation (I also played dumb and did tai-chi-ing of my own XD). Although I managed avoid the main part, I could not escape giving technical training to some of the system administrators, but that was fine by me. Everything went quite well. I was amazed that my ex-team lead could still remember the details of the system having left for so long. The venue was at Chow Kit, so my GM brought us for lunch at Super Kitchen Pan Mee. Was supposed to eat at the more famous Kin Kin, but there were no available tables. But I guess it was better as Super Kitchen had air-conditioning. To me, the spicy pan mee there was also quite good , though I can't really remember how Kin Kin tastes like to make a comparison (I think Kin Kin's poached egg was better). It had been years since DanielH brought me there after our Serendah trip. The whole activity ended some time mid-afternoon and I was really not sure whether to continue working or just go home. Doesn't take a genius to guess that I chose the latter. Walked to Sultan Ismail LRT station from Chow Kit using one of the unique pedestrian bridges along the way-- an arch that curves across the road. On the train-ride home, managed to catch a sleepy twink. Not really cute, but I was just jealous of his arms. Thin, but his biceps and triceps were obviously developing. I want sexy arms! I want KH to have sexy arms too. XD. Emmm... thinking of the German artistic gymnasts... XD

over the rainbow

Over my heart

Go Germany!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pieces of Gold by The Aikiu

Filler post: Where gay porn meets music video.